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  1. I love spring and summer. Prices go down here in Florida because the "snowbirds" head home. The courses are far less crowded. Doesn't take as long to warm up or to play a full round. I can head out after work and easily get 18 in. The ball seems to go further. The roads to get to distant courses are less crowded. The resorts have great stay and play deals. I am a member at a local range that is lit and is an amazing practice facility. It fills in for me when the course are too crowded and they cost twice as much. But, like I said, I love spring and summer. Favorite day of the year is June 21
  2. Thanks for sharing! Really interesting and not at all what I expected in opening this thread. Guess it might also lead to more questions. How did the clubs originally get their "names"? Where did "par" come from? And the other scoring terms? More terms probably also have an interesting history - fairway, tee box and tee, "shooting a score". This could become an interesting thread!
  3. Wow - 5 year old thread comes back to life!
  4. OP still dark. One relatively low post member sort of rises a little to the defense. Again this happens every single time. The OP came in hoping to get some sort of satisfaction exposing his own impatience. He went up against a long-respected member who is also a long term sponsor. (Never good) In the end the sponsor's side of things is reasonable. And then, as all of the dust settles and the popcorn is being vacuumed up a few last replies and the thread either gets locked up, dies a slow lingering death of being ignored or some combination therein. I really hope that the Mods, as someone
  5. Well this one was fairly predictable. Brand new member comes in and with his first post attacks a long standing and veteran member. A few other members jump on the attack train but most either remain neutral or rise to the defense of the veteran member. Veteran member comes to the thread and tell the whole story and not just an agenda driven portion. The new member goes dark and as often as not is never seen nor heard from again. Veteran member actually gains business because they showed just how honorable they are and why they are so respected. Those few who joined the attack wond
  6. Received mine in under a week. Fit nicely, seem well made and a range session shows that they are able to maintain grip even when wet with sweat. Overall I was impressed enough with first order that I went ahead and placed another to tide me through the busy summer. Added some of the Kirkland balls to this order also - should be a fun experiment with those.
  7. They finally started injecting some money into the course and it is recovering nicely. Still a little ways to go but you have to realize - at one point not long ago it was closed. No maintenance going on during that period. I played it right before it closed and it was pathetic. Grass growing in the bunkers (weeds actually), no grass on the tee boxes, weeds everywhere, the greens were all torn up and were basically just dirt. You can't expect a course to recover overnight but it's nice to know they didn't just close it. I would wager that by summer, with some rain in the spring, it will be a
  8. Been to Valspar, The Players, Bay Hill and Disney back when they played there. Have learned quite a bit. 1. Stay both the night before and the night after you attend unless you live really close. Less stress knowing you are already "in town" for the event. 2. When you arrive wonder the course a bit. Scout out areas where you might want to sit. At Sawgrass we were there for two days. The first we spent almost the whole day at 17. We wondered a little and scouted. And found that the back of 11 was REALLY amazing. Seeing the players going for it in two and at times failing - just an incredibl
  9. Tiger refers to Poulter as "Polts". I have always gotten the impression that they had a mutual respect for each other. Any American player who does not respect what Ian does in Ryder Cup play is delusional. The man is intense and Tiger definitely appreciates that level of passion for the game. And Ian knows what Tiger did (and is still doing!!!) for the game. I believe that the congrats was as genuine as it possibly could have been. Sort of a "welcome back Mate" from a Euro player who is intense towards THE American player who has the same level of intensity when competing.
  10. Late to the party but the dance still going on... Just ordered mine. Really looking forward to trying them out. For the price, worst case they are range gloves as others have stated. And considering I recently paid $20 for one "Like New" glove off of the bay that arrived in its original packaging but was completely dry rotted beyond use - this is a real bargain!
  11. I want to play Sawgrass. That's it. My one and only. Not even going to try to get there until and unless I get my game back on track enough to really enjoy it. (Getting closer with each range session!) Sadly I actually had a chance to play there about 10 years ago - was invited by our pension team. They had a slot open and it would have been free. But I was under contract with DHS to travel up to Ohio to do a "Response To Terrorism" lecture. I tried everything to get someone else to cover that lecture...no dice. And to top everything off I ended up with food poisoning and was miserable
  12. My one and only "ace".... Executive course and the first hole was a temp green. Had been for quite some time and since my wife and I were members of this executive course with a nice range, I was a little frustrated to see that it was still a temp green. (Had been all summer) So it's playing like only 50 yards or so. I drop my ball on the ground and, with no practice swing or even lining up, I take my lob wedge and just pop the ball figuring I will just get past this hole and enjoy the others. Ball takes one hop and flops right into the hole. I wasn't even going to consider this an ace b
  13. But... have you checked out the Revolution Golf!?!?!? And there's free shipping if you buy from RG! And 20% trade in promo when you can easily find 50% elsewhere! I'm gonna cancel mine too. I'll probably sign up again once they realize the mistake and give out 5 dozen tp5s for signups That's the only bright side about all of this. They accidentally shipped me a lot of TM golf balls.
  14. I will take any big bird - no matter how ugly or lucky. But OP you missed out posting the follow-up poll: Ok, so you got lucky and holed out an eagle. On the next hole you: 1. Make a nice solid par to hang onto those two under for at least one additional hole. 2. Follow it with a birdie - yes! Three under in two holes!!! 3. Give one stroke back. But hey, for two holes you are still one under. 4. Give both back - in a nice double that brings you back to reality. 5. Give them both back plus some - and walk off of the next green shaking your head and muttering to yourself profane words th
  15. She had a tough year during her freshman year at Wake Forest. Coach didn't seem to grasp the importance of letting an injury heal completely. She is in a groove as a lady gator and has been shooting low rounds since coming "home". Her dad, Brent, will be on the bag during the tourney. I told him to "sneak" me a text image if there's an opening and it won't get him into hot water. Perhaps from the range or something. (If he does I will post it into this thread) But she has actually changed her swing since I played that round with her. She used to hit a little baby draw and now, from the v
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