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  1. I figured out that every one degree offline the ball starts it equates to roughly 5 yards offline at 300 yards and 2.5 yards offline at 150 yards. Would be great to get an approximate curvature value based on carry distance and side spin.
  2. I know That the app shows you how far offline your shot finishes up but are there any rules of thumb or tables someone can link to that give a good approximation of how far offline a shot will finish up and how many yards a fade or draw is? Sometimes i find it annoying to have to look at a screen to know where the ball ends up. I like how I can knowthe shot shape etc but I would like to be able to approximate how far offline my shots are for given ball speed (or carry distance) + sidespin + side angle and to be able to get an idea of how much the ball is drawing etc....
  3. Probably to get the launch windows back where he wants them with the new iron heads. He’s talked about that being the most important thing for him over feel with his irons
  4. Thanks for your insight. I am really excited for these heads. I ended up ordering both loft options on the Speed TD and Speed LS TD as I do not have access to a fitter. I hope Callaway is ok with that haha! I will be doing my own "fitting" of sorts and stick with both loft options in the head I like most. I play in an area where we get massive amounts of wind in the spring and late fall while the summer is much quitter and softer conditions so I switch to a higher lofted head
  5. so if I wanted to order the equivalent in Srixon to of 1/4" over standard from Mizuno what would I do? Standard length?
  6. Are we sure about this? Everything on the WITB says Rahm and Xander are playing the Speed TD not the Speed LS TD
  7. Which model are most of the callaway tour guys playing? I have seen it reported that Rahm has been playing both? Callaway releases this year are so confusing.
  8. Just when I thought my Grindworks MB101A would be in the bag for a long time.... damn it
  9. So which of the three triple diamond models are most guys on tour playing?
  10. Ive had the gold on in the background at work. I believe I saw the srixons in the bag but I can’t be sure
  11. Are Grindworks Endo forged? Specifically the MB 101A?
  12. What is this chart sorted by? The table makes no sense....
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