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  1. I have raw wedges and now I use steel wool and baby oil every once in a while to keep them fresh. You want the dark brown patina and rust not the bright orange that will ruin your towel
  2. Try some swings with your right thumb and forefinger on off the shaft (top hand and pinky/ring of bottom hand on the grip) When I get fast I'm usually snatching from the top with the trail hand.
  3. Few options - most deeper face fairways will be lower spin if you hit in the high center ---- 3 deep Mizuno ST190 (not sure about later years) has a deeper face Mini driver Rapture 2014 if you can find one
  4. try boiling water - worked for me
  5. I'd be shocked if Gary is allowed a caddie for the ceremony ever again, even better if they let Jack bring his own caddie at the same time.
  6. You think if the courses were the same as they were in the 90s (i.e. tour courses not spending millions of dollars buying new land, building new tees and bunkers etc) the scores would still be the same?
  7. I put a 110 gram X flex shaft in an apex hybrid and find it to be the best of both worlds. Can still hit the low bullet with ease, but also has the ability to hit out of rough and and hit a cutty spinner if you want something a bit higher.
  8. What’s out there - must be clean condition extra weights are a bonus as is a headcover. Head only preferred. Cheers!
  9. Looking for a p730 50 60 or 70 head 4 and 5 to round out a set head only fine I have shafts ready
  10. Looking for a clean head cheaper the better either the utility series or the 545 4 iron. head only thanks
  11. jump on ebay and find a set of AMT x100 or standard X100 pulls if you need something a little cheaper. They will be a far closer comp than anything non DG IMO
  12. Just wonder what if any maintenance raw wedge users are doing - I love the raw dull patina look, but not a huge fan of fresh orange rust that gets all over everything. I realise an easy option is to use something other than raw, just wondering how others out there manage the level of rust, or do you just let it go nuts? Do you ever strip back to raw and start over?
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