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  1. IM IN LOVE!!!! for the most part.....Not a fan of the "X" on the face of the FT-9 and FT-iq.....would prefer the signature "V" on the face....it is just not a FT driver without the V imo
  2. If anyone has the pictures of the new callaway stuff could you please email me or PM the pics. Thanks!!
  3. Ya I think that there are tons of scores at or under 59....i would like to know how many are say under or at 56 or 55.....I know our club pro has played on tour here and there since 1985 and he has the record at our home course of 56.....I just wonder how many scores there are like that floating around out there
  4. Hi, I know that these headspeed shafts are long past being manufactured anymore....but I was wondering if there was anyone that know of a place or person that would still have some for sale?
  5. Just joined........great idea.......wish i would hav thought bout that.....
  6. 74 at my home course 1/13 Fairways 2/18 Greens 12/14 UP and Downs ya ya......i know......I hit it that bad
  7. Ive broken way to many clubs to even count..........most of them are pretty good ones but one that i remember was earlyer this fall i threw my 3 iron at a tree and part of the tree corked in the end of the grip......and then the club broke.......once i saw that i just started laughing because I had never seen anything like that beofre
  8. I dont know what caddies you have talked to on tour, but I've caddied on tour multiple times and have heard the complete opposite.....if anyone is cocky and arrogant.........its Tiger.....but then again he does have a reason to be....
  9. Ive got two times: First was doing Regionals for high school at my home course where it was blowing 35-50 and raining the entire time. One of our par 3s, #6 - 195 yrds, was straight into the wind and driver was being used quite often to reach the green. Second was the next year at our conference tournament, the wind was blowing a constant 55 and gusts up to 75............Long holes always seemed to be into the wind.........just wasnt a fun day.....
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