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  1. I'm 69, with more than a few body parts that don't work like they used. I've tried the JPX 919 HM. For me, they were nice but did not perform as well as the TM SIM Max OS irons. I've played them in regular Ventus shafts---the things are rocket launchers. My driver swing speed is around 92, and the 7 iron goes 160. But I had some trouble with hooks with the TMs, which are my miss. If he doesn't have a problem with hooking, then the TM SIM OS are very nice. I ended up buying some used XXIO Eleven irons---expensive new, but good used ones can be had much cheaper. They go further than the
  2. With a bit of store credit, I picked one up. Does keep a very straight face and goes where I point it. My biggest problem is pace--I'm used to an inset putter and I seem to have a bit of trouble getting the ball to the hole regularly. That's not a knock on the putter, but on my technique. I'm still working with it and if I can work on getting my speed right, I'll be happy to put it in the bag.
  3. I'm a big fan of Adam Kolloff. Check out his website at Pure Drive Golf, based in the Boston area. And he's also on the Skillest app, which has a bunch of instructors. I'm an old hacker, 68 yrs and still trying to get better.
  4. I'm an old hacker, 68 and 13 hi, swing speed in the 87-90 range. Purchased a used 410 LST this winter, pre-pandemic. Used it indoors and in the early spring. Went to an experienced fitter with it just to see if one of the newer models would make a difference. He told me it did everything I should want from a driver. And it has done that. Remarkably accurate and long. Despite old age and injuries, I'm hitting this driver to places I haven't hit the ball in years.
  5. My Walker Trolley arrived Friday afternoon. Brought it in the house at 4 pm, unpacked the cart and put it together in less than 15 minutes, left for the golf course at 4:30. Have now used it walking a couple of nines. My reaction: Looks great---one guy asked me where I bought it and how to get one. Rolls easily. Folds and unfolds very easily. It doesn't take up a lot of horizontal space, though because of the curve of the handle, it's not a simple cube or square, but still fits easily in the back of my RAV4 with the clubs, with room left for shoes and clothes. Seems to be sturdy and h
  6. I have an SM Sunday bag. I use it for carrying with less than my full bag---have a separate bag (which I tend to load up with more stuff) and pushcart for most rounds. Looks great, handles well, well-made, and no complaints from me.
  7. Put up a net from a Haack net from Rukket in the backyard. Got a nice platform from Fibergrass (might have the name wrong). Also, picked up a cheap PRGR launch monitor---simple, but useful for comparing swing speeds and short game stuff. Also found a surprise benefit. Behind the net is a swampy forest. When I miss the net, I can hit a squirrel, add it to the stew for dinner.
  8. Picked one up to last week use with a new net I just put in the backyard to ride out this lockdown. As Gregor noted, it works best in terms of allowing comparisons between clubhead speeds of clubs, or to compare swing speeds. Also helps to give you a sense, for example, of what a 50 yard shot with a lofted club will feel like. Will miss some metrics on occasion, but for the money, it's a very handy and easy to use device.
  9. 13 hi. Played Cobra F9s last year (without a fitting). Nice clubs---long, fairly accurate. But trajectory was very low. Was just fitted for Callaway Mavriks---longer, straighter, higher on the launch monitor. Looking forward to them in the event the we ever get back to golf.
  10. Have played a variety of hybrids for years. Favorites for some some time were Ping G 400s for their consistency. Not the longest, but generally straight and went the distance I expected. Now have 4 and 5 Callaway Mavrik Max hybrids in the bag and very happy with them. Longer, generally very accurate (though I can hook anything from anywhere at times), and better than anything else I've played. Trying to resist the urge to buy a 6 hybrid.
  11. Standard 4 wood worked out best for me. I'm a hacker, 13 hi, 85-90 swing speed. Old guy coming off injuries, and the Mavrick 4 wood has given me some lovely shots, as have the Mavrik Max 4 and 5 hybrids. I sneaked out of Massachusetts yesterday to play golf in Rhode Island (which closed off during our round). Very cool day, damp. Both hybrids and the 4 wood had me on greens from about 178 to 205 yards out, ball going straight without much movement. I'm not a Cally guy, but these things are remarkable.
  12. Used a rental set, liked 'em, bought a graphite M6 set after injuries slowed my swing last year. I'm a 13 hi, 67 year old hacker. M6s served me well over the summer. As long as anything I've hit. Many went straight. Those that didn't weren't the fault of the clubs. Had a couple of memorable shots with them. Not sure why they draw some real anger. I found them to perform well and they held up fine. May not be to your taste---they're big and multi-material--but they do what they're supposed to do. Only thing I did not like was the feel. Someone called them soft. I didn't find them so
  13. BCH has it right. I'm anywhere from a EEE to EEEE, coupled with a high arch. FJ XW works in most models but not all. Some of the high end, more pointy shoes don't work, but I've found both spiked and spikeless FJ XW that work really well. Skechers XW work very well, in the spikeless versions I've tried, though I'm a big guy (okay, arguably fat guy) and the non-spike bottoms can wear out fast. Finally, I love New Balance for their extra-wide running and sports gear, but their golf shoes have never worked for me--not so much because of size, but because of some of the design features that mea
  14. To the OP, yes, it makes sense to have more than one hybrid. Might not be a 3 and 4--might be a 3 and 5. But if you're starting out, unless you have time to put a lot of practice in, you will be hard-pressed to find many 3, 4, and 5 irons that you can hit better than hybrids. Over time, if you improve, you can always experiment with replacing hybrids with lower irons. And your question is also appropriate as to whether there is overlap between hybrids. A number of posters insist that each hybrid will have a different distance than it's lower or higher counterpart. That may well reflect th
  15. Cobra F9. Excellent all around club, very versatile.
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