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  1. sorry lol...my mistake. yes xcg5. honest mistake. i was all over the place with this post. I even got the title wrong.
  2. Forgot to mention...ill ship all of the above for 110$ shipped. All 5 clubs and 2 headcovers for 110 shipped
  3. Okay Golfwrx, I have 5 items for sale today. It has been a while since i sold anything but its time to move on. 1. Tour Edge XCG5 3 wood 15 degrees stiff with Aldila red eye RIP 70 stiff and No 1 grip - 25$ 2. Tour edge XCG5 19 degree Hybrid stiff with fujikura blur shaft and pure grip - 20$ --->i have played these xcg4's for past 3-4 years...finally moved on to E8's. the xcg5's fly! 3. Nike Vr Pro wedges in 50 (10 bounce), 54 (12 bounce), and 58 (10 bounce) all with pure blue grips and project x PXI 6.0 shafts - 30$ each or 75$ as a set $$$SOLD 4. Liberty National (home of 2017 presidents cup) Headcovers - Driver 20$ and Hybrid 15$ or both for 30$ SOLD$$$ here are the pics- any questions please PM me
  4. · Current USGA Handicap: 14 · State the goals for your golf game in 2017: Improve accuracy. I want to achieve a consistent ball flight that I am confident swing each and every club. Decrease small mental mistakes that increase my score. Improve putting from inside 5 feet· Favorite/Least favorite club in your bag: Favorite club --> 7 iron - easily my most accurate and go to club when i need to get out of trouble Least favorite club --> 3 wood - i tend to leave it in the bag because im least confident with it.· Which new club excites you the most in 2017: Would have to be the M2 driver - have been considering picking up the 2016 M2 for the upcoming season - would like to see if i can increase distance and accuracy.· State why you’d want to attend this exclusive opportunity to be fit at TaylorMade Golf: I have never been fit for a set of clubs so I would love the opportunity to be fit by the professionals responsible for the pros clubs. I have always wanted to be fitted but never had the opportunity- it just has not been in the budget and it would be an absolute honor to be fit at a company as well known as taylor made Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to the GolfWrx community!!!
  5. could not resist.....have been playing the xcg4 3 wood and hybrid for past 3 years. well see if the e8's can beat them out
  6. if guys are riding (like an outting), i typically expect about 50$ per bag so 200$ for all 4. Sometimes i get less ,some times i leave with 600 for a round. At my club its all luck of the draw when guys show up minus any caddie requests. I have had hot streaks and extremely cold streaks but a fair system is in place. You just have to live with the good loops and bad loops. Its part of the game. I had one outing hosted by a very very large financial firm and was tipped 0$. Did i kick a locker when i got down stairs...your damn right i did but it is what it is...move on and hope the next one makes up for it
  7. Hoping my luck continues but really cant complain about this deal....i dont have to shop for any golf clothes anymore. 2 boxes so for and extremely happy with both. Heres to hoping for some golf shoes next month! take 20$ off your box.... http://shortpar4.refr.cc/8WB38LR Sign up before the 1st to get a box in April!!!
  8. All styles- my code. 2/2 on great boxes http://shortpar4.refr.cc/8WB38LR
  9. May I ask what style you picked I picked all styles. I picked this because i felt i wouldnt be limited in their selection process. I figured id get top notch gear 80% of the time. So far im 2/2 on boxes. Keeping this going.
  10. Got mine today and super happy Matte Grey polo in green/blue and adidas shorts another code to help with 20$ off http://shortpar4.refr.cc/8WB38LR
  11. Next box should be here in a few days....heres to hoping its as good as last month another code to help with 20$ off http://shortpar4.refr.cc/8WB38LR
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