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  1. This beautiful, brand new SWAG putter will be tough to let go, but just not for me. Suave One, 354 G, 35 inches. Happy to send more photos. Asking $515 shipped.
  2. Yes, @Matzi. I will take more clear pictures and edit the post. Also have more that I will be posting for cheap.
  3. ALL polos are size Large, just trying to pass off the wardrobe to someone for a great deal. $15 a polo, will definitely make package offers and looking to sell for great deals. Thanks for looking!
  4. I've got a couple items for sale today that I've been meaning to post for awhile. Happy to answer any questions, looking for cash offers only and no trades. Thank You! Taylormade Spider black and white. Clean looking, black shaft, with a Superstroke grip. 34.75 inches. Used a couple times and absolutely no sign of it on the top of the club. Asking $200 shipped. Odyssey Protype 4HT putter. Never used before on the course. 34 inches. Forged and Milled beautiful looking putter. Does not include original headcover (will throw in a standard scotty headcover). Includes weight set. $325 shippedPire
  5. Hey guys, I have been search hard to find a Byron Morgan B17 shaped putter in the marketplace. Would anyone have any ideas? Thank You.
  6. Thank you for this! Have heard nothing but great things on Black Sheep even though location would not be convenient. Any experiences on that course?
  7. Hey guys- It's been quite a while since I last posted on here... it's good to be back. Anyway, I've seen a few discussions out there but they seem a bit outdated- does anyone have any good recommendations for country clubs for those of us living downtown. Specifically, I'm looking for a country club that is easily accessible (probably by train?). I'm a former college golfer so looking to join one with some serious golfers and am always looking to play in some competitive games. In terms of price I'm looking for one with a reasonable initiation for younger adults. I figured I can't be t
  8. I've caddied for Urlacher once, couldn't of asked for a better guy as he took interest in my golf game, which was a kind gesture of him. Solid player and you can tell he is extremely flexible and athletic. Not just a big guy who can't move
  9. Okay, then I guess it is not. I am open to accepting a variety of cash offers, including the gift card!
  10. I want to start by saying I have been an avid user of golfwrx for over 4 years now. I currently play college golf and have been so busy with school and what not I have not posted much on this site recently. However, I am always on here reading what you guys have to say. I have to pay my first tuitions fee and need cash, so please do not offer trades. Also ADMINS, I don't know if i am getting in trouble by posting a gift card to sell, if that is the case and I am not allowed to post it on here please message me I will gladly get rid of it on this post. I do not mean any harm hah. I hope you
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