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  1. Looking for a 4-W set of iblades - let me know what you got?? thanks
  2. The MP SEL are still up on their website but not the JPX - could be supply chain issues, could have sold out their allotment/production run - no idea but does not appear they are selling anymore JPX SEL
  3. SOLD - headed to their new home in Texas!! Up for sale is a set of heads only 4-PW TM P770. Heads are standard L/L - were professionally pulled, Have about 10 rounds on them and about 5 range sessions. 7 and 8 show most wear - those are the individual pics. Need more pics let me know. Price is $750 Paypaled and shipped to lower 48. No trades at this time Questions let me know Thanks
  4. I can see a retailer holding a shipment if the billing address for the CC and the shipping address dont match - never heard of area code matching - seem pretty ridiculous given how mobile people are these days
  5. Have a set of Callaway Apex 21 and TM P770(2020j - can the shafts be swapped in these 2 sets- same tip diameter?? thanks
  6. Best putter line Ping EVER made - GLWS!!
  7. Looks like they are backordered from the manufacturer but other retails may have existing stock
  8. In your actual cost comparison you seem to indicate you traded in for the driver to cover the cost at 100% thanks to the 150% bonus - wouldn't you need to include the cost of the traded in items???
  9. 2nd swing is bad about that as well - showing inflated prices to try and convince you you are getting a deal. I've seen them sell used clubs for more than you could buy new, all while telling you it 25% or so off.......
  10. Ordered a set of 770s about 6 weeks ago with Modus 105s- got them in 2 weeks- maybe not as bad for leftys
  11. Man - if those were left handed,,,,,,
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