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  1. [quote name='chaddunrein' timestamp='1302704397' post='3149676'] I would love to meet some of the Denver WRX'ers if anyone is available this weekend. I am usually available to play and can be reached by PM but would love to start a traveling game every other weekend or sometime. Reply to this post if anyone wants to get together this weekend, PM me if anyone wants to play sometime soon. Hope to see you guys out there. [/quote] Once I have officially moved back I would be interested. A guy I golfed with belonged to this "league" where league would golf events every other weekend, different, different event. I'm sure it was pain to setup,but really sounded like fun. BC
  2. Hi, I will be moving from Minneapolis to Denver in a few weeks. I previously lived in Denver, but did not golf when I did. I only moved from Denver due to a series of bad decisions and unplanned events. :-) I'm looking or some information and suggestions. What is the season like? As I remember rarely was the winter so cold and so prolonged that you would not even want to be outdoors or buried in feet of snow (aka Minneapolis). Are you able to get out play and/or hit balls on those warmer, sunny winter days? What about Men's Clubs? I will have no playing partners (right now about 20 HCap) and I'm looking for Men's Club as an opportunity to find some folks to golf with and also get out regularly. Instructors can anyone recommend someone they have worked with? Thanks in advance.... BC
  3. [quote name='pgapro13' timestamp='1304377269' post='3203213'] [quote name='spk74' timestamp='1160766557' post='306660'] Right, I'm definitely not saying that GolfTec is bad. I've only heard GREAT things about them being able to quickly identify and fix swing flaws. The original poster could probably benefit greatly from their lessons. I am saying that they probably won't be equipped to help him with his PRE-SHOT ROUTINE and COURSE MANAGEMENT...which are the two things he mentioned in his original post. I was just encouraging him to figure those out on his own, or seek the advice of friends, etc. [/quote] The majority of Golftec professionals are PGA members, most are Class A, other are Apprentices... but they are making an effort to hire PGA members and apprentices to make the company better. That being said, all the professionals in the PGA are capable in helping you with pre-shot routine and course management, and any other facet of the game you need help with. That is what the education and PGA is all about. All you have to do is ask, and they will find a way to help you with any part of your game. And a final note on "teaching everyone the same swing"... 1) There are fundamentals in the golf swing that we (instructors) try to achieve that make the golf swing efficient and repeatable. 2) Anyone who truly believes that all every instructor in an academy or school teach the same way or teach the same swing is completely misguided. 3) You are probably the person who doesnt want to work that hard on their game because you are scared to change anything. Trust the professionals, I guarantee you will improve if you are willing to listen and work hard! [/quote] I went to GolfTec and purchased lesson package. I was a little skeptical as I played with a guy in a leaue who went to GolfTec and he went from bad to really sucking. After GolfTec he hit an occasional really good shot, but most of his shots were poorer than befoire he went to GolfTec. I've only been golfing about 5 years but steadily improved to about 16 HCap. My game was getting a little loose at end of year and I knew I needed help hitting Driver. Plus, over winter I was developing shanks in the indoor range. So, I went for swing eval and GolfTec Pro convinced me I needed a bunch of lessons. What kind of "teacher" is concerned about selling lesson packages? Anyway, I went to my lessons, had teacher tell me "you need to turn more, etc, etc. I'm now a 23 HCAP and probably will quit golfing which is really depressing for me. It has not been for lack of practice either. I have been to the range regularly trying to incorporate all the things I've been told. I'm finally at a point where I'm back to at least hitting my irons consistently, albeit shorter than before. So, all the BS the "GolfTec Pro" fed me initially, I would hit ball further, we'd get my driver straightened out ,etc has not materialized. But, what recourse do I have other than to take it as a lesson learned. GolfTec does not seem to stand behind anything. The GolfTec Pros might as well be used car salesmen
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