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  1. Not me. I'm a referee for my regional golf association. Prior to Golf Genius we would have a half a dozen wrong scorecard DQ's each season, since GG it's down to one or none.
  2. It's thought that everyone knows something about something. This isn't your "something."
  3. I've used this exactly once in the past fifteen years:
  4. And we all thought that their cheesy looking golf clubs being hawked by a lunatic would do them in.
  5. Seems your anti-social behavior on the golf course carries over to the Rules forum on GolfWRX.
  6. If I were you, I'd slink off and hide. You've been here for all of five minutes and managed to insult most everyone.
  7. A cris de cœur can come in many forms. Let's not judge him too harshly.
  8. Not where I play, but things may be different here. I know that our pro shop will just not do that. We could get a phone call the day before asking for our tee time because Elvis was coming on short notice and wanted to play. Most would say, "Sure, hope he enjoys the course."
  9. Does this, from Equipment Rules FAQ, help? Can I attach a piece of tape to my clubface? No, external attachments to the clubface are not permitted under Part 2, Section 1a of the Equipment Rules.
  10. Forgive me, friends. I should have known better.
  11. I don't think so, Mr Bean. Long before the modern adjustable clubs, I think that it was still not permitted to modify the loft or lie of a club during the round.
  12. Your next question might be, "I know I can't change the settings, but what if the head becomes loose during my round? Am I allowed to tighten it?" Yes, you may. It's here in Interpretations: 4.1a(2)/1 – Meaning of “Repair” Examples of repair include: Replacing lead tape that fell off during a stroke. Given the nature of lead tape, if the lead tape will not remain on the club in the same location, new tape may be used. Tightening clubs with adjustable mechanisms that come loose during the round, but not adjusting the club to a different se
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