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  1. Haven't hit too many but the s58's were great
  2. alternate between a ping pal from 71, a pal2 from 86 or an odyssey 660 bronze from early 90's
  3. had to hit a provisional on a 120yd par 3. what's worse it was men's night at the club and from the reds.
  4. i'm going next week and want to play magnolia. how much was the waldorf course?
  5. [quote name='Jliang' timestamp='1382539670' post='8045505'] PM Sent [/quote] Responded
  6. [quote name='Jseale' timestamp='1382294765' post='8030535'] [quote name='kmdut' timestamp='1382289416' post='8030273'] Adams MB2 would be my first and only choice in that price range. Might be slightly over $300 but not by too much.... [/quote] There was a set 3-P on the BST for $250 last week. Might still be there. [/quote] i scooped those. lol
  7. bunch of heads up for grabs, make some trade offers All prices shipped to Canada, US add $10 (shipping is getting stupid via Canada Post) Tour Issue Adams DHY 27 degree head, almost new, used 2 rounds sparingly, no headcover $SOLD Ping S58 5-PW heads, lots of wear, have been gamers for a few years. red dot (.75 flat). $SOLD Ping i15 hybrids, 20 and 23 degree heads, lots of face scratches but lots'o'life left in them, toplines are great, come with the ping i15 headcovers (but they aren't in great shape). would rather not split, how does $80 $70 for the pair sound Titleist 906f2 15 degree head. lots of use, topline isn't in great shape, comes with the headcover, how about $45
  8. Hoodie because it's freaking cold most of the year here!
  9. Golfwrx is the only golf site I frequent. Tons of info and great members to help with any questions I have.
  10. my course still isn't open! maybe tomorrow. worst. spring. ever.
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