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  1. Noted. Obviously would rather sell as one piece, but if they don’t go in next couple days or if somebody wants the Modus alone I’ll dm you. Thank you Absolutely right about the 120tx. I think you need around 120mph of driver head speed to get these things to work right lol.
  2. Title says it all. I got the heads and shafts both used off of here and built them out with the help of a grade A pro builder. the loft, lies, and length are all standard. All D2 swing weight. Grips are brand new standard size Lamkin UTX. I’ve swung a couple of these irons a couple times on an indoor simulator since I finished work on them. They’re too stout for me so they’re FS now. I got both the heads and shafts in good shape. For the heads, there’s some bag chatter, the grooves/face are in great shape, and the only significant cosmetic wear is the “melting” on some of the badges on the back, mostly in the long irons (see pics). This won’t effect performance at all. The shafts have significant cosmetic wear on the labels, some of the flex demarcations are hard to read and there’s marks and chips all along the branding. Asking $470 (OBO). Please dm with any questions you have. Thanks! UPDATE HEADS AND SHAFTS SPLIT $250 HEADS $old SHAFTS
  3. Looks like the images aren't showing up right. Hang with me and I'll fix this issue. edit: fixed. See below for G410 photos.
  4. It's a rainy day here in the midwest, so I thought I'd take some time to list a few pieces I've had laying around. 1. Fujikura Ventus Black 6x (Velocore). 44 1/8" tip to grip - plays 45 1/4" installed. Standard round Tour Velvet in good shape and it’s got a Ping G410/425 adapter. This shaft has been my gamer this year, but is in good shape other than a few cosmetic scratches in the graphics section of the club. 2. Ping 2021 Tyne 4. 32 1/2". Stock PP58 midsize grip. This club's barely been used. I bought it new, and it's got maybe 5 or so rounds under its belt and not a lot of time on the practice green, either. As you can see, it's mint, with just the smallest paint blemish on the corner above the toe. Hard to see in almost any light. Only other action it's seen is that it was cut down a half-inch (and grip saved) after I bought it. 3. Ping G410 17.5* FW w/ Project X EvenFlow White T1100 75g 6.5. 42 3/4". Tour Velvet Std. Grip. ALTA CB 65S INCLUDED SEE BELOW. This club is also in great shape, as you can tell from photos. Very little cosmetic wear on the face and virtually no marks anywhere else on the club. I'll also ship an ALTA CB 65S (no adapter, comes with Tour Velvet 360* (also great shape)) with this, if the buyer wishes. $old 4. Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind 64* (10* bounce) w/ KBS Tour-V Wedge specific and Std. Lamkin Crossline Cord. This thing is in ok shape. I bought it used. Some scratches on the face, but the grooves are definitely pretty fresh. $old Only trades I'm really interested in would be a rounded mid-mallet boutique putter like Piretti or Goodwood. Thanks guys.
  5. I have the 3 and love it. Feels like a player’s iron with some added forgiveness, with launch and spin characteristics similar to my long irons. Also worth noting it doesn’t seem to have a draw bias (which would be deal breaker). I mostly hit fades with it. And I really like how it looks at address being trim, and the offset is done where it makes it look like a long iron. Great club.
  6. It’s so wrong of them to continue using that 2012 meme word. Who is at the wheel in marketing over there??
  7. I had a G410 LST 3 wood that spun like 4500 rpms for some reason. Tested the G425 recently and it spun back in the ~3000 window just like my SIM does (which I dropped the G410 for). Seriously boggling why the G410 spun like that on people hmmmm. I have a G410 4 wood now that definitely spins a good deal (haven’t been on a monitor with it), but it works fine as it’s a gap club and not something I’m trying to chase my driver with. It does what Ping woods do, go dead straight and launch easy.
  8. My 3 wood goes somewhere between 265-280 off the deck, and that’s a yardage I’ll find myself with pretty often into par 5’s at these longer courses I play in events. Then I have an 18* hybrid for ~245, a 20 for ~235...
  9. ^yeah I don’t understand why you would hold yourself back on a 3 wood, and get something that doesn’t go as far as you know it could. As long as you can hit it comfortably off the deck (e.g. not a 11.5* 2 wood unless you’re Bryson) bag whatever goes farthest. I had a Ping G410LST head with a hzrdus smoke black shaft in it, and I got on a monitor with the SIM Ti (stock Diamana FW75 shaft) and the spin dropped from something like 4500(!!!) in the ping to 23-2800 in the sim. The sim was a demo head (sim 2 had just dropped) and I walked out the store w the SIM demo. It went like 30 yds farther than the Ping on average. No idea why the Ping would spin that much. But I really like this head a lot now that we’re back playing outside. Best 3 wood I’ve ever had. It took me a while to get used to the larger profile but it’s a great club. Sound and feel great too.
  10. I had a fitting and gained a few mph ball speed with the tsi3 basically no matter the shaft. Feel and sound were improvements over G410 as well. It feels just like the 910D did - such a pleasing pop feel. But launch conditions, as far as I could tell, were basically the same loft for loft. Ultimately, the tsi3 was a slightly better club, but for now I couldn’t justify spending ~$700. Ended up ordering a Ventus Black for my G410 (which I already love) instead.
  11. There was some article about him I read in I think Golf Digest a couple months ago where the author namedrops “How to Stop Giving a F*ck” or something like that.
  12. It's also funny because the books he reads that the media praises him for aren't even academically serious or historically important works but like those pop-philosophy books with curse words in their title. Somebody in his team should hand him Plato's Republic and some Kant and see if that fixes him.
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