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  1. Gotcha - so the further up the shaft the bend happens = the more face balanced?
  2. Does a straight-arc shaft have more offset in it? That's what I'm trying to figure out...presume its more or less bend in the shaft but hard to find anything helpful from searching
  3. Picked up a ping nome and really like the head shape of it. It is the slight arc version which I think has something to do with the shaft bend? Would a straight arc shaft be a more offset than a slight arc shaft? Would ping reshaft with a high offset shaft for me? I know a few ping putters use a funky tip size does anyone have experience with this model? appreciate any help I can get with this - just sizing up whether I’m better off just sending it back to ping rather than doing it myself!
  4. As per the title cheers!
  5. what does the offset look like ? Compared to say the zx5 model
  6. Driving iron without the forgiveness and bigger head is just an iron, no?
  7. you can take an .370 shaft and just shave the tip down with some sandpaper to make it fit. Very common and very low risk especially with a heavy shaft there will be plenty of material down by the tip of the shaft.
  8. as per the title - PM if you've got this!
  9. Currently have an RTX 4 60 full which has 9* of bounce stamped on the sole. Does anyone know if the RTX Zipcore full Grind which has 12* stated on the sole in 60*, actually has 3* more bounce on it, or is the exact same grind (just measured differently for whatever reason) I love the 60 with 9* bounce but would would love something with a little bit more - either going to get a 58* and bend it weak, but if the RTZ Zipcore actually has more bounce in the head I may be OK with the standard 60.
  10. IMO you're far better off just either buying used (I've had great luck on the Wanted To Buy forum here because people normally know what they've got on their hands), or buying new and doing a bit of research about what aftermarket shafts sell for. A HZRDUS 6.0 or something like that will always be easy to flip for $60 - $100 to offset the cost of purchasing a new head.
  11. For me it is the point where my hands touch that mean I need a glove - without one my hands get sweaty and the palm of my right hand will slide against the thumb of the top hand. Would love to go all in on Gripmaster grips and no glove, but that won't do anything for that palm-thumb connection
  12. how do you find the speedzone xtreme? Have had my eyes on a head for a while does it sit open or closed to your eye at standard loft?
  13. What is your handicap / what level of golf do you play? You don't have to answer but I think it would add a lot to the conversation given you're points are just opinion based rather than based on objective evidence (other than the time you watched a tour event and though that a smooth looking tempo meant they were swinging soft)
  14. Why do you need larger gaps to learn effective rhythm and timing? Wouldn't just taking one more club achieve that regardless of the gaps? The two things are not related. Tour pros rip the ball way harder than your average amateur, they are not better iron players than an average joe because they swing within themselves, it's because they hit the center of the face more often. If you look into Tour Tempo there is plenty of data about how tour pro's backswings are way faster than an average am, it just looks smooth because it is sequenced and technically sound. What leve
  15. I read through and missed it as well. With bigger gaps = less chance I will have a comfortable distance for any given club in the bag, but more spaces in the bag for other specialty clubs Smaller gaps = more chance of having a comfortable distance, but less space for specialty clubs How hard you think someone should hit a stock 7 iron is irrelevant when discussing the size of gaps in the bag. If you have a bigger gap you have more manipulation from whatever a stock distance is...all else being the same I've missed how that would be better.
  16. Your example with the 150 yard 8 iron where the player should hit a 7 - why not go to a 6, 5 or 4 and swing even easier? At some point there is a distance for each club that optimises dispersion and distance. Seems like you think for most players that they would be better off hitting less club for any given distance, but I don't see what that has to do with gapping? If I can hit a smooth soft 7 150 (instead of the 8 using your example from earlier), and the same swing my next club up goes 175, aren't I better off if I had a club that I could make a smooth soft swing and hit it 16
  17. What should that player do when he has a 160 yard shot? Hit a "stock 7" or switch to a 5 (assuming you've taken the even numbered irons out of the bag)? The optimal effort and swing to play you best has nothing to do with the size of the gaps. Sounds like your actual point is that you think most ams should play more club, rather than anything to do with gaps? If adjusting distance and flight were really that easy, tour pros would have way bigger gaps in their iron sets to create more teeing off options. They don't, because anything more than 12-15 yard gap between appr
  18. Would love to see some address pics of these - based on the pics it looks like the same generic components heads I've seen Haywood Golf and Corey Paul Functional Art using, with a strong milling pattern on the face and quite a round leading edge.
  19. If you hit the ball 25 yards past someone else, you get that benefit every single time you tee it up, including being able to hit a club or two less from the same distance. Guys like Rory can hit a 2 iron or 3 wood the PGA tour average distance if they wanted to. Good short game depends on skill, but also getting good lies, missing in the right spots, no bad breaks on the greens and all the inherent uncertainty that comes when the ball is interacting with the ground. There is way less variation in driving statistics (i.e. who leads strokes gained off the tee) compared
  20. I'd say the biggest thing isn't the actual lie angle, its the subconscious adjustments your body makes to respond to the different lie angle. A club that is 2-3* too upright for you will likely result in you making a whole different pass at the ball as your body attempts to "square" the sole of the club through impact. This is a big part of why players prefer flatter drivers and woods when the lie angle makes very little difference to ball flight, it's the confidence and subconscious parts that make a difference to those players.
  21. As per the title PM with what you've got cheers!
  22. As per the title, would prefer head only but will consider tour shaft as well. 9 head only. Cheers
  23. Tried a bit of googling - wish there was an app or calculator to work this all out! can anyone tell me what the change in playing length would be if I took a shaft from an m5 driver and put it in a g410 after switching Adaptors over? I’m having a hard time working out What the correct measurements are given the different adapters etc
  24. Thanks all for the responses to this. My main takeaway is that higher MOI can help with off center hits, but if the issue is path or face related, it will be of less value. I've got a driver fitting this weekend and will be testing out the G410 and Speedzone Xtreme against by m5 so will report back
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