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  1. Looking for these two heads specifically to fill out a combo set. Head only Thanks
  2. Can anyone share what the mental game content is like on the app?
  3. Looking for a cobra speed zone 5 wood Head only and only interested in the matte black finish thanks
  4. This sounds like exactly what I'm after - standard 3w goes too far for many tee shots at my home course, but I still want a lower spinning head, just one that goes shorter.
  5. There are a few aspects to the app - what I described is the actual system that is promoted, but you're also paying for the stats package where you enter your information, it will spit out what you need to practice, how you compare vs other levels of player for different aspects of your game etc I was more interested in the system itself...being a 7-8 HCP I just follow the rules outlined above rather than worry about entering all the stats.
  6. Good lesson in putting a players name to a set up clubs, other than Tiger woods when he hasn't changed a thing about his setup in 20 years so you can fairly reliably know that any TW model will remain in his bag!
  7. Check out the decade thread - i subscribed to it for a year, here is my 80/20 version of system...there is obviously way more too it than laid out here, but here are the big parts, IMO Hit driver whenever hazard isn't in play. You aren't guaranteed to hit the fairway with a shorter club, but you are guaranteed to be further away for your next shot. Hit to the fat part of the green and avoid short siding yourself, especially with longer clubs. Half way between flag and fat side edge is a good rule of thumb Understand putting make rates (in particular, the exponential increase in make rate from 3-6 feet compared to other distances) and use that to decide on short game strategy - take a risk if you can hit it tap in, but don't take a big risk to leave a 15' vs a 30' putt for example. Anything outside of 6' just focus on speed, the hole will get in the way if your speed is good
  8. Looking for one of the above two models, must be head only. Please include a price and description of condition if possible Cheers
  9. I wish they made a "Big Tour 5" that would be exactly what i'm looking for I think
  10. How do you crack a ferrule? Serious question was it dropped on something?
  11. Done a bit of digging and not much out there about the Cobra Tour Fairway woods - looking at a tour head to use as a 4 wood at 16.5* My course has a bunch of shorter par fours where even a strong 3 wood goes too far. Would get some use off the tee, so my concern is that the head is tiny compared to other fairway woods! Anyone else doing the same? Doesn't look like much change from F9 tour to SZ and then Radspeed models in terms of head size and rails etc
  12. As per title, looking for full set of combo of these heads. Thanks!
  13. If it were me, if they stayed out of my way I wouldn't be too worried, but the moment they started holding me up I'd be checking with them if they were allowed to start there and asking to play thru
  14. You can bend any set weak to add some bounce - you’re obviously a good player so an added benefit is that it will reduce offset too. Might be worth a try
  15. interesting to hear - do you work with an instructor also ? Do you supplement with training aids? Thanks !
  16. Looking to see if anyone has an 8 and 9 iron head to build out a combo set of these. Interested in a P wedge too cheers
  17. I’m working on getting more flexion and ulnar deviation in the wrists through transition like many I end up with an open face part way down which causes pivot and stalling issues later in the swing hackmotion appears to be the go to tool for measuring and assessing what the wrists are doing at $400 it isn’t cheap but if it works for it will bring more value than a new putter or driver. my concern is I know what I’m trying to work on so not much point forking out for something to tell me what I already know! The biofeedback tool does intrigue me though for players (not coaches) who have the hackmotion, do you find it added any value vs just sticking with the standard wrist flexion training aids like the hanger or tour striker educator?
  18. If p770 is a flop I’d love to know what OP considers a success for an iron in the second year of its cycle
  19. As per title pm if you’ve got one of these handy!
  20. As per title thanks
  21. Looking to build out a combo set if anyone has any of these heads handy
  22. Looking to finish out a combo set looking for the above items thanks head only is all I need
  23. Looking for a set of clean p770 heads pm with pics price and a description of condition if possible 2020 model cheers
  24. As per title looking for either of the two heads to complete a combo set thanks!
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