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  1. 1. Hastings, MI 2. 20 3. PXG 0211 DC 4. right-handed 5. I'd be very interested to see how a more traditional forged club compares side by side with a club like the PXG's. Would there be more consistency, straighter, tighter dispersion, longer? 6. Yes, I agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos.
  2. I just put a an old Matrix Red Tie in a PXG Proto X+.... it's way better than the newer Everflow CB that came stock. To be clear, my point is not that stock shafts are not good options because I think many of them are... my point is that even older shafts can be a very good option. While there may be some benefits for some, there is nothing magical about the current premium shaft offerings for many of us.
  3. My experience with their customer service has been generally positive also.
  4. There is no reason for them to have destroyed the original shaft. There is no reason for them to have glued the hosel in place. There is no reason or excuse for what they have done. They owe you a new everything or compensation for everything. IMO they are either very stupid or assume you are.
  5. Well since our winning is certainly not in the bag... I would have like to seen J.B. and Bubba on the team. Then Allen Doyle could have been picked up as a co-captain. At least that way we could have said that Holmes, Watson and even Doyle himself were playing for us this year.
  6. I think what you are describing is practicing and not warming up... the two really should be treated differently IMO. That said, when practicing I too am working on establishing a repeatable slower tempo'd but a looser, smoother, more controlled, 3/4 to full swing for what I think are the same reasons, i.e. when I am able to do it the result is a higher and longer golf shot. My success depends on how well I transition to the down swing it seems. When I do groove a few in a row I find myself subconsciously starting to get too aggressive again and things go to heck in a handbag. Not giving in to this is the demon I am still trying to chase away.
  7. How To Enter 1. Joined! 2. Yep! 3. S-Tech Cord Club Grip 4. Traxion XL+Plus Putter Grips 2.0
  8. I'd have to go with Reed amongst players that could actually compete now.
  9. Shame on you for trying to confuse everyone with facts and statistical data.
  10. Then it becomes a question of how much ego can you swallow. For example- Enough to play these? Enough to even play these??? As forgiving as they tend to be.. I just have a really hard time feeling comfortable with very chunky looking irons for some reason.
  11. Many times the only club in an iron set that will have a serial number is the 7 iron (sometimes 6). I'd say all the TM irons are probably legit. As for the PXG driver... PXG uses weighted screws to custom fit their drivers. The silver ones are those that are heavier and the blacks would be the lighter of the screw types. This is very standard for the earlier generation PXG drivers so no, nothing is missing on it as far as I can see.
  12. While certainly there are always risk reward situations that need to be considered, it is always about making the best score you can. I look at it this way... every hole won with a par would also have been won with a birdie but the opposite is most certainly not true
  13. I think 4.1 a(3) is what you are looking at here and the question becomes "Did your partner deliberately change the clubs performance?" Some might feel that because he deliberately used the club to rake the bunker that he deliberately changed the club by applying a substance to the head. I would argue that 4.1 a(3) is fundamentally about intent. While it is true enough that your partner may have intended to use the club to rake the bunker, this fact does not necessarily equate to an intent to deliberately change the performance characteristics of the club and therefore there is no penalty. Rule 4.1 a. Clubs Allowed in Making a Stroke (3) Deliberately Changing Club’s Performance Characteristics During Round. A player must not make a stroke with a club whose performance characteristics he or she deliberately changed during the round (including while play is stopped under Rule 5.7a; By using an adjustable feature or physically changing the club (except when allowed to repair damage under Rule 4.1a(2)), or By applying any substance to the clubhead (other than in cleaning it) to affect how it performs in making a stroke.
  14. If a club really doesn't want anyone to use their range for practices sessions, wouldn't it just save a lot of trouble if they would simply post that somewhere? (club rules, signs, etc.) If they don't have any such rule or posting... then good judgment and etiquette do come into play... both of which are not always common or reliable.
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