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  1. On a related note... Why is it I hear commentators on TV always saying, "the guys on tour today are athletes. I mean in my day they were all like 5'10" and today everyone seems to be 6'2" or taller"? Am I missing something or is the definition of athlete today; a person who has mastered a particular sport's skill set and is over 6' tall? What the hell does height have to do with athleticism? Always wanted to know if I was alone in thinking that this is ridiculous....
  2. I was wondering what kind of CPM numbers people are getting with these when tipped at standard 1/2" increments?
  3. The new Miura Tour Wedge has milled grooves. It produces noticeably more spin around the greens.
  4. Is it possible that a shaft that is too weak might kick too soon and cause low face hits with the driver? This might help to explain why the impacts I've been getting with the Tour-X shaft are higher. Has anyone experienced anything like this since switching to a stiffer shaft?
  5. I just experienced this last night. I have been struggling with distance with my driver and getting many low face hits with my Atmos Red 6S. Just for the heck of it I put a Fuji XLR8 Tour-x 71 in my driver and took to to the range. The contact was noticeably better with most impact above the equator of the face which is where I've been trying to be. This misses also seemed to be much straighter and the ball flight was was still plenty high. I was expecting to hit these low bullets but that didn't happen. Is this just a fluke or can someone like me with a 105-7 mph swing actually be bett
  6. This is something that I've wondered since I started playing the game. I'm left handed and at the suggestion of my uncle I started playing golf right handed when I was a kid. I played baseball and pitched left handed and studied martial arts for about 12 years and could without question generate more speed shifting clockwise punching with my left hand and my left foot. I've always wondered how much distance I was losing turning counter clockwise in a right handed golf swing. It never occurred to me that the lack of external rotation in my right arm/shoulder could also be a detriment. I c
  7. I agree their clubs are better than most, especially the mass produced USDM brands. The PTX were the first is set of clubs I've owned since the J40 DPCs. Seems to me that unfortunately they need to sign a big name player to get the needle moving.
  8. Absolutely!! I've done a few video lessons from monte and have sent a few of my playing partners his way as well. He has such a simple straight forward approach to swing changes that is very refreshing. I wish I would have known about him earlier so I could have saved myself a bunch of aggravation. One day I'm gonna have to fly out and get a lesson in person so I can utilize some of his new technology. That coupled with his simplified teaching style would probably be worth it's weight in gold! Cheers Monte!
  9. I'd been suffering with back pain from golf pretty much for as long as I have been playing. I used to use aspirin, Advil, icy hot, heating pad, hot tub, chiropractic, meditation etc with very limited success. Finally about a year and a half ago I decided to incorporate core exercises into my workouts for the first time. It is amazing how quickly your core muscles will develop doing them just twice a week. I've had almost no back pain for almost 1.5 years now. I highly recommend to anyone suffering from low back pain to try to incorporate core strength training into their routine. Start
  10. It was pointed out to me today that my alignment is quite a bit off. Apparently my feet are positioned good but my knees are a bit open and my shoulders are closed. I'm not entirely surprised that my shoulders are a bit left because I like to hit a draw. Every time I get it all aligned correctly it feels weird, which I completely understand, but I'm struggling putting all the pieces together consistently. Any tips that you guys recommend, outside of alignment sticks which I already use, that can help me get my shoulders, knees and feet aligned properly?
  11. The best grips are definitely going to play firmer. Made the same switch a couple years back and love the BG micro perfs. They will also be less tapered than the winns so you are aware.
  12. Did you hear that from Kostis on the telecast? His head still stays down longer than most guys and it's not even close to Duval. Probably feels like a lot to him but his swing hasn't changed much at all since his "slump" started earlier this year. Nope I'm taking about a year or more back before his more recent changes. His head used to stay down an exceptionally long time past impact. There's probably old footage of what I'm talking about. That's why the recent change where his head moves more like Duval's and AS seems so drastic to me.
  13. Oh man! Can the .350 be shaved down fairly easily to fit a .335 bore or are we all hosed? Same playability?
  14. Did anyone determine if the PL blues are .350 instead of .335?
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