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  1. Golf balls should really fear these! The Vr's are ballkilling machines!
  2. NicoDK

    09 X-Forged

    They are really good, I have them in my bag now. If you are a decent ballstriker, they are no problem to play, pretty forgiving, soft, workable and they look very very good! My setup is 5 and 6 iron X-22 Tours, and 7-P X-Forged 09. And I must say that i regret getting the Tours in the long irons now. The Tours are simply not as fun to hit as the Forged
  3. abewley, that was kinda the answer I was looking for. Thanks
  4. Hey guys I need some info on the vr blades. How is the ballflight? low, mid, high? I know that I can hit them, but I dont have the chance to demo, so I need a little help from you guys Thanks
  5. Phil and Sergio are my two favorite players! I think that KP is a bit boring to watch, but I dont have anything against him
  6. I think they look okay, but there's just something about that weightport
  7. Wow, this thread is old! Well now that is have been brought back to life, I have a question. Anybody know if there will be released a new Mac staffbag anytime soon?
  8. I have never heard of an IS-6. I thought you meant an ys-6 and just misspelled it, hmm
  9. Whats the difference?So whats the difference between the two sets? Can anybody enlighten me?
  10. Thinking about getting a setSo I'm considering getting a set of 1025M's. Whats your experiences with them?
  11. Thanks for the replies so far guys. It did'nt make sense to me either. I have already had 2 sets of X forged, and whenever I had a bad ballstriking day, I had this in mind "If you have slow clubhead speed, you wont be able to hit these irons", so I sold both sets (stupid). In my opinion, I'm usually a pretty solid ballstriker, but that stupid sentance has really haunted me on the bad days, but now I'm pretty sure that I'm going to get another set and keep them in my bag for good!
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