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  1. The closest grip I have found that are similar to the old Lamkin Perma-wrap (or the old formula Golf Pride Tour Wrap) are the Tacki-mac Tour Pro Wraps. http://www.tackimac.com/shop/products/Perforated-Tour-Pro-Wrap-.600-Core.html They are cheap and last forever. A little harder to install (the butt cap is kind of stiff) but with enough solvent should be ok. Academy Sports sells a 13 grip package for $25 USD - in either standard, midsize, or jumbo. It is a crazy good deal if you like grips like these. Also - Star Wraps or Royal Wraps from Golfworks.com are similar - more expensive than
  2. As noted above, I play the full cord version and really like them. I think my local Golf Galaxy has them for something like $3 a piece, which is a screaming deal for a full cord grip.
  3. Totally agree - OP you need to give us more information, unless you just wanted to know everyone's favorite grip.
  4. What do you want to know? Z Cord is more agressive with the cord. I would say the Victory's were more like a TV Full Cord. Both are about the same in the firmness department, but this is more of a personal opinion. I never wore either of them out because I swap so many clubs, but I'd guess the Z Cord has more durability. Just a guess though - Victory's are cheaper now so consider that also. I would gladly game either - they are both a great product and will behave like a quality cord grip. Which you like better will come down to some feel nuances that are personal to everyone.
  5. Someone in the gallery would sue and claim they were lasered in the eye.
  6. If you guys like Pure, you should try Star. I use the midsize Channel Wraps and I don't feel like they have an agressive taper. If anything I thought the taper was pretty mild.
  7. I think this may be more common than we think (lefties playing golf righty). This is me, and I have two other lefty friends. All of us golf righty. Most likely because our first clubs were dads hand me downs and righties were way more easy to come by. I also batted righty when I played baseball - but that I cannot remember why I started that way.
  8. What is the make of the head? Could you buy a replacement off the bay?
  9. I guess they are similar to the UTXs in that they are both a corded wrap. But the Golf Prides are firmer in my opinion. The Golf Prides last forever also. I wish they were still available to the public.
  10. They are the OG Golf Pride Tour Wrap Cords. Like the Victory's previously, only available to tour players. Can sometimes find them on eBay.
  11. Robert Streb. If he went by Bert, he'd be Bert Streb and his name would be spelled the same forwards and backwards. With the ten finger grip and no glove, that may mean he is the most interesting player on the PGA Tour. Beer and boredom may have contributed to this post. Have a nice weekend everyone!
  12. Neuman leather grips, or perhaps the Lamkin leather grips.
  13. Love Star midsize channel wraps. About $6 a piece though. When I think cheap, I think Tacki Mac Tour Wraps. Set of 13 at Academy's website for $25.
  14. Give a try to the Star Grips wraps. I am currently using the midsize channel wrap and love them. They are tacky - I would not say they are Winn soft but I would put them softer on the relative scale. I do use a glove, so your mileage may vary, but I played 9 in very humid conditions yesterday with no slip. Super comfortable also. Fairly reasonably priced also.
  15. Not sure on Ping, but for Taylormade that is correct. I am actully using a LH adapter in a RH driver head at the moment. Driver is a Jetspeed. Love the head, found the shaft I wanted with a LH adapter already installed. Works great!
  16. Yeah, I am talking about DG X100s in what would be considered very forgiving heads. I understand the go see a fitter angle and all that - not really what I am asking. And I was asking more out of curiosity than anything. I am thinking about trying it as an experiment, just wondering if anyone did it and liked it. I am a hobbyist in that I play for the enjoyment of it - there is nothing on the line except some money spent and a little time spent. No worries. And by it, I mean pair a more forgiving, high launching head with a lower launching stiffer shaft. All relatively speaking, of cours
  17. I did a search and could not really find this overtly discussed. Please direct me if there is a thread about this already. I was thinking about Ping Eye2's and when they were launched. It is my understanding that they were considered GI, maybe even SGI at the time. The originally stock shafts in them, to my understanding, were quite stiff by todays standards. Maybe even Xstiff. Todays SGI irons tend to have noodle-like shafts, from what I have seen. For SGI, I was looking at a set of Adams A7os that I saw in great condition in a shop for really cheap. I was thinking about picking them up
  18. Picked up a decent condition Wilson 600 GeoLow blade putter last night for $9. I am so mad at my Cleveland Smart Square mallet at the moment - I really badly wanted something on the opposite end of the spectrum! I like it on the practice green - will get a chance to put it to the test on the course soon.
  19. Golf is supposed to be fun. Sometimes beer makes it more fun. :)
  20. Thanks guys - I am having deja vu - pretty sure I have asked this before but I could not remember the answer and couldn't find the thread. Pretty sure you both answered in the other thread also! Anyways the biggest issue for me is that I don't have a good grind wheel. So I either have someone else cut the extensions to length (I can install myself) and pay for it, or I use the universal ones that I have found are really easy to cut straight with just a vice and hack saw. I have used them in putters but not a club I would take a full swing with, so thought I would ask impressions. Never
  21. Has anyone ever used these? http://www.golfworks.com/universal-golf-shaft-extensions/p/GW1047/ I need to extend some steel shafted irons 1". I know steel extensions would be cheaper, but I am thinking of using these because they are easier for me to cut straight. I am not concerned about cost - but I am concerned about stability. Would these break off under the grip under the right circumstance?
  22. Can buy the Victory Cords now at Dick's for $6 each.
  23. They sell the rubber piece at basically any Golf Galaxy or Golfsmith. I know thats not what you are asking but just throwing that out there.
  24. Iron play, particularly the long irons. In the last few rounds I don't think I have hit the center of the face once. Also, aiming too far left without realizing it. So set up I guess.
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