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  1. Doesn’t look like you can wait to try it from the Link if you have one ordered but haven’t received it. I think the 45 days free start from date of order or receipt of the sensors.
  2. I think the 45 days free trial starts from the day you order or receive them. If that’s true, then anybody wanting to try it with a link they ordered but haven’t gotten yet will be out luck
  3. I think you’re going to be disappointed if you think you’re never going to have to edit Arccos. None of them are perfect.
  4. Anybody here buy the 2nd generation sensors? How long do they last? Trying to decide what to do since i just bought a 2nd generation set that includes the $99 caddie features for free for as long you have them. If you have a sensor go bad and get a replacement, do you at that point have to start paying the $99 yearly to continue using? This is pretty tempting, but it looks like you have to continue to pay the $99 yearly for continued use. Not sure what direction to go...
  5. Curious how long the 2nd generation sensors have lasted for those of you who’ve bought them. I just got a 2nd generation set that includes the caddie features for no extra charge for as long as they last. Debating what to do since it looks like you have to do the $99 subscription to keep using the sensors after the 45 days.
  6. I guess the difference here is 45 day trial of Caddie feature instead of the 1 year if you buy them normally.
  7. Anyone eIse starting to wonder if the OP is associated with what he’s promoting?
  8. I’m curious which Apple Watch you’re using. I’d also be curious to hear reports on the Link. They did announce an update that they’re stroked gains can now be leveraged against different levels of golfers.
  9. Ive read some crazy things on wrx, but declaring this the end of both shotscope and arccos is right up there
  10. The article on the spy site says within a year they’re trying to introduce a shots gained metric.
  11. Anybody compare the stats to the Strokes Gained results from Arccos?
  12. I may have one of the Caddyteks from Costco available to sell if someone’s interested. I bought the 4 wheel version and really wanted the 3 wheel. After I got the 4 and assembled it the 3 wheel was available so I ordered it. The 4 wheel has never been taken to the course or used just assembled. I’d have to disassemble it. Not looking to make any profit. Just what I paid plus shipping cost to get it to you. I don’t know how that compares to what’s available from this retailer.
  13. It’s certainly not the lowest price they’ve been but Costco has the CaddyTek 3 wheel push carts in stock. Probably still a better deal than anything available from a competitor if you’re in the market. They’ve been hard to come by since COVID 19 hit.
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