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  1. You’re right- I’m probably taking the general breakdown in our civic society too far by applying it to music on the golf course. But the people who blast music or don’t ask if it’s ok to play music are malignant narcissists…
  2. Yes, the individualism at all costs seems to have overpowered all sense of community. It’s sad to see in so many ways how people don’t understand the simple concept that “my right to swing my fists ends at your nose.” Playing a game where you call penalties on yourself should instill a basic sense of civility. @cristphotosaid it best on the thread that they were taught to be “invisible to the other golfers.” What a great lesson to take out into a world that can’t be bothered to wear masks for the benefit others.
  3. Great analogy… you must have done well on the SAT’s: black and white TV is to persimmon what titanium is to ______________. I know you can do it….
  4. With all that winking, you two should see if the moderators could get you guys a room…
  5. I guess golf culture is changing, because the people I get paired with don’t ask if it’s OK, they just assume. I have to start shaking my fist at “the kids on my lawn.”
  6. Again, my apologies for offending the archivists…
  7. Yeah- I’m talking about people who don’t ask. Again, it’s a courtesy issue mostly. I was being flippant about the taste in music thing. That said, the course I play is really bucolic, so I would always prefer the sounds of nature.
  8. My apologies for offending the archivist…
  9. Music doesn’t affect my concentration at all- it’s just the lack of courtesy that bothers me more than anything. Why impose when you could easily wear headphones?
  10. It seems as if playing music while golfing has become a trend. Me and my Uncle got paired with a couple of guys that had music playing in their cart. I asked them to turn it down on the first hole. They were fine with that. I said I really like the seclusion and sounds of nature when I play. I’m not sure I understand this trend- one of the greatest things about golf is the tranquility. I almost always walk so that if I have a bad round at least I got out in nature and got some exercise. Plus, why would I want to be subjected to someone else’s taste in music? Use headphones you egomaniacs!
  11. I have 50, 53, 58. The 58 is a Callaway MD 5 X Grind, so opening it up for flops is no problem- super versatile. I like having less of a. gap on wedges the wedges I use on full shots.
  12. I’ve used the stencils too- better than one line, but not the same IMO. It’s tough to copy the thickness and the color- not to mention the smudging.
  13. I really like the Callaway Triple Track and was wondering why they don’t put them on all their balls. I’m sure the answer is that they just want to sell more premium balls. I would argue they would sell more balls period if they put the triple track on them all. How many people feel triple track is a game changer? How many people feel it’s a gimmick?
  14. I got a free trial of Arccos sensors for my entire set. I haven’t gotten to play with them yet, so I was looking for any pointers/impressions or random thoughts. I have an Apple Watch, so I was going to use that as the shot detection device.
  15. Earlier this season I had a terrible case in f the hosel rockets and the cure that worked for me was thinking of trying to skim a rock on a pond (helped my over the top tendency). In order to do it consistently, I moved my right hand into a strong position, which helped me really feel like I was as keeping my right elbow close to my body. This has worked really well with my irons, but I’ve developed a pull hook with my driver. When I really concentrate on getting my right elbow in I hit absolute bombs- hit my first 300 yard drive without the help of a hill the other day. I just have to figure
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