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  1. Thanks, you're right. Unfortunately, it's totally confusing because they were in different Priority Categories when they left for medical reasons; but they did this to preserve their Priority Numbers.
  2. Hinako played 2021 Honda Thailand Classic. Unfortunately, it's a no-cut event and an invited player isn't eligible to receive CME Ranking points unless she wins. However, she's eligible to receive Rookie of the Year award points.
  3. How about Kelly Tan, #13 Q-Series and alternate #1? Bianca's final birdie on her 8th round made all the differences!
  4. You're right, LPGA.com is full of mistakes. Fortunately, they admit and correct their mistakes timely.
  5. Priority #1 for Bianca is to make cuts at Gainbridge, Drive On and JTBC and score enough to qualify for the Chevron. In a golf tournament, it's one shot at a time; it's one cut at a time for a season.
  6. The 2022 Priority List: 2022 Priority List This is a tough year with many golfers using their lifetime achievements to retain their priority status. As a result, Na Rin An the Q-Series medalist, is pushed out to Priority #132. Bianca Pagdanganan is #141 and Hinako Shibuno #153.
  7. Agreed, but Nelly did represent LPGA pretty well during those two days.
  8. Nelly is on a tear; she's added 70,000 new Instagram followers to 465,000 in the last two months. Things like that don't usually happen during the off season. Being world #1 and playing PNC when Tiger and Charlie were in full blossom help; but we shouldn't forget about LPGA's focus campaigning to get Nelly out there. The rubber will hit the road soon; we'll see whether Nelly can move the TV rating needle soon.
  9. Jeeno signed up with Hana Bank in 2019 about the same time as Yealimi Noh, but not as her main endorser:
  10. This is great to have a LPGA preview show at the Golf Channel; I'm not sure whether they've done it before:
  11. Lydia has been under contract with Hana for many years; it looks like they elevate it this year to her main endorsement in dollar term. I wonder what's happened to other Hana endorsees; Minjee Lee, Yealimi Noh and Patty Tavatanakit?
  12. Yes, indeed! I'm dying to find out on Thursday! Similarly, I'd be surprised if Nelly still has 'Q-Cells' on her hat.
  13. Of the players this week, Brooke Henderson and Danielle Kang stars have lost the most luster during 2021. This week is a good platform for them to rise to the occasion and reclaim their shine:
  14. Mollie's style is to be out of sight, but that doesn't mean she's doing nothing. This 'Velocity Global Impact Award' could prove to be very meaningful:
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