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  1. How do I measure putter shat length before cutting it? Do I measure the length from the aiming line or from the hill of the putter head?
  2. Does Hoofer and Hoofer lite come with full-length dividers?
  3. I'm looking for a used driver for a beginner. I'm interested in TaylorMade, Callaway and Ping driver. I'll appreciate any advice.
  4. Golf Works only carries the .370 tip.
  5. I like to replace a shaft for Pro Platinum Newport Mil-Spec putter. What is the diameter of the tip and where can I purchase it? Thanks.
  6. What clubs go to high compartment?How do you arrange clubs in your stand bag?
  7. I'll be installing Grafalloy Epic graphite regular flex shaft in Adams 9015D driver. Do I need to trim the shaft? I hope the 9015D needs .335 tip because that's what I ordered.
  8. [quote name='cmyers' post='2131432' date='Dec 17 2009, 07:43 PM']An even cheaper option is to buy a digital scale from your local Harbor freight tool and then go to Leaderboardgolf.com and click on swing weight, enter the total weight of the club in grams then measure the balance point to the end of the grip. Enter these numbers and your swing weight will come up. Actually very accurate.[/quote] I don't see where I can click "Swing Weight" at Leaderboardgolf.com.
  9. What would be the standard length of DG S300 .355 Tapered? I'm planning to purchase the followings. Are they correct length? 3I - 40.5" 4I - 40" 5I - 39.5" 6I - 39" 7I - 38.5" 8I - 38" 9I - 37.5" PW - 37" Thanks.
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