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  1. Looking for a very nice condition set of players cb in particular - p770 or p7mc, or t100 / t100s heads only, ideally 4-p must be at least 5-p pm with details and a description of condition if possible
  2. Looking for a 54 and 58 mid grind head only is ideal thanks
  3. Curious from more knowledgeable players than myself, when would you look to narrow or widen a stance? What would you look for in a swing that would make you think stance width needs to change ? I’d love to hear some thoughts on the above before I add why I’m asking the question about my own game!
  4. Probably best to order it standard length and cut it to size when you get it - that way you can be 100% sure you’re going to match them up
  5. Thanks for all the replies interesting discussion I guess I could have been clearer that I was looking for low offset sgi, and one pathway to achieving that is bending weak, which could have the added benefit of fitting my gaps however I think I understand now that bending a g400 iron or something like weak might lead to moon balls given the cog placement in the head etc
  6. As per title - ideally send pics of condition if possible?
  7. Tyring to build out a combo set, looking for the above two heads specifically. Let me know if you can help with either Thanks!
  8. Looking to hear stories from players who have taken SGI / GI irons and bent to traditional lofts to maintain the same gaps vs players irons? I want to try something with a bit more help but really hate the idea of a 43/44* pitch wedge, and dont really want to hit the ball further, just more forgiveness. Also not a big fan of offset, and I know bending weak can help fix that too. Considering a set of ZX5 or T200 irons, but bending weak throughout the set to hit the same lofts as my P760s and to fit with my wedge set Has anyone else done this? Mainly want to hear about the impact of more bounce on the sole, and the weaker lofts with the tech inside these heads impacting ball flight. Worried that bending 2-3 weak throughout the set will result in moon balls with everything? Thanks in advance!
  9. I would switch the 3w and 5w shafts and just extend the 70grm shaft to fit a 3 wood by half inch or so
  10. As per title hoping someone has one of these handy!
  11. Got a set of 5-9 heads looking to complete the set, wondering if the odd chance someone has a spare head around for these?
  12. As per title looking for a set of x100 or standard s300 pulls if s300 only interested in full weight pm with specs and a price if possible thanks
  13. Picked up a set of p760 heads and I want to strip them raw…wondering I I can an answer to two questions I’ve got about stripping these raw 1 - the heads are forged and chrome played, but long irons have some speed foam inside and a screw port on the toe, will this impact the ability to reverse electroplate 2 - on the issue with the screw, I can’t remove the screws, would this impact the electro plating reversal too? in short - want to know if the hollow body of the longer clubs means I won’t get a universal raw finish across the set…bit of a long shot if anyone knows the answer but appreciate any help!
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