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  1. Pro Only All Cords, green Victory full cords, Tour Wrap full cord and Tour Velvet full cords. Apart from the last ones - which are sadly now soft-corded, namby pamby poor imitations of the originals - best of luck finding them.
  2. Backs to the wall, s*** or bust, 'No pressure, but if you don't come through in your match, we lose' ? Colin Montgomerie. Seve would be in the mix, but a freak, thinned 3-iron out of a cuppy lie has influenced my judgement.
  3. Back in the day you went into the pro shop, asked for an Anser, and decided what length you wanted before handing over 35 quid.
  4. Only if you're daft enough to pay seven hundred quid for a shirt.
  5. Amana caps are a bad idea anywhere where it's windy. A decent headwind could lead to six hour rounds and/or cervical spinal injuries. Have I nixed my chances of a free fridge for posting this?
  6. Followed Rose and Scott around, and both were playing very well and attracting big crowds. Also, Wilco Nienaber... We only saw him hit a couple of drivers on Friday; one at the long, uphill third which laughably left what looked like a gap wedge in, and one off the 12th which was a quite simply preposterously long straight bullet with a ball speed that beggared belief. His stock tee shot around Wentworth was a flat-flighted squeezy/stinger-type shot with a strong-lofted hybrid that went... well, somewhat further than my driver. His course management was a bit ropey, but the lad's not the finished article yet. Watching him hit from a few feet away, though, is an experience very much akin how I remember it felt upon first seeing John Daly in person.
  7. A shame Rory's necessarily taking the week off, but a great field, a big event and a fantastic venue. Looking forward to my annual trip down to Surrey to see some of it. The new date fits in well with the revamped schedule, and the weather promises to be a scorcher - unlike many of the World Matchplays of my teenage years where you were often dithering with cold as you watched Seve and Sandy romp around the Burma Road.
  8. I like to consider myself a big hitter when it comes to historical use of lead tape. Welding though? That's hardcore. Turning up at the course with your caked-in-lead-tape Mizunos and seeing a bagful of clubs that all look like that... whatever it is/was next to yours on the first tee must have been like turning up at the gym only to find yourself warming up next to Jón Páll Sigmarsson.
  9. More recently (2018):
  10. It's a niche military role, admittedly, but the idea for the pod system was supposedly Paul Azinger's, and was, according to him, directly inspired by a special forces system of managing operators. Azinger also led the team to a convincing victory on the back of it that year. Whether the system was the most pivotal factor next to his team's solid play, an uninspiring European captain in Nick Faldo and a poor collective performance from the European team is debatable, but several U.S. players openly praised Azinger's system in particular and his performance as captain generally.
  11. Unless it's something that's simply not available at retail, or it's been the recipient of some adjustment that's hard to achieve without the relevant moulds and which you specifically need, it's an expensive way of paying someone else to dry weigh it, measure the specs and write them on some masking tape with a Sharpie pen.
  12. Phil once again embracing the internet tactic of making stuff up to make a point.
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