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  1. This driver is amazing! I’m hitting it so far and even bad swings stay in play. Love the big tour and tour 5w so far.
  2. Just picked up the original for $299 at Costco. Interested to see what’s different.
  3. I picked a set up. Was hoping they had the 11 iron in the stiff set.
  4. Mine came in today. Must have restocked as they are gen 1. Still very happy!
  5. Mine will be here Saturday. Fingers crossed!
  6. I ordered some a little over a week ago. We'll see when they arrive.
  7. 44.25" for driver, 42.5" for 3 wood. Was trying it out to increase accuracy.
  8. These just couldn't kick out my gamers. I've played them less than 10 rounds. $280 shipped for both. Would prefer not to separate Cobra F8+ Black Driver - Tensei Blue -1" D4 swing weight - lamkin connect crossline tour taper grip Cobra F8 3 Wood - Tensei Blue -1" D1 swing weight - lamkin connect crossline tour taper grip
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