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  1. FWIW, I'm pretty sure that ClubGlove now includes the stiff arm on purchases with their travel bags. They are great bags to travel with. I've traveled with a hard case a couple of times that I borrowed, and I went ahead and bought a ClubGlove Last Bag Collegiate. Best travel bag around in my opinion.
  2. I ended up with two extra Masters golf shirts left from an online patron shop order. Both are medium and solid green. $75/each shipped. No trades at the moment. edited for clarification. They are priced at $75 in the shop/online, so just trying to cover that cost (giving up on taxes/shipping/etc). sold
  3. Seems like it. Unless I’m looking at the wrong website, but it’s an auction that raises money for the Pacific men’s golf program, right? I don’t see why that wouldn’t be legitimate. There are known names who have donated some of the items on their auction.
  4. Go throw in a second round at Pacific Grove on one of those days. Best $50 or so you'll spend out there. Or whatever they are charging these days. A couple years ago, we walked for $29.
  5. I always enjoyed Point over Creek. Some solid holes and get a few ocean views. Wind will be up more there as mentioned. Creek is a good course. If I had 10 rounds to play, I’d go 7/3 Point vs Creek. If you are there for extended time, go play both and see what you enjoy. Seriously watch for gators in the marshes and ponds out there. Don’t go fishing out golf balls. Not worth it. Check out Shrimp Shack just off the island (cash only and limited hours). Shrimp burger there is good and then get some fresh seafood to cook up from Gay’s right across the road from there.
  6. land prices in rural(ish) southeast is going to be quite affordable when you compare to the West Coast. https://www.landsofamerica.com/property/407-acres-in-Aiken-County-South-Carolina/2002409/ I believe this was the listing. Roughly $2k an acre.
  7. I think the land was either just over or just under $1 million.
  8. Granted this is a very simplified look at things, but Masters Week alone (in a normal year) could bring in between $500k-1 million-plus in tee time revenue. If you expand the week to run from Sunday prior to Monday after, that's 9 days. If the club sold by the tee time (like Augusta CC does) as opposed by the player, ran tee times at 10 minute intervals from 7:30 AM until 3:30 PM with no starters times built in, that is 49 tee times and based on the ACC rate of $2500, that would be $122,500/day. Even if he sold those at a rate comparable to Palmetto ($1200 per tee time), that is
  9. If you have flexibility in your schedule during the week, AAC is in play. Otherwise, you won’t use it much during the week once (if) we get back to pre-Covid traffic. it is a pain to get out there from Buckhead relative to getting to the intown Ansley club. The 9 holes in town are a ton of fun to play. I always enjoyed them. Don’t undersell that. The range is just to warm up, and you can’t hit anything over 200ish so you are right there. Riverside is about to be torn up next fall for a lot of irrigation and some other minor renovation work. The easier and know a l
  10. Not looking at any trades at the moment, so all is for sale. Shipping via USPS is included. However, if you want to ship UPS Ground, UPS Overnight, FedEx, etc., we can discuss in order for anything to arrive before 12/25. I've had USPS stuff mailed on 12/1 still not reaching its destination, so I'm willing to work that out! 1. Masters - Peter Millar (L) Golf Shirt - NWT - $100 2. Masters - Masters Tech (M) Golf Shirt - SOLD 3. Masters - Masters Collection (M) 1/4 Zip Pullover Shell (100% Polyester) - SOLD
  11. There is a TON in the Southeast section of the forum on this topic. Ultimately, you will want to live near where you join. Even post-COVID, I'd expect traffic to go back to being bad, so you will want to keep that in consideration. I'd recommend starting there. There have been threads in the last 12-18 months and I'd imagine a lot of the info in there is still relatively current. Those are three that would skew higher relative to some of the other options out there. Again, I'd start with where you live and then look at the clubs in that area and work your way out from there.
  12. Where do you live? That's going to play a big part of where you should join, at least if I was in your shoes. Unless many shift to this new normal of more working from home, Atlanta traffic will be back and those easy rush hour drives will be gone. There's typically information in the Southeast section that can give ballpark figures for some of the clubs listed.
  13. Can’t speak to the courses but realize that it’s going to be getting dark two hours earlier compared to what it is this time of year. With less daylight available, that’s less revenue for the courses as well, many of which rely on Masters Week for a lot of their yearly revenue. Might not get many replay opportunities as you would this time of year - at least for 18 holes. Possibly 9 though.
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