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  1. i just put a minus sign in front of the number, and usually a line on the side logo for lining up putts
  2. its probably the snell mtb or callaway chrome soft imo
  3. im drooling all over my keyboard right now, very nice sir!
  4. callaway cxr control, works great for me off the tee and drops and stops no problem, putting is nice too its not too squishy feeling like most of todays balls
  5. even par 36 on a quick 9 holes with my kids at one of the cheaper local courses
  6. I lose about 2 per round usually in the bush to the right off a bad drive
  7. I have supersofts, cxr control, Wilson elite 50 and chrome softs in my bag right now. The cxr controls are the best bang for the buck with the 50s close behind. Chrome soft is amazing though if you can afford them
  8. chrome soft is great but project a spins too much off everything!
  9. This season, 74 with callaway cxr control. On a shorter then average course witch is nothing to brag about really
  10. callaway xr or bertha mini 1.5
  11. i switched to lamkin utx midsize on all my irons and wedges, i put an extra wrap on the bottom hand, love these in all conditions.
  12. New balls. They where on sale 2 for 1 I had to try them
  13. my pw is a 43 so i have a huge gap between my pw and my 52 degree wedge, im still looking for a callaway forged copper 48*, if i cant find one i might have to wait until next year when my wedges are closer to the end of their lives and go with mack daddys
  14. longest driver i have hit is a 8* Callaway XR pro with a S flex speeder 665 shaft Consistantly longer then my gamer by 10 yards
  15. 3 off the deck and 3 off a tee with the 12 degree mini 1.5
  16. [quote name='tdelam' timestamp='1434327981' post='11751436'] Irons kicked out, more to come, lol [/quote] why am I not suprised lol...Hogans maybe?
  17. [quote name='Marengo' timestamp='1434056027' post='11734180'][quote name='pleadguitar' timestamp='1434049644' post='11733542'] Has anyone compared the supersoft against the Cxr control, i found sport chek started carrying the Cxr control balls and they look pretty much the same on paper. im guessing the supersoft is still lower compression. [/quote] Never seen these. Are they UK only?[/quote] I'm in Canada so
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