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  1. Lots of 32 degrees love, any reviews of this hooide? https://www.32degrees.com/products/mens-cotton-terry-pullover-hoodie?variant=39394561622105
  2. While I'd love to play close to $300 for a Ryder Cup hoodie, a little out of the budget. Can someone please recommend a non golf brand hoodie as they all seem to be well over $100 that they've had success with. Looking for a mid layer type weight. Thanks in advance
  3. Which spikes will fit the TW14s? Also does anyone know of a site that shows what spikes will fit any brand of shoe? Like an index? Thanks
  4. Sorry to start with negativity but these hats are so poorly made. Other than the bill, everything is film thin. My question is has anyone found a successful way to get out the pleats and wrinkles these hats get? Tried Steam, not go
  5. Just curious if anyone knows if he actually wears uniqlo apparel. I've heard he wears lulu lemon and just puts the uniqlo apparel on it. I love his sweaters but doubt they are actually uniqlo. Any ideas?
  6. I wear crew length stance socks with shorts when I golf. More comfortable and never get blisters on the achilles portion. At my club others have started too
  7. Isn't Greyson a super woke company? Guess money talks!
  8. The reason Reed is poured on is because he isn't a media darling without a perfect history. We all know other tour players who have worse character and have been slapped with rules violations. I'll use Schauffele here in a minute (illegal driver, mats down roug etc). An analogy is MLB. Let's look at a Roger Clemons type personality (Reed) vs a Xander Schauffele personality (David Ortiz). It is without question Clemens/Reed are far better athletes than Schauffele/Ortiz yet the latter are media darlings.
  9. Anyone have any recommendations for hoodies vests zips that have the pattern here? https://greysonclothiers.com/collections/jackets-vests/products/senesqua-packlight-hoodie
  10. Rumor is he is going to Travis Mathew and Callaway clubs
  11. I have a few of their hats but not really sure I would want a ton of TBC stuff. Logo is sick but there's not even a course yet. Just odd when people are like sick logo, what course is that?
  12. Anyone have the GREYSON COMANCHE SHEPHERD VEST and able to describe the fit? Thanks I am normally a large in everything in Peter Millar except their vests where I need an XL due to my height 6'3 for reference. thanks
  13. I've seen some golfers wear a mid weight hoodie under a vest that looks nice. Only problem is I can only find super thin hoodies or thick hoodies. Any mid weight that wpuldnt look too baggy paired with a vest? Thanks in advance
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