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  1. Anyone know why Xander got that free drop from behind the tree? Maybe it was on hole 8?
  2. I thought this was likely as well so I moved position back to hopefully get a more level strike. For reference I used to have ball between left ankle and instep and have moved back to left heel and ball inside left heel. Seems to have less curve idk. > @Krt22 said: > Very possible you are adding too much tilt to try to hit up on it too much and losing face control.
  3. Well if you figure it out let me know because I have the same miss. I’ve been playing with ball position mostly but need more time to practice. > @Hackinator said: > > > > > > > @ferreta said: > > If you are hitting up that means your swing is going from out to in right? I would think that means you would have a higher chance of having an open face to path. > > That's what I was wondering. > I guess I can try swing more level and see if that makes a difference. > My misses are low flighted drawing /hooking shots to left side of
  4. If you are hitting up that means your swing is going from out to in right? I would think that means you would have a higher chance of having an open face to path.
  5. You could also do it on the backswing which is a bit longer.
  6. Maybe try to visualize the speed the ball needs to roll. Practice putting while looking at the hole? What’s your usual first putt distance?
  7. Hate to be that guy but don’t listen to these guys and get an online lesson from iteachgolf. I think I had similar problems as you, I’m no teacher, and he was able to help me. What is your ball flight like?
  8. Yeah those sound like total duds, since you are currently probably living with limited space I will allow you to send them to me free of charge! Just kidding hope you figured out what the problem was.
  9. Dang that sucks. Which knee is it? How bad is the tear? I had a full tear in mine and they just had to remove it. Trail knee so it could be worse, but a runner not being able to run anymore is not cool.
  10. So they don't lose them. Marietta had bent greens. Roots must stay cool to stay alive. Hence the reason for fans and watering all the time. So it is interesting that they have two practice greens and one is Bermuda. Talked to the assistant pro and he wants to get them to change to Bermuda. Not sure if he would really get any traction as it is a county course.is Bermuda cheaper to maintain? Anyone know?
  11. Played the frog last weekend and it was in really shape. They need to add more sand to their bunkers though. Played Marietta two weeks ago and the greens were being watered all through the day for some reason, anyone know why? Plugged balls everywhere.
  12. I am some what in the same boat. All my friends live up 85 and they are playing some course that is an hour and a half away from me. Yikes! Would love to play settindown at some point.
  13. Here is what I keep getting when randomly going around the site.
  14. ferreta


    I think I am going to give t another chance this weekend. Hopefully it is in good shape.
  15. I would take the videos too I need to learn all about girdles and illusions all of them
  16. I would try to get more right wrist bend and have more vertical to your back swing. When your arm is parallel to the ground you can see the butt of the club points outside the ball. Try to get it more inside. I am sure someone who knows what they are talking about will come around and give some real advice though.
  17. Well either way no one can really say unless a video is posted
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