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  1. Both are new and come with stock head cover with Stock grips. No trades at the moment just trying to recoup some funds to cover some other expenses. Driver is a 9* with a Tensei Raw White 65 stiff Fairway is a 15* Tensei Raw white 75 stiff plastic is off the head but it has not hit a ball. Would prefer to sell as a package for 775 obo shipped. . . But will entertain offers. Driver sold - locking it up
  2. Looking for a stock 6.0 The 6.5 is a little too much post shoulder injury.
  3. Title says it all, used about half a dozen times and is in mint condition. Comes complete with all original packaging, cases etc . . . Please PM with any questions, can discuss via phone if needed PM me Price drop to SOLD or best reasonable offer shipped and insured in the lower 48. For $600 (paid to flightscope) the buyer can transfer the unit, you will gain a 1 year warranty and the latest pc sim software. SOLD - Locking it up pin 3/18
  4. Got fit for these back in June after waiting 5 to 6 weeks to get them I impatiently moved on to other stuff . . . LOVED these at the fitting but I keep going back to my old setup. Clubs were built to the flat standard adapter position, all are standard length and have MCC plus 4’s. I do have the PXG box and a tool if anyone wants all 3 I’ll send them in it but for disclosure the box didn’t come to me in perfect shape. Prices include shipping, don’t really want anything on trade but ...... would listen to a 410 lst driver 3w or hybrid with comparable shafts, a sim Ti 3 wood/hybrid, or a 19
  5. What’s the opening of that 2.5 look like ? And does it have full length dividers ?
  6. Pretty sure the F stands for flat, I had a set of these and a set of 14’s that were stamped U when ordered up right. GLWS wish I had the extra cash right now !
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