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  1. Terrific round from Team Woods. 11 straight birdies and the par-5 18th to go ! Still probably finish 3rd, but the TV companies and the sponsors must be over the moon with all this. Agree with Matt - great tournament
  2. Their overall records are remarkably similar ... ! Irwin had 45 wins from 314 events in his first 14 seasons on the Champions Tour (14.33%) vs Langer's 42 wins from 294 events (14.29%). The stats are from the PGA Tour website, Performance/Career tabs ... and then downloaded into Excel. Irwin: https://www.pgatour.com/players/player.01559.hale-irwin.html Langer: https://www.pgatour.com/players/player.01666.bernhard-langer.html Langer edges it as the Senior GOAT, based on Major titles and Money List wins.
  3. Probably even lower odds now ! The Morikawa 29 on the front included birdies on all the par 4s and 5s. His only blips were missing his birdie chances on the two par 3s from 12 and 13 feet LOL. Good luck with the bet
  4. It really isn't a par 4 ... Look at the scores from this year's tournament ... there were only 6 Eagles in all 4 rounds ... hole average across all rounds was 4.77, which was the highest of all the Augusta par 5s, and compares pretty well with most par 5s on the PGA Tour I would think ? Par 5 averages from 2021 event: 2nd 4.55 8th 4.63 13th 4.62 15th 4.77
  5. It was fun to watch and the two guys commentating did a good job. In the championship round, I don't understand why Justin James only hit 5 drives ? Why didn't he hit his 6th ?
  6. He actually started on the 10th, so needed to birdie his final hole (the 9th) to break 60, and went one better with an Eagle !
  7. Not a bad day's work for the young Spaniard ... 3 eagles, 8 birdies, 14-under round (new record apparently - sorry Jim Furyk! ) ... and a 16 shot improvement on his first round LOL.
  8. I put all the Singles scores into a table for my own amusement, but thought I'd share it in case anyone else is interested. Impressive that the USA team made 67 birdies in the 201 holes played ... birdie on exactly one third of the holes ! The difference in the Singles essentially comes down to 14 putts made - quite fine margins in the grand scheme of things. Matt Fitzpatrick, who has been getting a bit of stick for being 0-5-0 in two cups, actually made the most birdies on the European side. Shame he stuck his approach in the creek on 18, albeit it was a dead match at that point. Berger shooting 65 has gone a bit under the radar as well ... 15 birdies in that last game ... and I can remember a commentator on Sky telling us it was a scrappy match LOL.
  9. I agree that is the case in the UK and Ireland, but I'm not so sure that holds for much of Continental Europe. Memberships in France, Italy etc are pretty expensive from what I have heard.
  10. We've all been giving Fitzpatrick a bit of stick, but he was actually the same under par as McIlroy in the Singles, despite the double on the 18th. He had the misfortunate to be up against Daniel Berger, who at -6 was the hottest player (with DJ) on either team in the Singles. Fitzpatrick at -5 on the 18th tee was more under par than any other European. I must admit I was surprised when I looked up the scores, as all I can remember from the coverage is one of the Sky commentators telling us it was "all a bit scrappy" in the last match ... I guess he wasn't watching that match either LOL Al the Europeans except Hatton were under par in their respective matches. It's just that the US team were more under par, essentially via holing more putts. Same story at Hazeltine in 2016, albeit the scoreline was closer. Rahm -1 vs Scheffler -3 (yes I thought he'd be more under than that as well after the start he had!) Garcia -2 vs Dechambeau -5 Hatton +1 vs Thomas -3 Lowry -2 vs Cantlay -5 Hovland -4 vs Morikawa -4 Fleetwood -3 vs Spieth -3 Casey -4 vs Johnson -6 Westwood -2 vs English -1 Fitzpatrick -3 vs Berger -6 Poulter -4 vs Finau -1 McIlroy -3 vs Schauffele E Wisberger -2 vs Koepka -5 Europe 29 under vs USA 42 under. Pretty impressive all round ! Impressive overall that the USA team birdied a third of the holes they played, with 4 players (Morikawa, DJ, Kopeka and Berger) making 8 birdies each.
  11. Sometimes in life, and golf, you don't see the value of something until after it has been taken away ... and sometimes it is a delayed impact Just looking at the last year it was held (2013), these were the line ups : You can see that a lot of the top players chose not to participate, but all that did was give an opportunity and valuable experience to several players lower down the rankings who would go on to represent Europe in the Ryder Cup. Tommy Fleetwood involved despite a world ranking of 154 for example ... I can't help feel that if some of our younger players had the opportunity to play in something like this, that it could only help in them developing as match play golfers, and better golfers as well.
  12. How about a biennial fixture in the same slot as the Presidents Cup so that Europe gets a bit more team match play practice ? 12 a-side ... GB & Ireland vs Continental Europe ...
  13. If someone has a lot of time on their hands, it would be interesting to "retro-fit" your criteria and see what team Paddy should have taken to Whistling Straits. I bet it's almost the same LOL
  14. Only Reg Haliburton (1961/63) and Alf Padgham (1933/35/37) who were both 0-6-0, have a worse Ryder Cup record than poor old Matt Fitzpatrick, who is now 0-5-0, tied in the hopelessness stakes with John Panton (1951/53/61). Given that young Matt has pretty recently been as high as #16 in the world (April 2021), which is way better than either Haliburton, Padgham or Panton would ever have been, he must be the biggest under-achiever in the history of the competition. Hopefully he can remedy that in subsequent Cups, if he qualifies or is selected
  15. I'll swap you 10 Loro Piana polo shirts for them, and it still wouldn't be close !
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