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  1. I understand you are not going to do so but be aware that Mitsubishi recommends a .5" tip trim for using a wood shaft in a 3 wood. Per the TM site, the Sim 2 fairway is 43.25" and plays at D3 it that helps.
  2. At 63 I honestly feel it still too early for me to consider them. I'm not desperate for higher launch which feels like where their niche is in the market.
  3. Sorry if it has already been mentioned but Honma's TR21 7w comes in at 137cc I believe.
  4. Will be interested to hear your results and hope you enjoy the new purchase!
  5. "This is a good example of a clarifying text often added in a Rule. It does not reinforce nor weaken the Rule itself but merely makes it easier to understand for the reader." Adding an exception most certainly doesn't weaken a rule, it simply provides instances where the rule is not applicable. "Thus the 'except' part does not mean that those exceptions were also anchored and yet allowed, but the text gives the reader the idea what kind of gripping is allowed AND is not anchoring." I obviously disagree here. I think it most definitely was included to make su
  6. No pics but drone footage here- https://legacyathastings.com/course-drone-footage/
  7. While I'm not convinced that the arm lock style of gripping a club is not "anchoring" per se... it is abundantly clear is that it is an exception to the rule and is allowed. b. Anchoring the Club In making a stroke, the player must not anchor the club, either: Directly, by holding the club or a gripping hand against any part of the body (except that the player may hold the club or a gripping hand against a hand or forearm)... Update- Let me clarify to avoid confusion about what I am saying here. Using the arm lock style is technically a form of "anchori
  8. How your post elicited even "one" Debbie Downer comment here is beyond me. Anyway super nice of your mom in law to do this for you and very nice of you to post in appreciation for what she did!
  9. Having to use a heart for a like for me is pretty much... and the alternative being a trophy is also just weird.
  10. The use of a heart to signify that you like something just seems odd to me. Is it possible to replace the heart icon for likes with something like a thumbs up icon instead?
  11. I understand the spirit of why the rule was created and what hollabachgt said. I think though that it is doubtful that even with anchoring there are any truly stationary points of a club. It is more likely that there is still some movement, even if ever so slight, of all points of the club. All that said, I understand that what the governing bodies probably referenced in adopting the rule was a reasonably observable motion and not a true anchored point in space. As for the arm lock not allowing the same level of assistance as belly or chest anchoring, absent some very extensive te
  12. It kind of feels like you should either be allowed to anchor the club to body parts or not so IMO, they should either get rid of 10.1b or the exception tied to it.
  13. I have used it on carbon fiber crowns with glossy finishes many times with success. Basically as long as the finish is a glossy finish it should work as for those clubs there is generally a clear coat that has been applied which can be buffed out. It will not however work for a matte finish at all.
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