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  1. Apparently the hole is an inherently poor design if a good drive doesn't offer the opportunity to go for it in two. Why he can't simply play a 3-wood down in front of the green and pitch up to five feet from forty yards is anyone's guess. The bunker in the fairway's admittedly a questionable aspect of the hole's design, but there's plenty of room either side of it, so I don't really get the venom about it being there. Just mardy whinging. Or venting, as I think the youngsters call it.
  2. High draw with a driver off a tight lie and forty-yard bunker shot from soft sand are both shaking their heads.
  3. If only there was an item of golf equipment, used by amateurs and pros alike, which was relatively cheap, disposable and rolled over on a regular basis, and which could be modified to reduce distance in a way which was readily achievable through technology and easy to implement via routine replacement.
  4. If he's even up on a horse at 72, he's doing alright in my book; even if it is an unflattering picture that has him looking like the offspring of Tom Kite and Carl from the film Up.
  5. On his day, as pure a striker as there has likely ever been in the game. And his bag of tackle in the early 2000s is up there in the GOAT WITBs. Also an intelligent, articulate and frank commentator; a rarity in the modern golf broadcasting arena. Now Johnny Miller has gone, it's a group that essentially comprises Mark James, Tony Johnstone and Sam Torrance. Chamblee tries it on, but he's a pretender to the throne. I'd love to see Duval find some form and channel some of the old magic as a senior.
  6. No, that's Chancers and Grabbing you're thinking of.
  7. A quick one. I agree with everything Monty says. And I say that as a person who's often been a critic in the past. He's often been puerile and mardy on the course, particularly when things weren't going his way, but he's an intelligent and articulate man and I agree wholeheartedly with his assessment of the modern game. The way technology has pushed things, we likely wouldn't see players of the like of Montgomerie hmself, Pavin, McNulty and Olazabal nowadays, along with many more. They'd be unhead of, because they simply wouldn't have had the length to compete. Also, with due deference to the sponsor and their financial input, can we just agree that the default condition is to refer to the 'other tour' as the European Tour? However many shipping containers they shift, and however many tournaments aren't held in Europe, I'm sorry, but I'm not having it.
  8. Five minutes after Gary Player walks through the pearly gates, God will be on the way to developing an inferiority complex.
  9. 'Do you expect me to talk?' 'No, Mr Bond. I expect you to doff your imaginary cap and perform your fake stumble skit.'
  10. Talk of politics is banned, but let me say briefly that we've been working hard in the UK of late to ensure that a knighthood doesn't mean that much in the way of deservedness and integrity these days.
  11. Hat? Pah! Amateur hour. Seve did it wth the whole flank of a Sounder staff bag.
  12. Sandy Lyle shot a level par round of 71 in the absolute worst of the weather in the third round of the 1987 Open Championship at Muirfeld. There was a huge disparity in the weather conditions over the course of the day, so the quality of his round - in which he never hit a single wooden club, firing long irons from the tees and for many of his approaches - next to the afternoon scores is diluted. Next to the scores of players who played in the same time window though, in a sustained 20 knot-plus wind with rain coming in sideways at times amid gusts of 40 knots or more, his score was remarkable. A dozen players shot 80 or more; many more only just broke 80, and the next best score from someone with a tee time within a couple of hours or so of of Lyle's was perhaps 76. The leaders were teeing off as Lyle finished, in benign weather following the storm, and still only scored similarly to the Scot. No one broke 70 all day, even in the calmest part of the afternoon. https://www.pgatour.com/news/2013/06/21/1987--british-open-results.html
  13. mat562

    Your lofts

    Pretty much the same specs as I've been playing since my early teens. Driver 10.5° 3-wood 15° 4-wood 19° or 2-iron/utility 18° set at 19° 3-iron/utility 21° set at 22° 4-iron 25° 5-iron 28° 6-iron 32° 7-iron 36° 8-iron 40° 9-iron 44° PW 48° set at 49° SW 56° LW 60°
  14. For him to win fewer events than Morikawa and Thomas. You know. Like I wrote.
  15. Did Patrick Cantlay save your dog by doing CPR on him after he was hit by a car? He's a solid player, and certainly upped his game at the back of last year, but blimey. I don't see him winning that much, nor leaving Morikawa and Thomas in the dust.
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