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  1. What about laying your hands on an inexpensive forged set and sending to Ken Flanigan for a makeover? Have him weld in all of the logos and add a grind of your choosing. I suspect the cost would be in line with that of a new set. There are many examples on his IG page.
  2. Keep your eye on Goodwood. Edit: I have a Kevin Burns nearing completion that is #7 inspired as well.
  3. I am a Canadian. Before starting my last two projects he called me at home, on his dime, to ensure that he had everything correct before hitting the grinding wheel.
  4. I second this suggestion. I have had 4 putters a close friend has had a set of irons and a handful of wedges refinished. Ken is a pleasure to deal with and the quality of work is as good as I have seen. You can see many examples of restoration work on his IG account @flaniganbiltgolf I quite enjoy what he is doing with the restoration of vintage equipment.
  5. Smooth operator. That fire logo is so awesome. One of my choices as well. Handsome flat-stick.
  6. Images of a new short set offering from Geom golf popped up on Instagram this week. 4 club set. 21, 29, 37, 45* Handsome shape. 1020 forged. The ‘Moe’.
  7. The best part of a Mann build (other than receiving the putter). The dialogue and images shared were the most enjoyable experiences of a Mannkrafted putter purchase for me. Lamont's a really good man.
  8. Beat me too it. I love Mann putters but that desk . . . That desk should inspire a custom putter.
  9. I’ll also second the David Cushman suggestion. A pleasure to deal with. One of the best feeling I own. Many interesting elements. PS - I don’t know if either qualifies as ‘lesser known’, but they certainly aren’t high volume.
  10. One of my favourite putters. An original Northwood from Stu at SGC. An updated Northwood is in my near future. Happy to support a fellow Canadian.
  11. I don’t discriminate. Back Bacon, streaky bacon, collar bacon, jowl bacon, Lardons, pancetta, speck, smoked and flavoured bacon, cured and dried bacon, thick or thin, wrapped in bacon, non-pork bacon. Heck, I like bacon-bits and they are bacon in name open. Point . . . I don’t hate I Baconate.
  12. I have heard of a ‘Greenback’, but never a ‘Sawbuck’. The things we learn.
  13. You haven’t seen me since the lockdown hit. I’m pounding back strips do bacon between posts. I’m an emotional eater.
  14. Hey, I resemble that remark. Tread lightly : )
  15. Agree with all that's been posted above. Noticed there are some good deals on KZG heads (NOS) floating around eBay at the moment. A bunch of head only options from others as well if that's a route you wanted to take.
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