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  1. is it wrong for me to say that while his actions are suspect... I still am more interested in his WITB and how its setup over what he did on the course... call me crazy and I know its about integrity... I get that, but we are generally gear hounds in this group.
  2. I was at the range today, I have been struggling of late and was not hitting irons good at all. I hit my kids tiger blades with x shafts and was immediately nutting them lol. switching back to blades.
  3. since gaming the 2013 X Forged 3-pw I have moved onto the following: Cobra Fly Z Pro 3-pw Ping S55 3-pw Titleist AP2 4-gw Mizuno MP18 MB 4-pw Taylormade P760 4-gw Taylormade P750 3-pw never any regrets on changing things up. The P750's are in my opinion the best TM forged iron ever.
  4. I went through kinda the same thing, I had PX LZ 6.0's in my MP 18's and then started to play with shafts and went to Nippon 120's, then KBS tour in my P760's, DG in my P750's and now I am going back to the LZ's in the P750's. It's a pretty personal thing with feel and for me I had the most success with the LZ's in terms of overall playability and the big stat... GIR's.
  5. this topic is only second to the great pineapple on pizza debate lol. its pretty serious discussion.
  6. it would only be a conceivably dumb idea if you couldn't hit either of them well.
  7. the new Driver and 5 Wood just arrived to really finish off the bag for this year
  8. new 3 wood, wedges and irons arrived... I found the P750's in new condition, very excited to start the season when this snow leaves.
  9. Either way, the 6.5 smoke green 70 in my 3 wood and 5 wood flat out perform. I can really go after it and is more anti left than the smoke black that was in my 3 wood last year. Also pumped on the Driver with the smoke green 60... its been ordered and on its way. They are very high quality shafts IMO and with no up charge its a no brainer for me.
  10. I can find out what Titleist head it came from, the head I am using is the sim driver. I appreciate the response, very good info.
  11. Hope I can get some help here... I am looking to buy a used Graphite design GP 6x driver shaft that has a Titleist tip installed on it. The gentlemen stated that installed on his Titleist driver it plays 44.5". I asked for a measurement from the tip to the end of the grip and it is 43.25". My big question is that based on the 43.25" length with the Titleist tip, what finished length would I get with a TM tip installed and what playing length would that give me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I am finding the same results with the Ti 3 wood with a Graphite Design GP 7x shaft in it... its explosive and very consistent.
  13. they are easy to stroke and you can't really see a lot of the odd shape at address, as it blends in well. These are very consistent on off centre hits. They look different and that's not a bad thing as too many putters out there look the same. If I can make more puts with it, I will game it. No shame in making more puts... or you can keep your current gamer and make less puts (potentially) but look super cool. Thats important.
  14. this guy gets it. Its not just about distance, its about what is useable.This option from Titleist helps guys like Superbrit take a set and weaken it with reduced offset (over the original T100)and also helps other guys take a CB club and flight it lower like an MB but with the added forgiveness. This is a better option to control flight and spin over a shaft change. And I assume that Titleist is bending a whole lot of the original T100 sets for pros anyway so why not make a set that doesn't impact offset or bounce? I also read that here that someone is most likely getting a T100s 4 iron to ad
  15. That is awesome and one of the best posts on this thread in a while.
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