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  1. I had a driver fitting today at a reputable place (they're on the GolfWrx panel of fitters for all the clubs the year stuff) and afterwards was shooting the s*** with some of the guys and I was told to expect a February release on the new Mizuno MP line. I was hoping for the fall but with the production issues Mizuno and everyone else in the industry are going through right now, I'm not surprised.
  2. I've long struggled with this same issue. Recently I read somewhere (can't remember where) to start your takeaway by feeling like you are going to brush the butt of the grip against your right thigh. Has helped get my backswing much more on plane.
  3. I'm looking at grabbing some new grips and have decided on cords. I used to have crossline cords on my mp57 irons 10+ years ago but replaced them with Lamkin R.E.L ACE grips, mostly for the colour (orange). Recently I picked up my old 3 iron that still has the crossline cord grip on it and was shocked at how much I liked the feel (just swinging it in the backyard) I was going to just buy the crossline cords but then one day I was at golftown and held the mp20 irons that come stock with Z cords and I really liked the feel of them as well. So now I'm a little conflicted, I liked the z cords but have heard they're pretty harsh (didn't feel too bad, but also didn't hit balls). I also haven't had the opportunity to further check out grips as I live in Ontario where everything is closed for the time being. I was wondering what you guys prefer and if you have reviews or recommendations. Thanks!
  4. Not sure about the alcohol, though I doubt it would strip the finish. Do you use a line on your ball? If not I'd try that first. I have a bronze anser with no sightline or dot and I actually find it easier to line up the face perpendicular to the line on the ball. For me it's easier and instills more confidence than trying to perfectly align a top or flange line with the ball.
  5. I was hoping someone here would be able to help me figure out what I've got here. It's an old (10+ years) Matrix Ozik Altus 2007 Proto xCon Design by D'You shaft in a Ping g10 4 wood that has been collecting dust in my basement for 10 years. I bought it off someone back then and never really looked into it, but I'm now curious if this shaft is rare or worth anything since I can't seem to find any information on it. I can't even make out what flex it is. Thanks!
  6. So you're the lucky buyer who nabbed that low priced mizzy on the torontogolfnuts forums. I was too slow on that one.
  7. Oh man a Zing with the topline sight would be amazing
  8. Looks like a new insert line to replace Sigma 2, GD hot list has pics of the Anser model. https://www.golfdigest.com/hot-list/golf-clubs/blade-putters/ping-2021-putters I'm not much of an insert guy but the tech sounds interesting, hopefully the line has a zing or zb model for us strong arc blade lovers!
  9. I was hoping you guys could help me identify an old used putter I was thinking of buying. The seller (PIAS) has it listed as a Spalding AUGUSTA putter, but I can't seem to find anything about it online. I only have the one picture, and it seems to be a black coated zing-style putter. Any ideas on what it is and when it was made? Hopefully it's a TPM Spalding!!
  10. The Greater Toronto Area has well over 5 million people (probably 6 or 7 by now) and has some really high per capita golfer numbers. It's not NY, but it's not too far off.
  11. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I love the patina on your wedges and I'm thinking of doing this to new sm8 black oxide wedges. What did you use to remove the finish? I was thinking of using vinegar.
  12. [quote name='MonteScheinblum' timestamp='1399998818' post='9286827'] [quote name='ronstelten' timestamp='1399996928' post='9286629'] Feel is abstract. How the golf swing feels or what a golfer feels in the swing is seldom what the swing looks like. Great players talk or write about how their swing feels and there are countless examples of great player swing looking nothing like what they feel. The key is to attach a feel to good technique. What ever that feel is, no matter how abstract, that is what you want to remember. [/quote] ^ [/quote] OK, that's true, I suppose what I'm looking for is what you guys believe or feel or think about what drives the downswing. When I play my best golf I don't really make a conscious effort to do anything during the downswing, but on those days where its not coming together I want to be able to find a key thought to help me get things back on track. I guess I need to just keep searching till I find the "feel" that works for me
  13. Lately I've been struggling to find what it is that drives the downswing. I know that a weight shift to the left (for righties) is what starts the downswing, but I can't seem to feel what drives it. By this I mean what is it that I should feel is leading or powering the club back to impact. Should it be the hands? The left arm? The shoulders? Core rotation? The hips? I just can't seem to feel it. As a result some days I'm able to threaten par and other days I struggle to break 90. What do you guys think drives the downswing? What do you feel as you swing through the ball?
  14. Hi Guys, The last few years I've really been getting into golf more seriously and have managed to get my hcap to below 10. This was in spite of the fact that I cannot make clean consistent ball-first contact; my shots were either fat or thin (mostly thin). After reading and watching a lot of vids I sort of self-diagnosed the issue as a combination of not fully getting onto the left side and early extension. With help of Monte's and Shawn Clements teachings I am starting to fix those issues. The main point of this post is to highlight a swing feel that has really helped me groove a better swing. At the start of the downswing I feel as though my left butt cheek is pulling left and even more critically, behind me. I find this helps to keep me from spinning out and at the same time maintain posture and get my weight left. What do you guys think? Is it a good feel/thought or am I headed for disaster? Thanks!
  15. Hi Guys, I have a Titleist 909D2 with stock voodoo stiff as my current driver. I find that I hit the ball too high with a ballooning ballflight, also the shaft feels too whippy (SS avgs 104-107). I have been reading up on tipping shafts and would like to give it a go before I fork over hundreds for a new driver or shaft, especially since the 909's have the hottest face I've ever hit. I would also like to possibly shorten the club to 44.5* all the while tipping the shaft an inch. My main concern is that this will substantially alter the swingweight. I was wondering if you guys could give me your opinion on the matter, is what I want possible or should I just look at newer options? Thanks!
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