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  1. been watching my favorite brands and then supporting them when they do something for COVID relief efforts. Summit Brands, especially B Draddy, on the top of the list. Also Stitch.
  2. Philadelphia suburbs, PA Index 4.9 Will provide a full review and pics. Have access to extensive practice and play facilities.. I'm looking to replace an existing hybrid- callaway 21 degree and a 4 iron. Want to find a hybrid that fits solidly in the 190-210 range off the fairway and the tee.. Need something a little hot as my miss is thin but straight. Currently play a S steelfibre shaft.
  3. A chip- anyone who has seen the location knows that the spot we was hitting to was super elevated. The low traj is an illusion. Make it level, ball is up in the air big time. Believe me.
  4. If Brian Urlacher can magically show up w a full head of hair, why isn't TW all over that? It's a process I guess
  5. Are the pxg shafted with the real precision rifle, meaning pre sale?
  6. The 14 time major champ has to apologize .... to absolutely nobody. - c. Mcgregor
  7. He doesn't have the Stammmm Inn Ah - D Trump
  8. Are we getting punkd? Where's Ashton..
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