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  1. I just bought it on a whim, as it was a good deal. I really liked the Smoke Black (non RDX) in the Titleist driver, but not so much the RDX. I'm not a big shaft guy with feels, and loading etc.. but I do know what works for me. I think there's some merit in your comment on the shaft as I'm not quite jiving with the RDX in the 5 wood. Thanks for the tip. I like the Diamanas and the Tour Green Aldila shaft in previous fairways, so may give them a go.
  2. Funny, I have the 917 F2 fairway and the G425 hybrid (love both) and bought a Tsi 5 wood with the RDX Smoke shaft. It's a nice head but the jury is out. Haven't been as consistent with it as I'd hoped. Lovely looking club and feels great. I'm also around a 4 index. I also have an i25 5 wood which is excellent and had no need to buy a new 5 wood but was curious given the rave reviews and got a good deal.
  3. Yep, I know people will say the white one look like nurse's shoes but if they wipe clean easily, and are comfy, then I am all in. The blue and grey also look good. Footjoys tend to fit me really well.
  4. You can't beat a couple of heart starters.
  5. Some excellent variety in the pre round meals. I'm curious @MtlJeff what do you sub in if the squid or swordfish isn't available? Can be a bit seasonal like albacore.
  6. Hot cup of homemade coffee. Then how well I play depends on the post round food. The better I play, the bigger the post round reward. My diminishing waistline suggests I need to play better.
  7. These are simple. I like them. Interested on any reviews. I have no doubt they would be very comfortable.
  8. Yawn. Agreed it was a dull tournament. Be nice if they tweak the format next year. Reminds me of Brooks' comment about only a few people can win a Major. Even less can win this tournament. Is it me or is that course pretty boring? None of the holes are memorable. Seems hard to make worse than bogey out there was well. Pleased I tuned in when PC's other half popped onto the green to congratulate him on his great play. Not sure what she sees in the multi millionaire international golfer...
  9. Going to go with Harris English. They seem to get on well. Bryson is a harmless nerd who says silly things. Brooks is too cool for school, and incents people to call BDC 'Brooksy' for beer. Was it ever funny? Both BDC and BK got game though, no doubt.
  10. Going to join @eric61 on this bandwagon. You also don't get muddy/wet trouser bottoms in winter golf wearing joggers.
  11. I had the same experience. Lovely ball flight and just as forgiving as my MMCs. Would consider if I was in the market for new irons.
  12. Good point @RacineBoxer I actually enjoyed the look of them as someone who tends to line up toe side on all clubs, it kept the ball in a better position for me. I think they look superb at address.
  13. When I hit it it went 170 yards which is my standard 7 iron distance (MMC user). I was using the lower spinning PX LZ shaft. I doubt this is a high ball speed iron. Just solid and consistent. Didn't notice a lot of offset either. As @animalgolfs said, they do frame the ball beautifully.
  14. Who's the best pilot? Couldn't resist...
  15. I have to say I am an RS fan. Plus we have the same birthday so technically I am obliged to do so. I also use the MMC so can vouch for their excellent performance. Hope he takes his Olympic Medal everywhere he goes. Amazing final round.
  16. Thanks Jeff. I might pick up a Yellow for S&G.
  17. Definitely the green bag. More baller. Curious on your compare between the Smoke Yellow and Smoke Black. I haven't hit the Yellow but like the thought of a CB shaft. Loved the Smoke in my 3 wood.
  18. Based on the 30 or so balls I hit with the i59 7 iron I thought it was similar. I must admit I thought the MP-18 SC and MMC are better than average when it comes to forgiveness. My experience with Ping irons (i20, IE and i210s) is that they engineer maximum forgiveness into a whatever size head you're looking down at. Once you hit them I would be astounded if you don't find them more forgiving than your current set. Bare in mind forgiveness is probably fifth on my list of requirements in a new iron. When I picked up the i59 my immediate reactions was it was smaller than expected, it looked awesome, very muted appearance, players iron by the ball, felt great, launched and spun consistently (off a mat) and went straight.
  19. @robbie91 I don't think the i59 would be too demanding for someone coming from the i210 irons. Once they come more widely available I would be suprised if there's much drop off on mishits compared to your current iron. Only one way to find out...
  20. This is a good summary. Flushed they feel as good as anything but didn't clank when you miss the centre. Very consistent distance wise though from my limited experience. They also spun slightly lower 5500rpm vs 6000rpm against my MMC.
  21. I haven't hit the iBlade for a few years but from memory the iBlade shape was more rounded. I wouldn't say the i59 are boxy. Sharper lines maybe. I definitely prefer the look of the i59. There's no CTP on the back, which makes it seem more compact. If I had to guess, the i59 has a slightly shorter blade length than the iBlade. Similar top line. I definitely prefer the look of the new offering. It sets up very nicely behind the ball.
  22. I hit the 7 iron today with the low spin PX shaft off mats. I was expecting a bigger head but it was compact without being Blueprint small. I think it looks sharp, and reminded me a little of my 919 Tours. Needless to say depending on what the no up charge shafts are, I will seriously be considering them. Felt much better than the i500s. What I did note was how consistent they were. I was in trousers, shirt and work shoes and hit probably 30 balls, and you could have thrown a large picnic blanket over the dispersion. Mishits were also pretty good. Currently play the MP-20 MMC which I love, but the i59 looks clean.
  23. I like these stories of how some players have been portrayed as d-bags but in actual fact they're likeable people. Nearly 10 years to the day this thread started and Olympic Silver medalist Rory S still relevant.
  24. I follow also. Great account and as you mentioned some terrific stories of what players will do to make it to the "show".
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