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  1. So a question for the naysayer(s). If I have a plastic bottle cap and I bend it just a little and say to myself... wow this would make a great low tee... then have I not designed a tee?
  2. I actually had the same question come up in a thread I had posted using that same decal on my spider x. This is what I posted and I still feel it is correct. "I believe it would still be compliant. The below is an excerpt from the USGA Equipment Rules Final.pdf - Certain features are permitted to extend into the face of a putter, including alignment features and concavities (or furrows) on the crown (see Section below on Furrows and Runners). However, such features must not have a depth or height greater than 0.25 inches (6.35 mm) when measured against the top li
  3. Welcome back! Or so that you don't have to change it again in the near future when you get that next hole in one... "joeyXaces"
  4. I do find some of the pricing on the BST hysterical... but I just laugh to myself and move on. What is even more funny to me are some of the statements made regarding condition such as nearly new only used it x times and then you look at the pictures and the item is pretty darn nicked and banged up. I always wonder in those instances... Only used a few times? What was it used for? To mix cement or chop down trees?
  5. I would really like to see the return of the old feedback system where you could provide feedback based on BST transactions.
  6. I did find some videos which also emphasized a few key things as have been mentioned here, take more club, swing slower and play the ball slightly back of where you normally would. So thanks all for the replies and suggestions! I will definitely focus on this the next time when I am struggling a bit with these type of lies. Well for me the answer is yes and no. So I probably should have explained a bit that my issue really has to do with being a sweeper and not always hitting a perfect shot. With soft ground I I hit a shot just a touch fat I get un
  7. I am basically a sweeper.. I've tried to convert to be more of a digger but I've failed so many times. As such I always struggle off hard pan. This year with low player participation and the above average temperatures we have had, at times, the club I am playing at fairways are essentially all hard pan. They are watering enough to keep the grass from dying out but IMO in turn they are mowing it too tight and the result is no bueno for a sweeper like me and I have a hard time getting the ball airborne and have bladed more than my share of shots under these conditions. So my question
  8. I love the look and the overall feel and on good drives the distance was as good as it gets for me. I ended up sticking with the G410+ though as it just seems so much easier for me to make consistent solid contact with it. I would be willing to be that if properly fit, shaft and set up wise,my results would be more identical to the Ping. With that in mind, I might pull them out again this year and do some more tinkering at a local fitter but for now.. the Ping is my go to gamer.
  9. Srixon Z585's std l/l/l - $545 ---- SOLD Price includes std shipping to Conus 48. Hawaii and Alaska will be extra. Sorry but no international shipping. Shaft - Modus 105 R flex 4-PW, RTX 3 50/10 GW I bought these last year and never go to play them due to an injury. Played them for 18 holes this year and a couple of range sessions mostly with the 7 iron. As always the pictures tell the story as to their condition.
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