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  1. Fella, It's odd to see the Windsor skyline from across the river. I'm always gazing in your direction at the Renaissance Center.
  2. Fella and Conrad, All's as well as can be expected given the whacky times we are living in. The little Peanut's aren't so little any more and the Peanut's Mommy is healthy. Enjoying what remains of the summer before heading back to the classroom. Golf game is all over the place. A different part of my bag seems to sabotage a good round each time out, but given the amount of time I am investing I don't think I can expect much more than that. Drop back in periodically to see that all are well in the Grille. My close proximity to the border means my American friends are never far from my thoughts.
  3. Conrad, A few days late to send well wishes, but here’s to a speedy recovery and a pain free return to the ‘links’. Hip replacement surgery is no joke. Happy to read that you are already moving around, managing your medications and in good spirits. Mike
  4. I don’t know if you’ve entered this ‘cheat code’ yet, but Ken Flanigan would be my winner. up, down, x, b, left, right, a, y or IG message.
  5. Happy I hung around to see the crystal trophy flex. To answer . . . the wizard has to wield the wand with skill. Does the wizard choose the wand or the wand choose the wizard?
  6. I have switched to a few different Royal grip models for my 'tinkering'. Most are in the $5 - 6 range (CAD), but seem to pop up on discount at Golfworks at least once a year at sub $4.
  7. I do not have an answer to your question, but wanted to applaud your ingenuity.
  8. I fully expected David would find a way to make this right. Not that anyone wants the hassle. I hope the ‘restoration’ is to your liking.
  9. Limited sample size (4 rounds). I am really fond of the head. Pyramid milling is the real deal. Puts a nice roll on the ball. Some commented that they found the milling too soft, I have not found that at all. I can tell where I’m striking the ball on the face. Sound is pleasing. I chose this milling as it was unlike any of the 30+ putters I own and I am happy that I did. That said, I’m a believer that my stroke on any given day ultimately determines the outcome. If I’m rolling the ball well I make putts (of all lengths) and if I’m not then the results reflect that. I’m set to play early tomorrow and the Burns is in the bag so that says something.
  10. I wonder if David Cushman could assist. One of my favourite putters.
  11. So pleased with how they turned out. Decided to use four different ferrules from @bbandfco with the same pattern to differentiate each iron. White rings denote the iron (1 - 4). Also attempted to match the paint fill to one of the coloured rings. The irons have seen two rounds of action and I have not pulled the incorrect iron once, so the ‘theory’ appears to have worked. Love the aesthetic and feel and they are performers. About all one could ask for.
  12. $68.80 for 13 grips via Amazon in Canada.
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