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  1. I bought the 700's when they first came out, during the fitting they felt good, then I got my set, "something" felt different, I have to slow my swing to to an almost uncomfortable level to hit a decent shot. This may sound weird but I CANT FEEL THE CLUBHEAD, it is like swinging a dowel. Yes, I think I got a bad fitting and should have returned to seller to have them adjusted or something. It is so bad, I swing my wife's G-LE's which are aqua color painted G400's and the difference is HUGE! I can feel were the clubhead is at all times, think they ordered or I got too light of a shaft or w
  2. IMHO too many variables to consider such as: Is the OP the ORIGINAL owner? He does say he was fitted, but did he buy them new? How have these clubs been stored? Accidental damage?
  3. I can attest about the quality of the SWAG headcovers. I lucked out and got two last year, a limited 1 of 25 gradient skull and a King of something,,, I took the King out of the bag since I dont plan on flipping. I placed it on my shelf next to my Scotty Cameron Blue Prototype head cover and can honestly say the SWAG made the Cameron look and feel like a cheap $10 putter cover!
  4. I have the G700's, they feel lighter than my G-25's with a steel shaft even tho they supposedly are the same weight, maybe I should have had heavier graphite shafts,,,, the distance and height is great, just cant seem to get over the weight and the sound they make! What did you think of the weight/feel?
  5. Only with a mask and a gun could I have gotten a better deal!!!!!!
  6. I agree 1,000% with you, my GSS is expensive BUT I did not pay the asking price,,,
  7. GSS Copper Plated Captain Morgan (Byron) Half-Pipe Tuna Milled
  8. So there I was, getting the house ready to sell, while packing my shorts ( I have a problem with clothes, counted 32 pairs of hiking,golf, casual shorts hanging on lower clothes rod in the closet) I found 6 dozen 3 piece and 12 dozen original 4 piece. Wonder what I'll find next.
  9. Does a white car go faster than a yellow one? Going to look for article where it dismissed this,,,,,,,,,,
  10. The caked on dirt is simple, soak them in water with some bleach, this will remove the dirt and some VERY light stains If they are water stained or stained due to age or marked with permanent marker, there is NO WAY to return them to "pristine" condition short of re-painting them. Furthermore, unless they are top name brand balls, i.e. Pro-V1's, you wont get much for them
  11. Scotty Cameron Circle "T" putters are no better than OEM models Tour Issue Equipment is no better than what you find at the stores If your read this board, YOU CAN'T tell the difference between top tier golf balls Your NOT good enough to play Tiger Woods specs equipment The earth is NOT flat
  12. Byron GSS Experimental (gamer for 8 years) 006 007 8811 GSS Copper plated DH-89 Stainless , Carbon and Copper plated Carbon GSS Epic Copper Plated Bombara Design By Capt Morgan DH-89 612 711PING Anser Anser2 Anser3 Anser4 My Day Zing Zing2 Scottsdale BENI AnserT.P. Mills Flow Traditional Soft TailRAM ZebraTaylorMade XVIIIDAIWA Anser Style with graphite ShaftArnold Palmer "The One"Scotty Cameron TEI 3 Center Shafted Beached Newport 2 PrototypeCleveland Classic 4 Think that's it,,,,,,,,,,,,
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