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  1. Can't believe I'm the first in this thread to mention brush tee's. Gents, you're leaving valuable yards on the table by overlooking them.
  2. I’d look at ordering through a dealer (on here). You may have more luck that way.
  3. My exact experience as well. After hitting every other player's CB I saw the head in a fitting cart and had a set on order an hour later. My local shop has now sold close to 10 sets of ZX7s now.
  4. I played i210s last season and while I generally liked them, I didn’t care for the turf interaction. I have a steeper AoA so, ymmv. I just got my ZX7s in yesterday so can’t really give any on course reviews yet. I’ll say from my time on the launch monitor, the ZX7s feel MUCH better to me (but not a fair comparison bc one is cast and the other is endo forged). The i210s are a great club, just wasn’t the right club for me. I also didn’t have the optimal shaft in them. As always, I’d suggest a fitting or at the very least demoing both. I went in to my local shop to demo new irons and th
  5. I opened this thread thinking Rory had switched to the ZX7s and was hopping on the wagon after Brooks won with them
  6. 1/22. Originally quoted 2 weeks, but Srixon seems to be busier than planned.
  7. I bent mine 1* weak and just got the call from my shop today that they’re in! Will be by tomorrow to pick them up.
  8. Thought they had a better feel to them in general. I played blades or smaller players irons before the i210s and while I generally liked them, I hated the thickness of the sole. I’ve got a steep AoA so I’m intrigued by the V sole.
  9. Will be interested to know what you end up with. I wanted mizunos but couldn’t deny how good the ZX7s were.
  10. I gamed i210s this past year and just got rid of them. Went for a fitting at my local shop and hit just about everything. The ZX7 was the clear favorite and I didn't even know they existed when I walked in the door.
  11. LPCP

    Scotty Cameron 2021?

    Just sold my 2015 X5 in anticipation of the new release. Hopefully lefties get a few options in this release.
  12. 1. Mobile, AL 2. 8 3. ZX7 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Ping i210 5. More compact profile and V-sole (digger here) 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Absolutely
  13. Sorry, the UW is still in my trunk. Didn’t have it on me at time of pics.
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