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  1. https://www.hotmelt.com/products/advanced-hot-melt-golf-club-weighting-kit-gun-and-cartridge?_pos=7&_sid=3b6b72251&_ss=r They have a cheaper version, but I wouldn’t recommend it. This is the same Steinel gun that Mitchell Golf used to sell. It’ll do the job.
  2. Very soft...and you would be cutting off all the butt section where the grip goes so probably a loose fit and a very small finished grip diameter.
  3. Yes. They are done to fit taper tip shafts. Hosel size is discretion of the OEM.
  4. @Howard_Jones gets all giddy when threads like this come up, so I’m sure he’ll chime in soon enough. I would think you could hard/soft step the short and long irons which would probably be about your best bet outside of finding a set of shafts out there. Weight would still be progressive, but it would be tighter than using AMTs. Not sure if AMTs are on their way our or not. The older ones are being sold off, OEMs aren’t carrying them as much, etc. I hope not, as it’s gonna cause me to hoard sets of them.
  5. weld pieces mainly. Slag, etc.
  6. Read my post above again...debris.
  7. Agree with poster above...more likely that it’s head tac to catch debris in the head. Hot melt is really stringy when it’s hot, but won’t do that once it’s set. It’s the consistency of the same thing you see in sticky traps for rats, bugs, etc...hence the pseudo name rat glue.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/293526826573 S3s 4-pw from hurricane. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164401779382 S3s 3-PW from shaft technologies. As Stuart mentioned, something like the plastic extensions from golfworks might be a lighter weight. Shipping charges from there are silly unless making big purchases though.
  9. How long are the extensions? Half inch? Up to you, but you could always pull those extensions out and try one installed in an iron head to see how they fell to you. You do your own club work? I’m literally right in the middle of testing R3s vs S3s in AMT whites. For me, I’m not noticing a ton of difference and could go either way. Not sure I could feel soft/hard stepped of either, that’s just me though. Worst case, you end up advertising them as -1/2” and try to recoup some money. one of the reasons I hate buying shafts that are ‘used’ with no grips...never know. Someone was just
  10. Posting mainly just to follow out of interest. That's seems really weird though. Hard stepping would increase the weight, but even still, you shouldn't be able to hard step enough to get those kind of weights. I'm thinking the scale would have to be off. Got any iron heads to measure? Grips? Tip weights? Something that has a known weight to check?
  11. In my experience, the mesh coming off that’s within the hosel area is fine. Many sand down the tips of .370s to fit .355 tapers which requires that. that being said, it looks like the damage extends below that mesh. Some of the graphite has been removed and you can seen some of the layers delaminating in that photo. Will it be okay? My guess is probably. Would I ever try to sell that shaft? No. I95 shafts are pretty thick in the tip section, so there is a lot of graphite there.
  12. They do not. Have had 4-5 sets now, some shafts are spot on, some may weight the same as the one above/below, etc. It’s all in what you are willing to accept as ‘okay’.
  13. Are you asking if the grip itself is a smaller diameter or if the finished build is under/standard? A .580 on a .600 shaft will end up being over standard. .580 on a .580 shaft will be standard.
  14. Nope, you’re thinking is correct for sure. Head weight is a big contributor to the overall MOI of the club. The more weight that is located at the head, the harder it will be for them to swing/control at speed so lighter head weights can certainly help. Shaft weight is the main variable for overall weight, so both are important. Wishon (need an account with Diamond Golf), Golfworks (Maltby), Hireiko, Alpha, etc. There’s a few out there to choose from. Finding heads with a low starting weight would be key. Even better if you can start with heads that have a low starting weight but hav
  15. Some guys are starting to collapse a bit. Guys got spoiled over the last two days and Augusta is becoming Augusta.
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