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  1. I read this with Arnie's voice in my head...
  2. Agree, my 917 F2 with Diamana D+ 80x has been a loyal servant over the last 4 years. Feel and performance excellent. Goes high and straight! Haven't hit the Mavrik.
  3. This is a good tool for comparing the size of the irons versus the other variants. https://mizunogolf.com/uk/irons-comparison-table/
  4. I have the HMB in 4 & 5 iron and 6-P in the MMC. Both are really solid irons, and I can't really say the HMBs are any more forgiving. Maybe marginally, but the MMCs are such a well balanced package from a design and performance perspective. One of my favourite irons, and like you, iron play not my strength. However my confidence in iron play has definitely increased. For reference I am a 4 cap, and my average on par 3s has gone down nearly half a shot in the last 12 months since bagging them. If you have the chance give the MMCs a swing as well. Can't go wrong either way.
  5. I did on the 5,7 and 9 irons, and they all came in D3 which was about where I like them. They all feel right to me, so I didn't dive into adjusting them if they were 1 point out. The performance has been excellent so no complaints on the product.
  6. I ordered the 919 Tours 1/2" over and they came standard length, and the Align Grips had to be re-gripped as they were suffering from scoliosis. I then ordered my MP-20 MMC 1/2" with NDMC black/black grips, and they came almost an inch over, with NDMC black/white grips. Easy fix by my golf shop, but the QC seems a little off. I am not suprised by these comments.
  7. How much will not being able to use a green reading book at Augusta affect BDC's play. He's very methodical and relies on his data quite a bit when on the green. Augusta's greens aren't the easiest either. I'm sure he'll cope but getting the validation from the book certainly helps when he's putting. I think this will be a factor on his success at the Masters.
  8. I'm in NZ at the moment. Local stores have the G425 metals although I haven't hit/seen it yet. TSi3 should be available in the next month.
  9. Right with you on all counts. The TSi3 is nudging ahead of the G425 in the "want (not need) to buy a new driver".
  10. I like the "medical grounds" justification. Will keep that one in the back pocket. Maybe you could get some of it subsidised on Medicare? Oh, and don't worry about the Scarlett sponge bath. Very overrated. She used far too much bubble bath and wouldn't shut up about how nice Robert Downey Jnr was on the set of "Avengers". Looking forward to your feedback on the new sticks. Hit them well.
  11. @KrazyTrain18you are the man when it comes to all things Adam Scott! He's been a wonderful player for many years.
  12. beluga99

    2020 US Open

    Let's hope Zac doesn't revisit his 2018 quote:
  13. I just switched out the Tour 65 shaft for a Diamana D+ Ltd and any new driver is going to have a hard time competing. But like The Highlander, there can be only one....
  14. Is the AV Raw Orange the same shaft which is going to be a stock option in the Ping G425 drivers?
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