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  1. my lob wedge is callaway and my other 2 are cobra, its all about distances you want to get and how they work for you. if your getting the numbers you want then dont worry about it
  2. I cut my irons down 1/2 and inch and bent them all over the place lol, my pw was 43* i bent it to 45* and one degree flat on everyting and they work great, I know i increased the bounce a bit but thats ok for me, i tend to hit shots fat sometimes anyway, the bounce helps me dig less. Just test a few sets out, if you like the feel and you can hit your desired trajectory go from there, most irons can be adjusted to fit your game. getting fitted is important...
  3. i agree with him that most of us can game blades and it will work for us once we get used to them a bit. you can hit bad shots with any club...
  4. 60 for driver head, 200 for the shaft 150 for 3w two seasons 400 for iron set almost 4 years ago Full price for cobra wedges (149.99 can each) 100 for the pm grind Putter was 100 a long long time ago
  5. ditch the 4 iron, your welcome
  6. love my f6+ pro, its a great head, sounds funny but works great.
  7. Any leads on a good deal? My local golf store still wants $299 for them. I'm in Canada, 299 is pretty good...
  8. I like my f6+ , you can find then cheaper now since they are last year's model
  9. i use 50,54.5 and a 58 bent 59 , im a weirdo lol
  10. Better then my old md3's , spin a ton for me
  11. I happen to like these alot and they don't rust
  12. Alligator men's A cart bag black Alligator duffel black Camo tote bag silver classic
  13. Followed. NS Pro Modus3 Tour 120 S Thanks for the opportunity , Love you guys, i've been playing your shafts in my irons for years.
  14. Yes, buy it. Heck, buy me one too!
  15. I bought the new cobra pur's this season, they are really soft and spin a ton.
  16. I'm not sure about that but they feel better then md3's or sm6's imho
  17. 58° for me, I've been using a 58° as lob wedge for years
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