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  1. Got fit for these back in June after waiting 5 to 6 weeks to get them I impatiently moved on to other stuff . . . LOVED these at the fitting but I keep going back to my old setup. Clubs were built to the flat standard adapter position, all are standard length and have MCC plus 4’s. I do have the PXG box and a tool if anyone wants all 3 I’ll send them in it but for disclosure the box didn’t come to me in perfect shape. Prices include shipping, don’t really want anything on trade but ...... would listen to a 410 lst driver 3w or hybrid with comparable shafts, a sim Ti 3 wood/hybrid, or a 19
  2. What’s the opening of that 2.5 look like ? And does it have full length dividers ?
  3. If you split I could be interested in the shaft.
  4. Pretty sure the F stands for flat, I had a set of these and a set of 14’s that were stamped U when ordered up right. GLWS wish I had the extra cash right now !
  5. If you change your mind and split send me a PM
  6. Picked this up as well as a 2 iron u85 and have stuck with that all year. Never been hit, has the 85g Hzrdus Black 6.5 shaft in it stock from Srixon. Can swap the grip to an NDMC if buyer wants. Only trades would be for a u85 3/4 iron with an X flex shaft, and this plus cash on my end for a 34” Scotty Newport (Black) or a Newport 2 mid slant. DROP TO 160 shipped on this usps priority.
  7. Impulse ordered a set of the new 790s today because I am the worst iron player in the world. Need to sell this impulse purchase to pay for that one ... it’s a vicious cycle. Condition is new all plastic still on the head and grip. Wanted a Newport but this was all I could get my hands on, doesn’t really fit my eye so it’s gonna go. Would entertain a trade involving a button back, a studio select Newport 2 Mid Slant, or a Black Scotty Select Newport all in 34”. Or a 33” square back. $725 OBO SHIPPED
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