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PeanutsDaddy's Feedback

  1. cz13X4 left Positive feedback   

    As good of a buyer as you can get.

    PeanutsDaddy was The Seller

  2. Conrad1953 left Positive feedback   

    Awesome clubs and great service above and beyond. Fast Shipping. Walks on water.

    PeanutsDaddy was The Buyer

  3. achappy left Positive feedback   

    Fantastic communication. Paid immediately and more than agreed.

    PeanutsDaddy was The Seller

  4. Spankapotamus left Positive feedback   

    Great buyer. Good communication and easy to work with. A++

    PeanutsDaddy was The Seller

  5. KjBowen left Positive feedback   

    Great WRXer and conducted the transaction perfectly!

    PeanutsDaddy was The Seller

  6. Jonnybagadonuts left Positive feedback   

    Exellent buyer, Not only that but a true gentleman . Awesome transaction.

    PeanutsDaddy was The Seller

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