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  1. I have ordered multiple sets from them in Like New, Outlet and Average - would have to say the condition met expectations every time. And their prices were great
  2. I prefer to think that the BST is a more "civilized' place, especially when dealing with people who have been members a while and have good feedback history. Once you tell a buyer "yep" and send him paypal info you have committed to a deal (just as the buyer has). Although immediate responses are nice, people on here work different shifts, live in different time zones, have kids,etc. I would think if you send paypal and havent received $$ in an hour a reply back asking if still interested would be nice.
  3. Can you not dispute the charges with your CC company?
  4. He's the type of member the BST could do without.....
  5. J Bez

    Ping 2021 Bag

    Anyone know of Ping will be releasing a new version of the Hoofer stand bag- different colors or new features - or will it be the same as last year? thanks
  6. for myself, I see the vast majority of my golf on TV. That means I typically only see Reed when he is in the hunt - he’s not a Tiger or DJ level star they show all the time. So when he is playing well I have no doubt he is great, but given how often he contends and what his o real average is when he is off he must be off more than most to offset his “greatness” and come in right at the tour average for 50-125. Think he was 18.9 bag bs tour bag of 19.9, so slightly better than bag but still 59th
  7. If they are to be released on Jan 15, then someone has to cave in the last week and post something.......
  8. I did a couple of lessons with him - very "to the point" of what was wrong. WOrked on it a while and did another one - was not afraid to tell me I was not quiet there on 1 of 2 recommendations. To me that is very important, as I imagine some instructors fear they will lose business w/o telling you something new. There are also some instrictors that do Live Online sessions where they can actually see you hitting or at least swinging - those are a little more but you leave them knowing that X was the position they were talking about and trying to get you in.
  9. Reed was T59 for proximity to hole from 50-125 yards for the 2020 season - sounds like an average wedge player.....
  10. I'm like the OP - I have no words - can not think of anything....
  11. While I would never buy based on a % off, I also dont think it is right for a business to lie or misrepresent information in their adds- that is why I never have nor never will I ever buy for this vendor. You seem to think it is OK for a business to mislead a potential customer and its up to the customer to do their homework..... It could/should also lead a reasonable person to question other things - if they are willing to misrepresent something I can easily check, are they willing to misrepresent something about the club I can not check?? And if its a meaningless op
  12. while I have seen it before the set that led to this thread is a LH TM P770 set that they list as $1;233 stating it’s 12% off but when building the same set on Taylor Maxes website comes in $8 cheaper....
  13. That’s basically the point of the original post - they tell you you are saving $125 but you are paying more than what you could go order it new from the manufacture for - they tell you it’s a 9 but really it’s average. You are getting what you see, but their practices seem to be designed to take advantage of those less knowledgeable than the average WRXer
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