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  1. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I love the patina on your wedges and I'm thinking of doing this to new sm8 black oxide wedges. What did you use to remove the finish? I was thinking of using vinegar.
  2. [quote name='MonteScheinblum' timestamp='1399998818' post='9286827'] [quote name='ronstelten' timestamp='1399996928' post='9286629'] Feel is abstract. How the golf swing feels or what a golfer feels in the swing is seldom what the swing looks like. Great players talk or write about how their swing feels and there are countless examples of great player swing looking nothing like what they feel. The key is to attach a feel to good technique. What ever that feel is, no matter how abstract, that is what you want to remember. [/quote] ^ [/quote] OK, that's true, I suppose what I'm loo
  3. Lately I've been struggling to find what it is that drives the downswing. I know that a weight shift to the left (for righties) is what starts the downswing, but I can't seem to feel what drives it. By this I mean what is it that I should feel is leading or powering the club back to impact. Should it be the hands? The left arm? The shoulders? Core rotation? The hips? I just can't seem to feel it. As a result some days I'm able to threaten par and other days I struggle to break 90. What do you guys think drives the downswing? What do you feel as you swing through the ball?
  4. Hi Guys, The last few years I've really been getting into golf more seriously and have managed to get my hcap to below 10. This was in spite of the fact that I cannot make clean consistent ball-first contact; my shots were either fat or thin (mostly thin). After reading and watching a lot of vids I sort of self-diagnosed the issue as a combination of not fully getting onto the left side and early extension. With help of Monte's and Shawn Clements teachings I am starting to fix those issues. The main point of this post is to highlight a swing feel that has really helped me groove a better s
  5. Hi Guys, I have a Titleist 909D2 with stock voodoo stiff as my current driver. I find that I hit the ball too high with a ballooning ballflight, also the shaft feels too whippy (SS avgs 104-107). I have been reading up on tipping shafts and would like to give it a go before I fork over hundreds for a new driver or shaft, especially since the 909's have the hottest face I've ever hit. I would also like to possibly shorten the club to 44.5* all the while tipping the shaft an inch. My main concern is that this will substantially alter the swingweight. I was wondering if you guys could give me y
  6. [quote name='codylowrygolf' timestamp='1328590114' post='4228519'] [quote name='rocker40' timestamp='1328582283' post='4227433'] Here is the list i got from a vendor: Taylormade shaft list(* shafts are upcharge in TP only) Aldila RIP Phenom 60, 70 Aldila RIP Phenom 50, 65, 80 (TP) Aldila RIP Beta 60, 70 (TP) Aldila RIP Gamma 60 (TP) Aldila RIP'D NV 65 (TP) Fujikura Blur 45 Fujikura Blur 55, 65 (TP) *Fujikura Motore Speeder VC 6.0, 7.0 (TP) Fujikura F3 85 Fairway (TP) Loomis NCAA 65 (TP) Matrix XCON 5, 6, 7 Matrix Radix HD6 (TP) Matrix Rul 60, 70 (TP) *Matrix 7M3 (TP) *Mistub
  7. Hi Guys, Today I went into my local Golftown and was fitted for a driver by the very helpful Taylormade rep who was there today. Happened to be a TM fitting day. He fit me for a R11s 9deg lowered to 8.25 deg with 10g in the toe and an open face (damn those overeager draws). He also said I should be hitting a X flex TP shaft with low launch and low spin (Matrix HD7 ?), which he didn't have there for me to test out. My SS was avg around 105-108 mph and my launch angle/spin rate were 16-17deg/~4000 rpm. I was just wondering if any of you guys might recommend any similar alterna
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