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  1. Received ours the first week of January through DD
  2. Sure thing and I have a whole world of reasons why I do.
  3. Artist Wally Boag, Fulton Burley, Ernie Newton, Thurl Ravenscroft, Tiki Room Bird Chorus
  4. Looking for a PXG SGI 3 or 4 iron preferably with an Steelfiber shaft Regular or Stiff. Other graphite shafts ok too. Let me know what you have and price please. Thanks!
  5. You do pay tax on any Driver you buy and the tax on $295 is less than the tax on $399-499, which is the price range of most mainstream drivers right now. So more money saved really not more money spent in that regards, right? There shipping is higher no doubt.. but on a Driver from them, I think it is $30. For the moment you can call them and they will knock off another $5 per their site info. So that makes the driver with shipping $320 (and tax of course). This is still much less than most brands especially for a new release.
  6. The Driver is actually impressively priced at only $295 as of right now. Soooo tempting.
  7. My selfish choice - Near Grand Rapids, MI . Lots of courses and players in the area. LPGA comes here once a year and they could pull from GR, Detroit and Chicago residents for clients.
  8. Stay on the mend and do what's needed to get well!
  9. The issues I see with any attempt to make a rule based on limiting volume to that which cannot be heard beyond "X" yards or feet is - 1. How far away something can be heard is not really easily discernible to those playing the music. 2. How far away something can be heard is inherently subjective and based on each individual's auditory acuity. 3. It does not address conflicts within a group, especially around the tee's and greens. While I know it has been suggested to control this through common courtesy, from my experience the issue with common courtesy is that it is not
  10. Again, only IMO, but during a round if it truly interferes with your process of play, then yes you can express that there discussion is interfering with your your play. It may not make you popular, but I believe that you can do so within the scope of Rule 1.2. That said, I also think that if there is a way to alter the activity which is distracting to another so that it is no longer a distraction, then there is no problem with doing so. In order to make sure Rule 1.2 is complied with, the focus should be on removing the distraction. So in your conversation example, if y
  11. I really think you are struggling too hard with this. IMO, once a player has expressed that he\she is being distracted by an activity of another which is not essentially related to a players playing a round of golf, the activity should be ceased and not resumed at any point. Also, IMO, the word "play" of another player should not be limited solely to a players taking a swing. Play involves all the activities involved during a round including a number of physical and mental processes. For example - club selection, strategy or course management, rules considerations, planning a shot,
  12. The examples given in Rule 1.2 should provide some guidance here and I don't think it's as wide open as you are interpreting it to be. From Rule 1.2 (a) "Showing consideration to others – for example, by playing at a prompt pace, looking out for the safety of others, and not distracting the play of another player." Given the examples provided, I'm not sure how within the context of Rule 1.2 Rule 1.2 one can interpret the phrase "showing consideration to others" to be equivalent to allowing for the preferences of others. IMO, the two are simply not the same.
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