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  1. While there are likely to be several things the ruling bodies would rather not see, their dilemma is writing a Rule and devising a way to enforce it. Three issues might be lines on balls, relief from divot holes, and backstopping. The ruling bodies probably don't care about spectator searches or assistance with moving loose impediments or movable obstructions because those are TV golf specific and inventing restrictions could harm general play.
  2. My friend, you asked a question in the Rules folder. You received the answer directly from the Rules of Golf. You then suggested that the Rule was something, unfair perhaps, to Patrick Reed. Several here who know the Rules attempted to explain the Rule, but your responses have all been about poor Patrick or entitled Woods.
  3. You may find that many here are not terribly interested in TV golf and certainly not interested in rehashing old stuff.
  4. Many here don't much care what does or doesn't happen on TV. How Woods and Reed fare is not interesting. The Rules of Golf are designed for the other 60 million or so of us. Few of us have the luxury of a caddie, however we often play with others and the ruling bodies see fit to allow others to help us move a loose impediment or movable obstruction.
  5. Not sure which "they" you're referring to. If you mean the TV commercial enterprise called the PGA Tour et al, they voluntarily agree to abide by the R&A/USGA Rules of Golf. Or do you think that nobody should be allowed assistance by anyone except a caddie in moving a loose impediment or movable obstruction?
  6. 15.1a/1 – Removing a Loose Impediment, Including Assistance from Others Loose impediments come in many shapes and sizes (such as acorns and large rocks), and the means and methods by which they may be removed are not limited, except that removal must not unreasonably delay play (see Rule 5.6a). For example, a player may use a towel, hand or hat, or may lift or push a loose impediment for removal. A player is also allowed to seek help in removing loose impediments, such as by asking spectators for assistance in removing a large tree branch. https://www.usga.org/c
  7. There are "horrors" hidden in the Rules much worse than the indignity of your having been exposed as being unable to play from a divot hole or having course management deficiencies.
  8. What a thankless job! He certainly worked hard at it for decades. I'm sure the golf course design business will be more fun.
  9. Alright, noodle it out of that lie which you've not bothered to figure out how to play from. However, the next time you double cross one into the woods and it bangs off a tree back into the fairway, you'll happily pick it and walk it back into the woods for a drop. That's fair, right?
  10. Remember when Sergio was mocked for his twitches; yesterday was twitchers x2. But, at least we didn't have to watch Reed's antics on Sunday.
  11. Surely (and I'm not calling you Shirley) there's "four more yards" to be gained by the zero friction of the flat spot.
  12. Next invention will be the Martini Bottle Cap tee. They'll come in a lifetime supply pack of 5.
  13. What's more, if the player uses a tee to repair a ball mark it is no longer a tee but forever becomes a ball mark repair tool and cannot be used otherwise.
  14. The trifecta, Azinger describing Fatrick & DeChamble's playoff. Sorry to have missed it, we're playing golf in Asheville on Sunday afternoon.
  15. Your anecdote is not evidence. Players who play high level competitive golf, generally low handicap players, know the Rules pretty well. High handicap players generally don't. To be sure, there are bogey golfers who know the Rules and referee some, but they're not on TV this week.
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