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  1. Thanks for all the well wishes. I really appreciate them. Sucks not playing but the pain from the last time I played Memorial Day weekend was scary. Ten weeks of PT then a MRI.
  2. Hi, thanks for stopping in. Taking a year off from golf to hopefully allow time for my back to heal up. Three clubs up for sale are in excellent condition. Epic max ls 9 degree in stiff. $375. Ping g410 3 wood with Ping’s tour 75 stiff. $Sold. Ping g410 19 degree hybrid with Ping’s tour 85 x-stiff. $Sold All prices include shipping to CONUS only. pin 7/4
  3. Price drop on driver and 2 shafts to $275
  4. Putter is sold. Driver is still available. Trade interest: G425 hybrid 22 degree.
  5. Ping G410 plus driver, 9 degree with 2 shafts. Tour 65 x-flex and Tour 65 shift. I’ll ship with both shafts so you can tinker. Excellent condition. $sold. including shipping to CONUS. Also for sale is a PXG Batt Attack H 35 inch in excellent condition. $SOLD including shipping to CONUS. pin 5/10
  6. Up for sale is a near-new Ping G410 lst 9 degree with the stock Mitsubishi Tensei Orange in stiff. Ordered from Global Golf in mid-May and just received it last week. It has seen 9 holes. Price shipped to CONUS $330.Head is sold, shaft is still available. How about $80 shipped.
  7. Up for sale is a Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 816 14 degree 3 wood. It's shafted with a Aldila Rogue 70 i/o Stiff flex shaft. I just got it today and played nine holes so it's in excellent condition, please see photos. Any questions please ask. It can ship out tomorrow. The first PM with $225 $210 gets it. $210 includes shipping to the CONUS. SOLD
  8. Liked on Facebook. I would like the performance set fitting. Thanks for the great giveaway.
  9. rob8

    Ping i-e Irons?

    when do we get to see the gmax stuff?
  10. [quote name='Axman55' timestamp='1435238585' post='11831930'] Why all the hate? Please don't PM me with your frustrations over not getting a pair of freakin shoes! I wanted a Method 006 and didn't get one but I don't go on every for sale post of a Rory putter and complain about it and accuse people of price gouging! I really wanted these to fit and wear them everyday to the course. They are simply too small. I am truly sorry if you missed out on these, but this is supply and demand, basic economics. I want to trade them for a used putter or an old shaft and I'm some sort of villain? I put a price on them because some people want them that bad ( and still cheaper than the only pair in this size on flea bay). If I was out to make money I would have bought 5 pair. I don't need to sell shoes to make a living. I put them on BST to try and trade someone here in this "community" who really wants them. Guess I should just throw them on eBay and not have to deal with all the spoiled brats who didn't get what they wanted! Is this golfwrx or entitled b#%ches .com? Next time something comes out that you really want put in a little effort and go get it instead of hating on those of us who did! [/quote] Well said.
  11. Length is 38, always forget to add something.
  12. 2015 Scotty Golo 5 Dual-Balance for sale. Gamed for 2 practice sessions, wiped down after each. Great condition with no marks on the face or head but a few typical brush marks on the bottom. Please see pics for condition. Paypal only. Price includes shipping to CONUS $325.
  13. rob8

    ping wrx question

    Just wondering if ping wrx could make a ketcsh putter with a plumbers neck? I hear a lot of talk on the forum they can do pretty much anything.
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