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  1. hey - I'll take it for $180.PM Sent
  2. Looking for #2 preferably - 35 inched VG condition or up thanks
  3. No - just training people to not buy till the last minute. I bought some of their travel bags last year and a day latter they added an extra 10% off - wont make that mistake again
  4. all the more reason not to use them
  5. At least they refunded you - I had a friend who had Callaway push an order back from September to March after full payment and he had to find out on his own......
  6. Think you guys are being too harsh here - did you not see the review by Mike J up above. I mean if you cant trust an unconfirmed, 1 post, joined tat day member who can you trust?? Clubs have to be legit....
  7. PayPal question - if he can't get into his account does it do him any good to know the money is there via screen shot. Wouldn't he need to log in and transfer it to his bank account to actually access the money, or be able to log in to spend it via PayPal on something else??
  8. Anyone have any experience with Kyle Morris/The Golf Room in Ohio and their Master Plan online portal?? Thanks
  9. 2nd Swing has pretty good values - maybe even slightly higher. I've sold thru them several times and the check has always been pretty prompt - maybe 8-10 days from when I ship to them
  10. WOW - reading comprehension is not your strong suit. I'll type slowly in hopes that you can finally grasp this: 1) The whole issue - back to my original claim of bait and switch (on the times) that you seem to still have issue with - is that the times they provide are inaccurate - if it takes them +/-8 weeks to fulfill an order they say has 5-7 day availability, do you think in stock really means in stock?? 2) As pointed out several times throughout the discussion, most recently in the post right above your last one, it was the shaft that was causing the delay. After speaking with Callaway this AM, I am now assuming (could be wrong, but based on what I was told) that the times shown on their website are the times for heads only. Other selections like grip or shaft can have different wait times. Unfortunately, they continue to present the best case timeframe until after you pay, then suddenly the shaft/grip info gets shared with you....
  11. The shaft was what was backordered - MMT 95
  12. Look on the right side under Sets - 3-PW is shown as 5-7 days - others range from in stock to 4-6 weeks. Yes, I see where the times are greater if you are buying a single iron, but the times for the sets are different. Would assume they allocate inventory differently for singles vs sets??
  13. Its a lefty 3-PW set - see post above where its shows 5-7 days - both in the set makeup (some were longer) and once shaft/grip selections are made (shown above)
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