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  1. Mods please close the original listing... thanks to all for quick payment and interest
  2. A little of everything today. Tried to minimize the number of pictures. Not interested in trades at this time and if you like the price, first in this thread to reply paid will get the item(s). paypal is [email protected] I won't be able to monitor a lot over the next 4-6 hours so PLEASE reply with an item you bought and paid so people know what is and what is not left. Kuro Kage XD 60X 44" with MCC+4 logo up, tipped 1". $130 shipped Clean shaft as well. Ping Tomcat Hepler adjustable putter 2020 release. Used 6 rounds and a couple of pra
  3. I would say similar yes. 770 felt a little hotter but numbers were in line. Trajectory was very appealing high penetrating flight
  4. I did get the chance to hit all three heads at my club last Friday. Also played Gen 3 0311T for 3 weeks in June. I didn’t get the same feel as the 790 but the 770 did feel lively. But in a good way. MB was very nice but not sure right now a 5 iron out of the hey would be in my ability. To me MC was third but not a bad stick. FWIW I did order 4-P in 770 and update to the TW grind in 56/60.
  5. A couple of additional rounds in with the Blue during the time the site update was taking place. In summary, it has earned a spot in the bag for the balance of 2020 over the Ventus black, KKXD and Smoke Green. I have had a ton of success over the past 14 months with an M6 FW with Pro Blue, that is what intrigued me on this shaft. Dispersion has been really good. No real foul balls unless I just make an awful swing that no shaft could save or help. Distance has been good. I would say overall the longest of the shafts I have tested for this reason. Anywhere between 1/3 times per round, I
  6. Was able to get into a simulator and get some indoor numbers. I typically am 2-3 MPH slower indoors but the relativity of the test is viable as the elements were the same. Immediately since the reopening of courses, driver has been an ongoing experiment for me. Multiple heads, shafts etc... So for this i used the two heads and shaft compared tot he AV Blue Raw that I have had the most success with. Below you will see a Retail 10.5 Sim with Ventus Black 6X and AV Raw BLue 65 TX compared to Each other and same shafts using a TI 2017 M2 head with heavier weight in the back. The on course re
  7. I believe DJ is still a SIM Max player as well. But, might have missed something.
  8. Third on course round, results were mixed. But more me than anything as I was fighting my swing. Still encouraged with dispersion on misses and hit one that was an absolutely bomb. A couple other misses spun up on me, but first time that has happened and again, judging by other clubs and shots more me than the shaft. Just was fighting my swing all day. hope to put this through the paces on more testing in the next 48 hours to collect some data and share with multiple head and shaft combos.
  9. Round 2 with the Blue today. After round 1 had it cut down to play at 45.25”. Just an error by the builder. I can see that this shaft has performed really well for me. I have not had any shots that spin at a high level and launch has been in really good windows. For me, this shaft has not missed right, the bias on misses would be a little left. But, that is also might standard swing characteristic miss and this shaft does not added to that left miss. Over two rounds only one off the chart miss and that was 1000% user error. All other shots have been in fairway or very playable on course
  10. Was able to have it cut to my standard length. Looking forward to hitting again and getting some data to share. Swing weight now in line with my normal.
  11. Mother Nature did not cooperate as I hoped this past week. Rained overnight Friday into Saturday and the course ran the normal water cycle so Saturday was the most wet the course has been in 2020. Used the Raw Blue in the M2 head. Have been dealing with a love/hate with the SIm this year and went M2. Again, course was wet/air was heavy for Colorado in July so distance was not a true comparison. Thoughts from on course play. Round set up for me to hit 10 drivers on a course that is typically 8-12 depending on conditions. I felt the flight was strong, i like to hit it on the high end with
  12. Finally was able to get the build finalized. Playing twice this weekend, home course, normal group both days so will get some good on course feedback right out of the gate. Went to the range after work, but rain cut session short only got in 10 drivers. Flight was really stable. Have been playing both a SIM 10.5 and M2 tour issue head throughout the year. Going with Sim this weekend to give best comparison. But on the range, M2 with this shaft had potential. My guy cut it 1/4” too long compared to my normal as it feels a little longer than i am accustomed to. However, on the range f
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