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  1. Shiny copper beauties are all finished. A fun combo set. Let the journey and patina begin.
  2. Ken Flanigan. Pricing is on his website. Very reasonable in comparison to what is out there. Communication was exceptional, turnaround time was fast, and the finished product was exactly what I had hoped for.
  3. Always a good sign when Lamont likes the post : ) Hope you are able to land a Rattler. One of my favourite shapes out there.
  4. I assume you are discussing the blanks that are sold by ao-golftech. If so, the seller is fabulous to deal with. I have purchased from him numerous times over the years and he never disappoints. He is a WRX member to boot. As for the wedges, I own two sets of these Macgregor blanks (one ground by Don and another ground by the NevadaGolfGuy). They have been my primary wedges for the past 5 years. Slightly larger profile than some. Feel like a forged wedge. Can peel the cover off the ball (literally). Makes me wonder if they are legal. Something to ask if that's a concern for yo
  5. I agree, they turned out alright : ) These Serape BB ferrules were waiting for the right mate to come along. I think they have met their match. "Pushed the boat out" - I need to add that phrase to my arsenal.
  6. Have always loved the shape of this head. Some real beauties posted in this thread. A set of heads, dipped in copper, are sitting on my workbench. I had added a bit of relief to the leading edges before sending them off. They returned light so I will have to get creative to maintain swing weight. When time is available they will see the full treatment. Love how the light ‘dances’ in rainbow hues. Classic shapes will always have their place in the market.
  7. I appreciate the sentiments shared by many already. If you are an 'equipment junkie' you will understand. It is perfectly fine if you cannot. I am a collector of golf gear (of all kinds) and rarely sell anything I acquire. As a result there are back-ups upon back-ups. Always been the type of person that goes 'all in' once I commit to an endeavor. I build my own equipment and really enjoy the time spent in the garage swapping heads, shafts, ferrules, grips, etc. Nearly all my sets are built to the same specifications so it's relatively easy to swap bags if I wish.
  8. Big fan. I too blow on with air. Most I have ever attempted is 2 wraps as the fit is usually quite snug. May be dependent on the butt diameter of the shaft you are using.
  9. Without hesitation I would contact Ken Flanigan at Flanigan Bilt Golf. An IG search will turn up examples of Ken's work.
  10. A set of NCW irons are the most expensive single purchase, but the collection of golf related 'stuff' has expanded dramatically since my earliest days on WRX.
  11. Totally understandable. If you have direct contact with either of the employees I have mention, please tell them some Canadian guy on GolfWRX was so impressed with their timely feedback and immediate service. What I love is that an order reaches my door within a week. Impressive given the fact that we are 'across the pond'. So happy the Wishon line was picked up by an established distributor which has continued to maintain a connection with Tom.
  12. I had the same issues for nearly 2 years, had reached out twice without a response and had given up hope. This summer I decided to make one last attempt before moving on and was assisted by two fabulous customer service employees of Diamond Golf (Jason and Alison) and the issue was fixed. Really happy to be reconnected with Wishon product.
  13. Good looking head shape (minus the poorly executed paint-fill). Really interested to here how they play/feel?
  14. Twas me geochitown. Still have those as well. Traded my 771s for the 550 ltd editions you see above. Always something on the go.
  15. I have played, and currently own, many sets of irons. The 575’s are the best feeling clubs I’ve ever carried and the profile is handsome at address. I wouldn’t think twice AC, go back and read your own threads (that’s where I was convinced). A trip down memory lane will be good for the golfer’s soul. Recapture the ‘magic’.
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