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  1. Rory just sneaks into the top 16 in terms of OWGR points gained in 2020 ... Morikawa is now top of the heap, ahead of Bryson ...
  2. It's a huge improvement ... clubs go in and out much more easily !
  3. Thread resurrection time ... I just tried this mod on the Jones Original carry bag and it works like a charm !
  4. Good commentary I thought ... very entertaining. What Dechambeau is doing is quite incredible.
  5. Dechambeau season average driving distance before this week was already at 321.3 yards, and really close to Hank Kuehne's all-time season distance record of 321.4 (from 2003 !!!). I think that record will get broken this year. McIlroy in the mix as well. Dechambeau 321.3 McIlroy 320.2 Champ 319.8
  6. And then managed to choke out a couple of back to back birdies after that bogey ... so currently level-pegging with the world #1 ! Back to back 65s ...
  7. PGA Tour web site shot-by-shot has him missing consecutive putts from 2 ft 11" and 2 ft 10" LOL Still leading mind you .... :-)
  8. What's Azinger got to say now then LOL. Nice one Tyrrell !! Two events this season, and a T6 and a Win .... impressive stuff.
  9. Loved his reaction in his press interview, when they told him he was now leading the Race To Dubai ... clenched fist .... "Yesss !" he said ... good lad ... :)
  10. 45 single putts in 72 holes this week, I think they said at his press interview? On Poa greens that is terrific putting from Reed.
  11. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/master-2019-the-clubs-tiger-hit-on-sunday-at-augusat-in-1997-versus-what-he-hit-in-2019 The clubs he hit for his Sunday rounds in the US Masters in 1997 and 2019 easily suggest he could have got it done with a reduced number of clubs ... probably 9 or 10. In 1997 for example, he's hit approaches on all 18 holes with just 6 clubs. Add in a putter and a couple of tee options for the longer shots, say driver, 3-wood, and we're up to 9 ... 1x 2i ; 1x 6i ; 3x 8i ; 2x 9i ; 8x PW ; 2x SW Club for 1 hole not specified as it was a 15 yd "chip/pitch", which almo
  12. > @"b.helts" said: > Harry Vardon and Ted Ray were great players. But they aren’t germane to this conversation. They both won a top level event (Majors no less ... ) with a short bag, in an era where there was no 14 club limit, and some players are on record as having 26 ! If they could do it ... I don't see why Tiger couldn't do it as well, especially in his prime, when he was so much better than anyone else anyway. He'd still have his driver, wedge, and putter in the bag ... i.e. the clubs that in the main were the ones that gave him such a competitive advantage.
  13. Elite players can flat out play golf with pretty much anything. I'd bet money that prime Woods could knock it stiff from 110,120,130,140,150,160,170 and 180 with a 7-iron. Most modern golfers are all indoctrinated by the technology into having a full-swing different club for whatever shot they are presented with. Very seldom do you see any 1/2 or 3/4 swings any more ... Give Tiger 7 clubs and I think he could have won no problem. Harry Vardon won 6 Opens and 1 US Open with 7 clubs ... similarly Ted Ray (who also won the US Open) was such a long hitter that anything inside 170 yards was "nibl
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