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  1. LPGA is treating 2020 rookies like real 2021 rookies, their 2020 results have been totally ignored. Their entries into tournaments are entirely based on the priorities at the begining of 2020. There're pros and cons like everything else. I wonder if there'll be asterik if a rookie sets the world on fire and breaks all rookie records.
  2. It's hard to quantify; both didn't do well and LPGA was on NBC while PGA was on the Golf Channel. The magic number is 1.8 million viewers on Networks and 1.0 million at the Golf Channel. LPGA should be able to get there if the Korda sisters, Brooke and Lexi continue to pump up the volume.
  3. The entry list for the next three events are out; unfortunately, Jin Young Ko, Sei Young Kim, Inbee Park, Minjee Lee, So Yean Ryu and A Lim Kim aren't in the field. Unexpectedly, Matilda Castren will play all three events.
  4. The lead is nice, but it's irrelevant until Korean players start to show up. It has nothing to do with the contest; but I hope the Korda sisters can elevate themselves to World Top-2. It's the kind of heart warming story that can truly spur the growth of LPGA.
  5. No question, we'll see Kyriacou at 2021 LPGA Q-School
  6. Bianca Pagdanganan https://mb.com.ph/2021/01/26/pagdanganan-aims-for-bigger-prize-after-successful-lpga-debut/ “I think for me, it is important to aim high,” Pagdanganan said after being introduced as the newest brand ambassador of Smart Sports in a virtual press conference. " "Pagdanganan is scheduled to leave in early-February in preparation for her first LPGA Tour event which is the Gainbridge LPGA in Florida."
  7. Lydia Ko A new year, a new clothing sponsor and a new look A new Top-10?
  8. Can't wait for Ginbridge LPGA, hope for a good field!
  9. At the conclusion of Diamond Resorts TOC on Sunday, January 24, 2021: 1. @18majors 31.78 2. @Lobby 12.30 3. @BadgerLin 11.28 3. @Golf Dino 11.28 5. @agolf1 8.20 5. @Argonne69 8.20 7. @Stooch 3.08 8.
  10. Did Gainbridge change from an 108 to an 120 field? OFFICIAL LPGA TOUR EVENT Returning: February 25-28, 2021 $2 Million Purse Live on Golf Channel Tune in this February to see 120 of the World’s Best Golfers.
  11. Brooke had five 3-putts; two R1, one R2 and two R3; per a LPGA report. Both Brooke and Nelly suffered from putting; Brooke had 122 and Nelly 118 putts for the week. LPGA report
  12. In Gee Chun is looking forward to the next tournament but she's happiest to go back to Korea for a while Maybe it’s a good show, “It’s the happiest sleeping in my bed "Chun In Gee said, "I think I've been doing well in the right direction until now," and said, "Everything seems to be going well in the direction I want to go. It's been a week since I was able to feel confident about it, so I've already been able to see the next competition. I'm looking forward to it," she said. "
  13. LPGA has always treated member's win specially; grantedly being a member and wins is special. We all know non-member is treated differently. As such, I'm glad Sophia Popov's earning from this tournament is considered official.
  14. Twenty-five players, but only twenty-one earned official money. The other four: In Gee Chun Brittany Lincicome Pernilla Lindberg Annie Park had their last wins came in 2018. Normally, Diamond Resorts TOC only includes winners from the previous two years. Due to the Pandemic, the field this year includes winners from the last three years. Unknown to us is winners from 2018 are considered sponsor's invites. As we know, earnings by sponsor invites from a no-cut event aren't considered official money. There's another twist, Jessica Korda
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