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  1. Looking for a pxg putter weight kit. Or a 10g and two 5g weights. Thanks!
  2. No trades, Continental US shipping only, paypal. USPS priority with signature confirmation. 1) Mizuno ST 200 G 9 degree with LA Tour AXS Blue 60 stiff untipped. 45.25” long. Velvet 360 grip +1/65” oversize. Comes with cover and wrench. $old shipped and PayPal’d. 2) Titleist Ts2 21 7 wood and 16.5 3 wood. Both have graphite design tour AD TP 7 stiff flex shafts. 42.5” 3w and 41.75” 7 wood. Both are D4 swingweight. Both have multi compound black +1/64 of an inch oversize grips. The 16.5 has a TS cover the 21 has an older 917 F fairway wood cover not sure what happened to that
  3. Maybe search for some exercises for you issue. Take some prescription anti inflammatory for a few weeks. No hitting off mats. I always use this: Tenex ATESA Elbow Shock Absorber - Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001GQPXYA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_R8SxFbFS0RX7W
  4. I use 3m dp810 black for graphite and dp810ns for steel shafts. Expensive but have never had a failure or pop or creak.
  5. Had a member bring in a milled grind 2 chrome raw face wedge into the shop and the very leading edge where the chrome stops and raw face starts the chrome plating was peeling away from the sole where it meets the raw face. I would catch your finger when you ran it across it. Anybody else have any issues with this?
  6. The plate on the back is tungsten it’s for swing weighting these are not hollow and are not high ball speed irons, new Apex is coming in January.
  7. It comes off the face a little bit faster and it starts on my intended line more often. With the 3-D printing they can also get tungsten in there so it’s much more forgiving than a normal blade putter.
  8. National Custom is in the bag currently and has been since I got it. I have tried others but it’s just too good.
  9. Here are a few of mine. National Custom 3D printed with carbon face. Lajosi Damascus. Logan Olson carbon. A Kevin Burns putter in progress.
  10. I assume so because that’s what they had in them, the utility iron had the project x utility shaft in it.
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