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  1. These kind of look like the mizuno 919 tours. Can’t wait to try these out when I go for a wedge fitting later this fall.
  2. I agree, I used to only play blades and gamed the mp33, 680, VR Pro, 945. Have since used the 900/921 tours and the Zx7 as gamers. The 945 is still my favorite and really not that much a step down in forgiveness from the ZX7
  3. curious as well. I have a brand new set of 945’s sitting in my basement. Haven’t decided what to do with them yet. Will hit the new Mizzy blade and then make a decision on whether to build them up or sell. I play the ZX7 now but like practicing and playing with blades occasionally. My current 945’s are worn down.
  4. Anyone know the best way to do this without damaging shafts? Thanks in advance.
  5. You could just order them 1/2inch over, adjust the lie accordingly and pretend that the number on the sole is one less….
  6. Hmmm now I really wish I could go get properly fit. I am am a very high ball flight high spin player but I hate long blade length. I like shorter blade lengths because they feel easier to square and I have more face control through impact. Low ball flight of the ZX7 and smaller profile of the TCB would be perfect for me. I may go with the TCB and bend them a 1-1.5* strong
  7. Profile on these seems to be smaller than the Z745? I am debating the TCB Vs the ZX7 and want to go with the smaller head with less offset....
  8. Its hard to tell form the pictures but does the TCB have noticeably more offset than the T100s?
  9. Ugh yeah this seems like a lot of work. I think the easiest solution is for me to bite the bullet and get a cheap tablet dedicated to the GCQuad that lives in the carrying case. Foresight makes such great hardware and their software is obviously fantastic for ball flight data but their User Interface and graphics on SIM play is pretty much at the bottom of the category. Even launch monitors that are MUCH cheaper blow foresight out of the water in terms of UI and graphics.
  10. I figured out that every one degree offline the ball starts it equates to roughly 5 yards offline at 300 yards and 2.5 yards offline at 150 yards. Would be great to get an approximate curvature value based on carry distance and side spin.
  11. I know That the app shows you how far offline your shot finishes up but are there any rules of thumb or tables someone can link to that give a good approximation of how far offline a shot will finish up and how many yards a fade or draw is? Sometimes i find it annoying to have to look at a screen to know where the ball ends up. I like how I can knowthe shot shape etc but I would like to be able to approximate how far offline my shots are for given ball speed (or carry distance) + sidespin + side angle and to be able to get an idea of how much the ball is drawing etc....
  12. Probably to get the launch windows back where he wants them with the new iron heads. He’s talked about that being the most important thing for him over feel with his irons
  13. Thanks for your insight. I am really excited for these heads. I ended up ordering both loft options on the Speed TD and Speed LS TD as I do not have access to a fitter. I hope Callaway is ok with that haha! I will be doing my own "fitting" of sorts and stick with both loft options in the head I like most. I play in an area where we get massive amounts of wind in the spring and late fall while the summer is much quitter and softer conditions so I switch to a higher lofted head
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