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  1. Hovland tried this exact thing I think - in my opinion i think a better course would be to just bend the iblades a bit weaker rather than trying to use different head models to change launch. Would be basically impossible to sell if it didn’t work out too
  2. How are you guys ordering from DD? Online or via phone? I'm outside of the USA but interested in this deal too just can't see it on their website
  3. Looking for a Cobra 4-5 wood - ideally something with 17.5* loft. Prefer a tour head but will consider other options Head only PM with pics ideally and price to Oregon 97203
  4. To clarify, the shaft definitely moved and had to be "reset" back to the correct alignment
  5. As per the title, looking for tour head 5 wood - cheaper the better but will consider current model stuff too. Head only please PM with price including shipping to oregon if possible
  6. Just slightly twisted remained fully seated, still a snug fit just got twisted a bit off center when someone (not me!) went to pick it up!
  7. PM with pics and price ideally, head only, including shipping to oregon. Thanks!
  8. Hopefully straightforward question - I’ve got some 24 hour epoxy and the club bumped maybe 6 hours in when the epoxy was starting to gel, i put it back to square and set it back to finish curing. Does moving the club around while curing affect structural integrity of cured epoxy? Or am I better off pulling and re-gluing? It’s a lob wedge in this case
  9. gentles

    Wedge setup

    I would look at getting the sim gap wedge and then look at a dedicated sand and lob wedge. Your gap wedge will be mainly a full swing club so you want it to look and feel like your iron sets. As for the sand and lob, one option is to get a higher bounce sand and lower bounce lob wedge to give you a couple options. as you improve you might look to get a specialised gap and even pitching wedge but I’d say the sim would be fine for now
  10. Anyone compare this to the st190? I’d love a 5 wood but would prefer one with an adjustable hosel
  11. As per description pm with price if possible thanks !
  12. @Obeeis a great player who is close to this
  13. Take the weight out and see if you still hit it right? Surely that’s the first step?
  14. How many out there still gaming this head? I've tried the following but nothing has been able to unseat it yet - M5, SIM, ST190, ST200, F9, SZ. TSI3 is on my list to try as it has a similar rounder headshap. For some reason M2 feels much deeper face than all the TM Drivers that followed it. Bought a backup 10.5 M2 head earlier this year, tempted to call it a day and stop even trying to unseat it for now! Long time users of M2, curious what knocked it out of your bag?
  15. Of course there are exceptions…but if you take a step back the bigger point is that if you actively try and leave uphill putts, you’re proximity is going to be further away…you’re less likely to hole the putt, and you’re going to leave less tapins etc. the original topic was about whether it is beneficial to not aim for the hole on short shots, and I think the evidence suggests that the answer is no
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