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  1. Any one have any tips as to getting the best deals down there? Is golfnow the best way to go or anyone local know if they have one of those golf cards you can purchase which allow play at multiple courses for a discount?
  2. I completely agree, was just going to post this. I have been all over Malaska's videos/teaching concepts the last few months and when I watched this video that OP shared, when he says "this is not what you want to do", it looks exactly like Malaska teachers as far as getting the club outside your hands. I am nobody to say whats right or not but I have found success with MM's teaching so I don't think ill dare try this move.
  3. Can you explain left side bend a bit, for some reason it sounds like it is bend towards the target although I know it's not. Is it keeping your left side bent towards the ball? So what would you say is the move or thoughts that fixed it?
  4. What was the change you made to get rid of it? I can't seem to shake it and even when I think I'm good, I can feel it creep right back. And the more a focus on that, the less I focus on other parts of my swing and it then every s*** starts feeling like a gamble. Just annoying because it seams so easy to fix. I have been trying to almost put weight on to my right foot before even starting my backswing which works to an extent but then I'm already focusing too much about what my Lower body is doing when I'd rather not think about that at all.
  5. For some reason for me it all starts with my Preshot routine. Which is kind of funny cuz someone mentioned choking on there practice swing but it really can start there for me. If I don't like the feeling I get pre shot i almost feel lost over the ball but I can't sit there all day til it feels right and unfortunately it can take a couple holes before i feel normal again. But even so I think a good preshot routine is necessary as it gives me all the confidence i need when I'm over the ball(when it feels right that is)
  6. Once had a friend tell me when your super amped to play and get all excited your gonna play terrible. No clue if holds merit but to this day when I find myself getting giddy on the ride I just relax myself and treat it like any other day or course.
  7. Haha I like where this thread went. Everyone one I read , im like yea that does feel good. Nice to discuss what's good instead of always reading about swings falling apart but I still read those at nauseam, no clue why
  8. What's your most satisfying club to hit perfect? I'm guessing for most its driver but for some reason the sound, look and feel of striping a 3 wood is just badass.
  9. Maybe film your lesson next time? Then watch it back when your game goes in the gutter. For me, my game goes to s*** as soon as I try hitting it too hard. Luckily I am able to resolve that somewhat quickly as of late.
  10. 500dayway when you say you just focus on your right arm what exactly are you focusing on just curious. And the hockey drill is awesome. Right now my pre shot routine is the split grip to get the feel for a couple quick swings while also doin L to L then normal grip for a couple short swings and step over and let it rip. Also have hardly any swing thoughts outside of trying to make the L. Had a more successful session today with the driver by just trying to lengthen my swing.
  11. Got into his L to L swing along with his split grip drill and took it to the course and range today. Everything outside my driver was money. I know when I'm in the tee box I tense up with the driver. At the range I was putting em all left. As soon as I got on the tee box it was slice city. Not sure if I should ditch this just for the driver or try to work it out. Anyone struggle with the driver doing this ?
  12. Have any of ya'll had sustained success with this? Took it to the range and day one it felt great, was killing the ball. day two not so much, not sure if I was overdoing something or concentrating on the wrong things too much. But had my swing pretty jacked up today so deciding whether or not to just scrap it but that first range session was on point so I know there's something there. Any one else go up and down with this and ride it out?
  13. I can already see myself struggling on the course then forgetting what monte wrote and having to whip out my phone to read this thread haha
  14. I will give this a go and post back next time I am in the situation which hopefully isn't anytime soon.
  15. You would be correct, that's my biggest downfall. I tend to swing based off of a specific feeling as opposed to just swinging and letting what I practice just happen. So when i hit bad shots i slowly start to get frustrated instead of just blowing it off. And I can go downhill quite fast. It's brutal.
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