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  1. I wonder if David Cushman could assist. One of my favourite putters.
  2. So pleased with how they turned out. Decided to use four different ferrules from @bbandfco with the same pattern to differentiate each iron. White rings denote the iron (1 - 4). Also attempted to match the paint fill to one of the coloured rings. The irons have seen two rounds of action and I have not pulled the incorrect iron once, so the ‘theory’ appears to have worked. Love the aesthetic and feel and they are performers. About all one could ask for.
  3. $68.80 for 13 grips via Amazon in Canada.
  4. Are they orange or red? Appear red. I may be in the minority, but I like the look. I usually wait until Golfworks sells a Royal grip at $1.99 per in order to increase my inexpensive stock, but like what I see from these.
  5. Such an amazing head. Love the look of those visible weights. An idea for a future project. PS - Was shocked that I couldn’t find a Bradley putter thread anywhere on WRX. Lots of Keegan Bradley : )
  6. It’s a serial. The putter is 350 grams. I chose my last block, so I somewhat knew what the finished putter would look like, but this was a new experience. Love how it sets up behind the ball. Feels exactly like my other on the carpet.
  7. Bradley Widowmaker. Red Gum Eucalyptus and Blue acrylic. Stunning in hand.
  8. My short set arrived today from Geom. A flawless head. handsome lines. Biggest decision at the moment is what ferrules to pair. There aren’t any numbers to differentiate, so I’m leaning toward a roulette from BB & F. Definitely worth a hard look from those looking to go sub 14.
  9. As per an earlier post in the thread, I ordered a Bradley last Sunday and received confirmation of shipping today. I figured out which head it was via an image shared publicly on IG and am beyond impressed. I’ll be sure to post images in a more appropriate thread when the putter arrives.
  10. That entire series intrigues me. David shared a sneak peak of the fang with me months ago and I was smitten. Now I see the other options and I’m conflicted.
  11. I must have stone hands and/or poor hearing. I rolled the one smooth face putter I own against a handful of others with similar head designs and varying degrees of milling depth and they all felt basically the same. Slight differences in the sounds of a few. Indoor putting and a small sample size. Need the ‘powers that be’ to open courses back up so I can get outdoors to really test this out. One things for certain, they are all pretty to look down at regardless of the face mill.
  12. What do you see as the benefits of a smooth face?
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