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  1. As per title - prefer the max but open to standard g400 head only best thanks
  2. Skimmed through the thread and haven’t seen it explicitly mentioned - baseball/softball has no concept of controlling face angle. With other bat/ball sports like cricket hockey and tennis, you’re hitting the ball with straight faced surface, meaning the player needs more fine motor control to manage the angle of the face Playing cricket the wrists are important for controlling where the ball goes, in tennis you have different wrist motions for topspin and forehand shots, hockey is even more obvious to see how wrists control the ball. Not a surprise that there tends to be a lot of
  3. As per the title, looking to build a combo set with some P730 low irons. I have a 6-9 looking for to build those out with something more forgiving at the top. Head only and very clean condition preferred. Thanks
  4. Check out the callaway copper wedges from a few years back. The soft copper plate will wear away on the face, but the overall groove wear will happen at exactly the same rate as chrome or raw irons, it will just look worse. You might even like the way your wear pattern frames the ball - a few tour pros like the black titliest finish for the same reason
  5. I respond saying that I’m only interested if they will accept friends and family or other forms of payment without buyer support
  6. I have the original p770 and found the p790 didn’t blend as well looks wise as I had hoped. The new p770 I think would be great match for you, as it will have a similar profile with a slightly larger footprint. Wouldn’t worry as much about turf interaction with a 3 iron compared to lower clubs
  7. I was referring more to average speed players - I've never seen a slow swinger struggle with big overdraws, in part because you need a lot of speed to even keep the ball in the air. I'm no expert but it would seem that it requires a far more closer to functional impact to hit a sweeping hook than it does to hit a big wipey fade (which is why one goes way further than the other). More than happy to be proven wrong though!
  8. I wouldn't sand the area, that will leave a permanent mark. When applied to an unever surface, I apply a tiny bit of head then use my thumb to mold the tape over the area. The more you do this the more surface in contact with the tape. With a 2 inch strip well applied there is no chance of generating enough force for the tape to come off given the surface area covered vs the weight of the tape
  9. for the sake of 10 dollars i'd rather just get fresh epoxy (both parts) rather than risk my clubhead flying off who knows where
  10. IMO this misconception comes from the fact that you can hit a driver with massively open face to path relationship, but you will struggle to get the ball off the ground with the same in reverse. Take a golfer who has the face 10* open to the path, and make it 2* closed to path all else the same they will hit it further because of a more efficient impact. It's much rarer to find the player who has a face to path outside a functional range on the draw/hook side because they will hardly get the ball off the ground. What this means IMO is that 99% of the time y
  11. I think I understand it but can’t help but feel like it is over complicating something. brooks koepka had a quote from earlier this year responding to Bryson’s slow play...”any yardage you’re between one of two clubs, do you want to miss long or short?” if I’m 70 yards out, there are a ton of different ways to play that shot and my choice depends on so much more than just wind and temperature. Where do I want to miss? Are the greens firm or soft, what is the turf like, how is ball sitting, is pin back with room to run up, or do I need to spin and check. for me th
  12. Different players respond to shorter distance courses in different ways. I'm a relatively long hitter a good putter, but mid-long irons and scrambling are big holes in my game, Playing from the front tees makes a massive difference for me because it means most of the par 4s are now wedges into the green, which even with a bad swing I usually have a putter in hand, which takes a whole lot of pressure off my iron game and scrambling. The 20-30 yards closer on many of those holes makes a massive difference. On longer courses I find myself missing a bunch of gre
  13. My guess is the seller had a run in with the alignment stick, then decided he didn't want it and thought he could palm it off with some unclear photos I had to learn my lesson with a return before as well - always best to just make the item look as bad as possible in the pictures to avoid these situations popping up
  14. Very helpful thanks - i'm leaning the same way towards putting a higher launch shaft in the 3 hybrid and matching the 4 iron closer to my iron sets. I think for starters I'll keep the X100 in the 3 hybrid, build out the 4h the same, then decide if I want a bit more launch and spin out of the 3 hybrid. I've got a few hybrid shafts kicking around i can use to test first. Agree that those aldila 105 shafts are great value for what we're trying to do!
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