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  1. Unless you were in the room with the Committee and watched their deliberations or otherwise have first-hand knowledge of the Committee's decision, you're just flapping your lip.
  2. Here's what my club wants to happen (and when the course is not wet, does): PLAY IN 4:00 The clock starts when the first player in your group hits their tee shot on hole #1. CHECKPOINTS At hole #4, flagstick replaced at actual start time plus 0:50 At hole #9, flagstick replaced at actual start time plus 1:55 At hole #13, flagstick replaced at actual start time plus 2:50 At hole #18, flagstick replaced at actual start time plus 4:00 1) Keep up with the group ahead. 2) In stroke play, p
  3. Nope, neither in match play nor in stroke play can that be done.
  4. I'll add (in no particular order) Colin L, Halebopp and QEight. There are others who we'll get to soon enough.
  5. Mr Bean has it right. Once the player decided to take relief the manner in which they lift the ball (or just walk away and leave it there) is of no consequence.
  6. No, and here's what R18.3a says: (3) When Provisional Ball Must Be Abandoned. When a provisional ball has not yet become the ball in play, it must be abandoned in either of these two cases: When Original Ball Is Found on Course Outside Penalty Area Before the End of the Three Minute Search Time. The player must play the original ball as it lies. When Original Ball Is Found in Penalty Area or Is Known or Virtually Certain to Be in Penalty Area. The player must either play the original ball as it lies or take penalty relief under Rule 17.1d. In either
  7. BALL IN PENALTY AREA A penalty area is any body of water or any other part of the course the Committee marks as a penalty area. Penalty areas are marked as either yellow or red penalty areas. (Penalty Area) ▸ Yellow Penalty Area If a player knows or is virtually certain that their ball is in a yellow penalty area, with a one-stroke penalty, they may take relief outside that penalty area in one of two ways: replay or back-on-the-line. (R17.1d) ▸ Red Penalty Area If a player knows or is virtually certain that their ball is in a red penalty area, with a one-stroke
  8. No doubt. My imagination sees a "picker" grabbing one 4. 5. 6, 7, 8, and 9 from a bin of ten thousand of each and stuffing them in a box. Prior to that any quality control might involve checking every hundredth club. (That's only one reason that I have a True Blue MR3.)
  9. A "possible" advantage is that someone will actually check and bend your clubs to a spec. Without a customer request, chances are you'd receive a set with plus or minus 2*. I can't prove this, but I suspect that's what would happen.
  10. I, too, doubt that the Rule will change. There are other better avenues to manage pace of play.
  11. Read about it in R4.1a3. https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-2019/rules-of-golf/rules-and-interpretations.html#!ruletype=fr&section=rule&rulenum=4&subrulenum=1
  12. Let me say this in a slightly different way. There is no need for you to invoke unplayable relief; R18.1 doesn't require a reason. Rule 18.1 Relief Under Penalty of Stroke and Distance Allowed at Any Time At any time, a player may take stroke-and-distance relief by adding one penalty stroke and playing the original ball or another ball from where the previous stroke was made. The player always has this stroke-and-distance relief option, no matter where the player’s ball is on the course, and even when a Rule requires the player to take relief in a certain way or to play a ball fr
  13. Don't forget, at any time and from anywhere and for any reason, also with a one-stroke penalty, you always have the replay option. (R18.1)
  14. The Masters Rules Committee had a pretty good vantage point, much better than us at home in our La-Z-Boys.
  15. The second bullet of R12.2b1 is not intent based, I don't believe.
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