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  1. I have several high end driver shafts. Hzrdus black and red, aldila rouge max diamana white, Oban tour proto blue an kiyoshk black.
  2. Any interest in trading even up for set of three fourteen tour issue wedges?
  3. [quote name='ExRidd' timestamp='1432703211' post='11633774'] Selling one item tonight. Price includes paypal/shipping in lower 48 and Canada. 1) Mizuno MP 64 3-PW Heads only. Awesome condition. Standard loft/lie. You'll notice I accidentally stripped the paintfill on the 4 iron when cleaning the hosels . No bag chatter. (Can't knock my MP 68s out of the bag...) $370 I have a set of tour issue cobra ACP flow set. Would also trade towards other blades with X shafts (preferably +0.5"ish) or Scotty Cameron putters [/quote]
  4. Tour issue Aldila Rouge 70x. Has Titleist tip and came out of driver. 250.00 Tour issue cobra amp cell pro heads. Played 3 rounds w them 350.00 PayPal from nrharman@lexcominc.net
  5. Had apex blades w apex4's in Em and never liked the clubs. Shaft felt terrible. Don't flame me. Just my opinion
  6. I had both warbird and small two dot s2h2 3 wood. The little one was pure money. Should get it out!
  7. Trading my bettinardi black bb1h
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