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  1. [quote name='chaddunrein' timestamp='1302704397' post='3149676'] I would love to meet some of the Denver WRX'ers if anyone is available this weekend. I am usually available to play and can be reached by PM but would love to start a traveling game every other weekend or sometime. Reply to this post if anyone wants to get together this weekend, PM me if anyone wants to play sometime soon. Hope to see you guys out there. [/quote] Once I have officially moved back I would be interested. A guy I golfed with belonged to this "league" where league would golf events every other weekend, differe
  2. Hi, I will be moving from Minneapolis to Denver in a few weeks. I previously lived in Denver, but did not golf when I did. I only moved from Denver due to a series of bad decisions and unplanned events. :-) I'm looking or some information and suggestions. What is the season like? As I remember rarely was the winter so cold and so prolonged that you would not even want to be outdoors or buried in feet of snow (aka Minneapolis). Are you able to get out play and/or hit balls on those warmer, sunny winter days? What about Men's Clubs? I will have no playing partners (right now about 20 HCa
  3. [quote name='pgapro13' timestamp='1304377269' post='3203213'] [quote name='spk74' timestamp='1160766557' post='306660'] Right, I'm definitely not saying that GolfTec is bad. I've only heard GREAT things about them being able to quickly identify and fix swing flaws. The original poster could probably benefit greatly from their lessons. I am saying that they probably won't be equipped to help him with his PRE-SHOT ROUTINE and COURSE MANAGEMENT...which are the two things he mentioned in his original post. I was just encouraging him to figure those out on his own, or seek the advice of frie
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