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  1. I've seen a few Hooters Tour events up here and I can assure you that they are very good, but I honestly believe some of them are kidding themselves. I've seen a few guys not even break 80 from a 6800 course. It's not a challenge at all, I have shot under par at that course. But I know that I couldn't pull out three straight 68's like the winner did.
  2. A rangefinder would be a good bet if you don't already have one. I'd also go for some real nice rain gear that is silent and comfortable. Other than that, I'd vote for a new putter as far as clubs are concerned. If you're struggling with your putting, then nothing is nicer then having a nice backup that you can tinker around with.
  3. I doubt that there is not a foundry in the US that is not capable of tight quality control, it's just that that they will charge too much. It's a shame that all these manufacturers are now outsourcing their work when Ping used to be a 100% USA business.
  4. On shorter lay-up courses, the 5 wood is my favorite club. I get a nice high cut that goes about 220 every time. It's beautiful.
  5. That is what I call a 'betting' 8 handicap... good round, bad handicap. :)
  6. Like Mr. Vokey would even have one of his prototypes look like that is a ridiculous notion in itself. The grooveless touch just adds to the absurdity of the claims.
  7. I might be the only person under 30 who likes the Golf Pride Victory Cords. It's a shame I can't get my hands on them for a reasonable price. Instead, I rock the Golf Pride Dual Durometer cords. Good grips, might be looking for something new at the end of the summer. These seem a little firm sometimes.
  8. Long Bay is a nice track; I live there. How did you like #15? In my opinion, the best hole on the course. Sitting there with a driver wondering if you can carry that creek is quite tempting. I know people who can carry that creek from the blacks with 10 yards to spare; and they're left with a 6 iron in. But, push it or pull it and you're done. Great hole, and very underrated. #10 is merely a short tight par 4 with no risk/reward aspect to it.
  9. I have these Adidas ones with large holes along the sides, the name on the box is "CC Oasis Lite". They are the BEST hot weather shoes, bar none. If you can find a pair you are one lucky man.
  10. I think he meant a push cart.
  11. I think you can open a smaller store on eBay or even here on WRX. I know plenty of people are looking for a source for used golf balls that delivers on their promises (clean, scuff free, logo free.) Most would be willing to pay a premium for such balls. As far as cleaning, I have had success with bleach + minimal water. I live on a golf course and many people have plenty land in their yards that they don't want, so I will take them and use some for practice rounds and clean most. That way I have premium shag balls for practicing chipping and wedge shots. This way, I can get a accurate idea of
  12. Let's see: TaylorMade TP Burner - $195 Titleist 906F2 - $100 Titleist 906F4 - $100 Adams Idea Pro 4H - $90 735.cms - $240 Vokey 52* - $60 X Forged 56* + 60* - $190 C&L - Free :man_in_love: $975. Not bad at all, but it'd be north of $1,000 if I had to pay for a putter.
  13. Wait, $60 a week? So if there is a 9 week summer, and I work 20 hours a week, and donate plasma....add a half a liver and a kidney then I believe that I could 'ho all next year. Excellent. See? How could you stop a young enthusiastic entrepreneur like me?
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