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  1. I agree he is better than average - was just looking through the names referenced above. He has certainly been let down more than a few times in majors, particularly at the start of his career by missing short ones. Shinnecock '04 and the '01 PGA come to mind.
  2. Not quite in the same category as others mentioned in this topic (and not a single major among them) which was sort of the point I was trying to make. Not many 2-3 major guys who have a scratchy ball striking careers, but plenty of examples like Rory, Phil, Vijay etc where putting is perceived as being suspect
  3. Responses to this thread are quite illuminating - goes to show how important ball striking is to being a consistently great player. With a few exceptions being a premier ball striker is what gets you in the conversation Flip the question on its head - if you try to name players have the best careers with the worst ball striking it's hard to think of many truly great players who would fit that category
  4. Head only preferred for shipping reasons ( can explain). Please include an indicative price to Orgeon 97203
  5. Not sure where you went to school but let's agree to disagree on what proper grammar (or even capitalisation) is
  6. What I really want to know is why does OP capitalize the first letter of every word in the post titles?
  7. I think the most important thing to do is find players at that level and play with them - even if it means paying for a playing lesson just so you can observe and see what that level of golf looks and doesn't look like. My takeaway anytime I play with great players is that they hit plenty of bad shots, but almost no "very bad" shots. Hard to describe without seeing it in person. Second important thing to do is start tracking stats for a few rounds so you can see where you need the most work. If you read the book "Every Shot Counts" by Mark Broadie, one of the important
  8. I wondered the same thing as soon as I saw the T100s had been launched - on the surface it was for gapping with other T series sets, but that the real benefit for better players would be to get a set of very low offset irons in "modern standard" lofts with a little bit more bounce in the soles also
  9. This happened with a few previous generations of Ping irons when they chrome plated over stainless - if the bond between the chrome and whatever surface is underneath isn't as strong the chrome can start peeling off. The guy at the store tried to tell me it was from smacking it into something, and I had to ask a few times to even get them to send it up to Ping. After seeing one club with the chrome peeling Ping replaced the full set as it is a manufacturing defect. Definitely get in touch with Mizuno customer service if I were you.
  10. Interesting to see Morikawa so low in scoring average - he finished 20th in the stat despite having that made cut streak going earlier this year and having a couple wins. Recency bias at play here, JT had a much more consistent season throughout the year rather than just the last 6 weeks or so.
  11. I've been working with a coach on a more upright posture - I tend to get too far bent over which creates problems in the backswing (not enough depth). I have shorter arms, and am wondering if extending irons might be able to make it slightly easier for me to get into a good posture at address, especially if combined with slightly more upright lofts to encourage higher hands and more upright posture? Just wondering if there is anything I can do from a gear perspective to make this transition a little easier. Has anyone gone down this path, or other example
  12. Would love to see some pics of the other putters and the shafts you've got in the woods!
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