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  1. Just put these back in the bag for S&G. Absolutely flushing them and haven't noticed any drop off in performance compared to my Mizuno 919 Tours. Maybe a bit chunkier but they go very straight. The PXi shafts seem to spin up a bit more but overall only slightly shorter. Ping make a fine iron and am enjoying the walk down memory lane.
  2. Agreed on both points. Their explanations are excellent, however they could shorten their videos by 30%, and perhaps have someone around the 100-110mph swing speed. Matt hits the ball well but his 120-125mph swing speed caters for approx 1% of all golfers watching TXG content. I certainly don't watch their videos much anymore as it's not really relatable. Keen to hear OP's thoughts on the RDX Blue.
  3. "Life is outstanding!" Love it. I think I should say this more often.
  4. I'm a huge fan of the MMCs. Definitely in my top three irons I have played in my golfing lifetime. Looks, feel and performance are amazing. I also have an older set of 919 Tours which I have recently put back in the bag for a change. I have been hitting my irons a little straighter with the 919s but I think it's due to the LZ shaft. Slightly stiffer than the Modus120 I have in the MMCs. Won't be letting go of the MMCs though, and likely they will come out of the closet for another stint in the bag. Would highly recommend both irons. Little bit of a Mizuno homer, but they make quality product.
  5. I used to play the Anser hybrids which I loved, had a G25 20 degree hybrid for a while (felt light) and hit my buddy's G425 19 degree with the orange Tensei shaft and went out and bought one that week. Had it for 6 months now and absolutely love it. Nothing left, consistent powerful flight, great feeling, mid spin and goes pretty straight for the most part. Really good off the tee for short or tight par fours. Highly recommend. Maybe I need to hit the G410 hybrids to enhance my golfing pleasure!
  6. I just bought it on a whim, as it was a good deal. I really liked the Smoke Black (non RDX) in the Titleist driver, but not so much the RDX. I'm not a big shaft guy with feels, and loading etc.. but I do know what works for me. I think there's some merit in your comment on the shaft as I'm not quite jiving with the RDX in the 5 wood. Thanks for the tip. I like the Diamanas and the Tour Green Aldila shaft in previous fairways, so may give them a go.
  7. Funny, I have the 917 F2 fairway and the G425 hybrid (love both) and bought a Tsi 5 wood with the RDX Smoke shaft. It's a nice head but the jury is out. Haven't been as consistent with it as I'd hoped. Lovely looking club and feels great. I'm also around a 4 index. I also have an i25 5 wood which is excellent and had no need to buy a new 5 wood but was curious given the rave reviews and got a good deal.
  8. Yep, I know people will say the white one look like nurse's shoes but if they wipe clean easily, and are comfy, then I am all in. The blue and grey also look good. Footjoys tend to fit me really well.
  9. You can't beat a couple of heart starters.
  10. Some excellent variety in the pre round meals. I'm curious @MtlJeff what do you sub in if the squid or swordfish isn't available? Can be a bit seasonal like albacore.
  11. Hot cup of homemade coffee. Then how well I play depends on the post round food. The better I play, the bigger the post round reward. My diminishing waistline suggests I need to play better.
  12. These are simple. I like them. Interested on any reviews. I have no doubt they would be very comfortable.
  13. Yawn. Agreed it was a dull tournament. Be nice if they tweak the format next year. Reminds me of Brooks' comment about only a few people can win a Major. Even less can win this tournament. Is it me or is that course pretty boring? None of the holes are memorable. Seems hard to make worse than bogey out there was well. Pleased I tuned in when PC's other half popped onto the green to congratulate him on his great play. Not sure what she sees in the multi millionaire international golfer...
  14. Going to go with Harris English. They seem to get on well. Bryson is a harmless nerd who says silly things. Brooks is too cool for school, and incents people to call BDC 'Brooksy' for beer. Was it ever funny? Both BDC and BK got game though, no doubt.
  15. Going to join @eric61 on this bandwagon. You also don't get muddy/wet trouser bottoms in winter golf wearing joggers.
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