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  1. I’m pretty sure in the end they will defer to your wants.
  2. Head sold, selling the shaft with ping tip for $660.
  3. No tipping has been done. I can also include a heavier weight if requested.
  4. I honestly did not get a chance to hit it too much, I should keep it and hit it a little bit more but trying to fund a purchase that I can’t pass on.
  5. No Trades. Paypal only shipped to the continental US only. First to pay gets the item. Head sold to the first inquiry, Autoflex shaft is left for sale. Autoflex sf 505 X-stiff shaft. Shaft plays 46” in ping g410 driver. Golf pride tour velvet 360 +1/64 of an inch oversize grip. $old shipped and PayPal’d.
  6. The offsets aren’t that much different when you convert millimeters to inches. They do look more forgiving though.
  7. Personally if I had to do it over I would’ve gone with a 95 stiff as these shafts feel much heavier than their stated weight. It probably depends on your tempo some as well. I’ll just have to sell these and order some 105 stiff’s. Luckily I got a 4 iron utility so my set of mmt’s are all uncut length.
  8. Had them in the x forged cb. Trajectory was low and just did not feel good like the stiffs. If you soft step twice you can only go down to a five iron as these only come in 3-w.
  9. Yes it was one of the main reasons why I wanted to try them but they are just a little bit too stiff for me. I normally like shafts in the 110 to 115g range. I just couldn’t load them properly.
  10. I tried the mmt 105’s tx soft stepped 1x and were too much for my measly 84mph 7 iron speed. I did like the stiffs but I got the tx’s in my Callaway’s and that’s all they had in the 105g weight.
  11. No Trades, shipping to the Continental US. Shipping Fedex since usps is a cluster. Miura forged CB 57 4-pw irons and Miura 1957 y grind gap wedge. 8 clubs total. Irons have no paint fill. Shafted with Nippon Modus 105 X-stiff soft stepped. Golf Pride tour velvet 360 +1/64” oversize with lower portion built up to take some taper out. The heads are ported inside the hosel before shaft install to get the swing weights where I wanted. Some clubs are un hit others were hit minimally off of mats. The gap wedge shows the most wear as it was played in another set. $old shipped and PayPal’d.
  12. To me the apex looks bigger and has more offset than the x forged CB.
  13. Price drop on the Olson, I’m not willing to go much lower than $725 fyi.
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