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    Putter type

    I started playing in 1981, ALWAYS used a Anser 2 style, except for some experimenting with a 8802 and a zebra, PING app and an informal fitting said I had the "right" putter. Then one day about I tried a friends Wilson TPA XVIII, heel shafted, supposed to be the wrong putter for me,,,, worked so well I bought Byron's milled version, that was about 14 years ago, it is still in the bag.
  2. Like this one? STILL gamer after 14 years,,,, 1 of 5 GSS The other is a 8802 Copper Plated half pipe GSS I have 12 other Byron's packed since am moving next week. 2 mini's with grand kids names on them, one steel other carbon black oxide.
  3. The only thing they did for me, was to figure out how to justify spending $299 on a putter shaft. Tried both shafts on a stainless steel Newport 2, nada, no difference that steel.
  4. Here's a radical idea,,,,,,,,, Try a 9.5 or even 10.5 lofted driver,,,,
  5. I wanted to like these, but passed, here is my take for what it's worth: Too busy, with all the stripes and colors, definitely looks like a FILA product (who owns Titleist AND the Scotty Cameron brand) If they re-released the Studio Stainless Newport/2, in the 350 weight,,, they would sell out I say, 3 thousand in a day. I'll continue to wait a Studio Stainless Newport 2 . no insert, re-release.
  6. Back to OP Subject When it comes to materials the difference between a retail and a Circle "T" Scotty Cameron in NOTHING . Does the engraving and additional touches warrant a couple of extra thousands of dollars? That is entirely up to the golfer who is spending their money. It has been asked for about 20 years for a "retail" version of the 009 ( Cameron's take on the PING Scottsdale Anser) to be released, that in my opinion will never happen since that would drop the value on those hand stamped 009's out there. I
  7. Great idea,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Can you old off until am done moving in September !!!!
  8. One thing for sure, Byron is not afraid to try something,,,,,,,,, I asked a simple question "Hey what would a GSS copper plated feel like",,, this arrived 4 weeks later, 8802 copper plated GSS half pipe sole,,,,,,,,,
  9. The other story I was told by a former high end Cameron Collector was that after a pro almost won a major using another player's PING Anser 2, a cast was made of that putter, THEN skimmed milled, that putter was stamped and it has been played by that pro for couple of decades , winning several majors with it.
  10. I bought the 700's when they first came out, during the fitting they felt good, then I got my set, "something" felt different, I have to slow my swing to to an almost uncomfortable level to hit a decent shot. This may sound weird but I CANT FEEL THE CLUBHEAD, it is like swinging a dowel. Yes, I think I got a bad fitting and should have returned to seller to have them adjusted or something. It is so bad, I swing my wife's G-LE's which are aqua color painted G400's and the difference is HUGE! I can feel were the clubhead is at all times, think they ordered or I got too light of a shaft or wrong flex. Seriously thinking of going to the 425's. Maybe take a trip to the PGA Superstore to compare.
  11. IMHO too many variables to consider such as: Is the OP the ORIGINAL owner? He does say he was fitted, but did he buy them new? How have these clubs been stored? Accidental damage?
  12. I can attest about the quality of the SWAG headcovers. I lucked out and got two last year, a limited 1 of 25 gradient skull and a King of something,,, I took the King out of the bag since I dont plan on flipping. I placed it on my shelf next to my Scotty Cameron Blue Prototype head cover and can honestly say the SWAG made the Cameron look and feel like a cheap $10 putter cover!
  13. I have the G700's, they feel lighter than my G-25's with a steel shaft even tho they supposedly are the same weight, maybe I should have had heavier graphite shafts,,,, the distance and height is great, just cant seem to get over the weight and the sound they make! What did you think of the weight/feel?
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