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  1. Lot easier to learn how to take spin off and not try to hit full shots than to need spin and not have it.
  2. It's a known issue, across all platforms. It's not a marketing ploy. It's been a known thing long before quad was around and gained it's popularity.
  3. Toe hang is not based on the CG by itself, toe hang is based on where the shaft plane intersects the putter head relative to the CG location. If it intersects to the heel side, then there is toe hang, if it lines up, it's considered face balanced. CG location with regards to head design is completely irrelevant to that. CG can be heel side of center, it can be toe side of center...it's all dependent of how the OEM has positioned the weight within the head.
  4. With that club head speed and assumed dynamic loft needed to get those launch angles, you don't have a spin problem necessarily. You have a problem where the mat is most likely skewing the spin or spin/launch numbers.
  5. yeah, leg looked a bit swollen maybe? Could have been wrapped under that compression sleeve. i wonder if he’s weight bearing yet and just using the crutches for support or whether he’s still completely off it. Perhaps if we are lucky, this becomes a Tiger returns at Tiger’s event...again.
  6. Only place I know to get raw forged blanks is Tourspec. Regular prices are pretty steep, much better if you catch them when they run a 20%/25% coupon code.
  7. Chances are someone sold the blades in the mid/long irons and kept them in the short irons. The blades aren't part of an original combo set, if they were, they would be '-b' stamped heads. The short irons pictured, for example, are part of the pro combo sets. The heads look like they must have seen little use, the problem is that you will probably never find matching heads in the same shape to complete the sets as they are designed. If someone was really into those, they could probably buy some and have them refinished, but you'd have to be pretty commited to them as I'm sure you'd end up
  8. For ones that usually have a weight chamber or additional bore depth, I will use a bore plug (same thing used in non-adjustable wood hosels) to seal off the area. A, keeps the epoxy where it should be. B, I have seen where that open area creates weird sounds at impact through the shaft of the area is open and there is a void. No performance issues, just an audible thing that I have found to be not appealing at all. https://www.golfworks.com/metal-wood-replacement-bore-plugs/p/mwhbp/
  9. Nike sold plenty, and made positive returns. They just didn't sell enough for them to care about keeping the line open. Nike is so big, it didn't make them enough money to care.
  10. Strange as I have those and they are flush for me. But here’s a measurement also.
  11. https://www.golfworks.com/callaway-collared-355-ferrule/p/bb9051/
  12. IIRC, Golfworks sells specific ferrules made for them. But...shipping through them and not doing a bulk order is absurd. Also may want to try Billy Bob’s Golf, they may do so as well.
  13. In my opinion, it's a super weird feel. I'm in the camp of not being a fan. You can look at pics of the design. It has a tapered segment near the top designed to give the shaft a higher bend point. In theory, it's supposed to flight the ball and give a more ideal spin loft to also aid in adding spin. For me, it's just awkward in terms of feel and I have awful consistency with it. There are some that have the exact opposite opinion I do. One of those things you just have to try for yourself.
  14. Only thing that comes to mind as a specialty shaft is the DG Spinner. Usually either people love it or hate it. Outside of that, the traditional DG shaft has been one of the most popular shafts for wedges for decades...one of those 'If it ain't broke...'
  15. Can almost see the first photo release as a calculated move if he knew he was going out in public to his son's tournament. Beat the media to the punch of being the first one to show Tiger post surgery before the people go crazy trying to get the first snaps and selling it to every media outlet. Show your face, kill some of the hype/buzz that would have happened had the first shots came without his permission while just trying to enjoy his kid's tournament. He knows better, always going to be someone trying to seize the opportunity at the junior tournament...completely expected in his world.
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