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  1. The dynamic loft number that’s shown is very much impacted by face impact location. If struck above the CG, the head deflects back at impact. Your impact is unknown, but it would be a safe assumption based upon the lower spin number that this is some of what is happening. The head rotation at impact is what creates the gearing effect that increases the launch number while lowering spin. Radar monitors don’t see the actual head loft, it guesses based on how it sees the ball launch, so it can be misleading in a sense whenever the impact is not dead center in line with the head CG. if i
  2. Someone tell me exactly how they would ‘go after’ anyone that’s using counterfeit adapters? Is this really turning into that big of a clown show? And then they want to make it seem like they are doing you a favor? This gets more comical by the day...
  3. Hey, so, anyone heard squat about his left leg? Did that one get busted up too or did they get that wrong with all the other stuff in a flurry to break the news to everyone?
  4. Two things will always be evident. People love to chit chat People love to start rumors Well...three things People can’t keep their mouths shut a lot of times either I guess if you were going to have to pick an ankle to have damage to and still want to play golf...it would be the trail ankle over the lead? Also not quite sure I buy this whole ‘pinned’/‘crushed’ stuff either necessarily. Doesn’t quite sound like they had to break his legs free of anything. He was stuck, and they pulled him out, so I get it...but at the same time, there’s been a number
  5. Well, a simple post search by user will let you know who some of the nutty people are. Some of the same people have been going at this for years...in all the Tiger threads...so nothing new there.
  6. Basically a full sole with a high camber and a leading edge relief grind. You can find get a relief grind with some of the custom OEM options, but I don’t really know of any other OEMs that have a full sole with that much roll front to back. Most choose to grind in more relief as opposed to rolling it like that.
  7. Only turnoff I ever really had is that I could never find split cavity versions of the long irons. They were rumored to have existed in some tour issue versions, but was never able to source them out. Wasn’t a fan of the pocket cavity heads and the fact they visually budged out from the back of the head. Everything else about them was solid IMO.
  8. Not surprising that every news outlet kept using the phrase JAWS OF LIFE like it always means that someone is on the brink of death. People out of their league discussing stuff they know nothing about. It’s all in the interest of gaining clicks and network numbers Nothing about explaining the facts and informing people any more. Spent two deployments in Afghan in 09/10/11 when IDF was a common occurrence. Nothing better than having to try and beat the media’s information back home to loved ones because every rocket/mortar attack gets sensationalized as a MASCAS event even when they
  9. You know that won’t happen around here, or in the media, or... Don’t have to be right...just have to be first these days.
  10. Will you want to play them again some day? Only you can answer that. Will they somehow skyrocket in value? Probably not as a used set. They are Nike’s and not made any more...but the TM version is a newer version of the same so they are probably not going to jump up higher in price than those. If they were new...maybe. You see them listed for stUpid high prices on ebay, but the majority of them don’t end up selling for those prices either. With COVID though and the popularity of golf being what it is...seems all iron prices are up lately.
  11. Think they were showing more like this guy when he had it done
  12. It all depends on bottom bore to ground measurement. They all have variances depending on how the OEM designs the heads. 1.25” is pretty common, but definitely not a rule.
  13. Since you’re a lefty...you should be used to stuff bein’ all backwards and such. It was fate.
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