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  1. I wish I could have new wedges on demand like he does... If you have rusty wedges you can get them looking like new using CLR cleaner. It works really well actually
  2. http://www.golfwrx.com/519182/in-hand-photos-of-tiger-woods-new-taylormade-milled-grind-wedges/ You can see them in the link above as well
  3. https://golf.com/gear/wedges/tiger-woods-taylormade-milled-grind-2-wedge/
  4. If you look closely especially in a few other photos posted on here you can see rust spots all over the club. He has new wedges almost every tournament he plays.
  5. what? Tiger has played raw 56* and 60* for a while now....
  6. Its amazing, especially the 60*. Relatively high bounce wedge that has a low leading edge that sits close to the ground even when the face is open. Best of both worlds and easily the best grind I have tried on a 60*. Have to be a little careful with tight lies in soft conditions though. Even though there is a good deal of bounce that leading edge can get stuck in the turf since its so sharp (especially if you don't release the clubhead, let it get past your hands to use the bounce.
  7. This whole thread is science cringe. Nothing said so far makes any sense whatsoever...
  8. Anyone have any info on these? Also looks like he is putting the Titleist TI3 driver in the bag!
  9. I have tried contacting artisan a few times with no luck. I REALLY want a set of their wedges with the TW grind but I am in the northeast and there is now way for me to get down to texas anytime soon for a fitting. Sigh.....
  10. really disappointed at the offset as it is the exact same as the 919 tour. I am going to experiment with bending my tours 2* weak and shortening the length of the club 1/2 inch and replacing my gap wedge with another iron at the top of the bag.
  11. The Tour's have less offset too? These are going to be my ideal irons if that is the case.
  12. Is the offset the same as the 919 tours?
  13. ?? low blow man. I did bounce around the mini tours for 1.5 years until my now wife told me I suck and I need to get a real job....
  14. Thank you for the insight. My years of AJGA and D1 golf have deceived my eyes this entire time. I appreciate you enlightening me therealjonzone. Valuable contribution to this thread.
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