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  1. I love cobra clubs, baffler technology is awesome, I'm getting a fairway wood and hybrid soon, just put pur wedges in the bag and my f6+ pro is great
  2. Update, placed a custom order for a 50° , only problem is it will take 4 to 6 weeks . Looks like cobra pur's will be in the bag this season...eventually
  3. Apparently I can't get a 50° in Canada :(....I emailed customer service, let's see if they can make it happen, otherwise I'll have to keep playing md3's...
  4. i just bought a 54* to try, if i like it ill get a set...these dont seem to be too popular around here...
  5. Decided to try me some Pur, if I like it I'll order the 50° to go with it and bag em
  6. New 54 with more bounce because I tend to dig...
  7. Odyssey WHite Hot #1 Putter X-hot Pro 3W PM Grind 58*
  8. Cobra Ltd and f6+ are right there with them, cobra are soo underrated
  9. Your top 3-5 favorite driver shafts of all time: MRC kuro kage silver tini 70x Aldila NV 65g Stiff, Harrison Striper The top 3-5 driver shafts you would like to try, but haventt been able to yet: Ust mamiya Elements Chrome 7F4T Nventix Nunchuk, Ust mamiya Elements Fire 6F4 s Ust Mamiya Elements Earth 6F4 s Fujikura Speeder Pro 63 XLR8 Tour s Your top 3-5 favorite 3-wood shafts of all time : Matrix Radix s Fujikura Pro 51 s Aldila NV 75 stiff The top 3-5 3-wood shafts you would like to try, but havent been able to yet: MRC kuro kage tini silver 80g stiff Ust Elements Chrome + 70g Diamana s+ 70 stiff PX handmade Hzdrs yellow 70 S Aldila Rogue Black 75 s Which driver and which 3-wood you currently play: Cobra F6+ Pro w/Kuro kage silver tini 70x 44.5" Callaway X-Hot Pro 15* w/stock stiff projectX 42.75"
  10. What’s in your current bag? Cobra f6+ pro w/ kuro kage silver tini 70x, callaway X-hot pro Fwy, cobra s2 forged irons, callaway md3 and forged wedges, odyssey white hot #1 What is your current handicap? 8 Where are you located (City, State, Country)? Sudbury, Ontario, Canada What driver (brand/model/loft) will you be installing this in? Cobra f6+pro If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing Mitsubishi Rayon / Graphite Shaft TENSEI™ CK ProWhite review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the shaft. YES Desired driver shaft weight and flex (reference product specification information for details)? TENSEI CK PRO WHITE 60 S Please include any tipping instructions and OEM adapter (if applicable). Cobra pro right handed adapter 7° to 10°. 44.5" not tipped. Please explain how you would approach testing the TENSEI™ WHITE. I would compare it to my current shaft on the range and on course and provide a detailed review.
  11. Cobra f6+ pro at 8.5 degrees, real kuro kage silver 70x, average swing speed around 107 mph and carry an average of 255-260 yards
  12. Sexy irons, I wish I could afford a set of those
  13. md3 48°, replacing my wedges one at a time
  14. I use midsize on all my clubs with an extra wrap under the bottom hand. I wear a medium/large glove. I don't think it matters what size you use as long as your comfortable and it works
  15. Awesome stuff, those irons are killer and baffler is on my wish list
  16. I love this place, it helps me escape my crazy life and immerse myself in the wonderful world of golf with you guys, my brothers! I love you guys!
  17. I went with the f6+ pro instead, for me it was longer and more forgiving, sounds weird but you can't have everything
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