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  1. Do you have any pics of what that would look like?
  2. If you go through a PLD fitting I’m sure they could make you one. Not cheap though! This one is getting refinished at 847 customs right now. It was plated like the answer Milled series but the cavity and sole were raw stainless. I’m having it stripped and torched.
  3. How does the TP Mills super black diamond feel? I’m getting a custom putter done right now and want some thing that feels a little bit softer and comes off the face a little bit slower.
  4. Very early Ping PLD stainless Anser 4 with tungsten weights in the sole. 350 grams. Mare in 2015.
  5. Just send it back into Ping to have it refinished. Look for an aftermarket head cover that fits better as the Ping covers that come with them fit terribly.
  6. There is no such thing as pud on pld putters. No discount for anyone. This putter was made for the tour.
  7. If you play 34" I would go 36" long with the heavier longer grip. I believe his putter is 360 grams with a heavier weight belly putter shaft in it.
  8. Use a drill bit slightly smaller than the hole. Make sure it’s a new one it will grab the aluminum colored dot and you can just pull it out. They’re just stuck in there with some double-sided tape.
  9. It actually leaves 6-6.5g of weight left if you trim the heavy end and leave it at a 16th. That is with the 10 g weight.
  10. If you don’t need the whole weight I would trim the heavy end and leave a 16th of an inch and use the part that goes up into the shaft for the bulk of the weight.
  11. It’s a well documented problem, I would call Ping and send it back in to fix it.
  12. How is the sound/feel with the deep milled face?
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