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  1. I remember the first time a 6'2", 19 year-old, star-of-the future called Tiger Woods walked past me like it was yesterday. The first thing I said was 'Blimey. I must have grown two inches since the last time I measured my height.'
  2. 'You beat me fair and square, and you'll go on to have a legendary career, Tiger - but let's meet up and compare hairlines twenty-five years from now.'
  3. Added the phrase 'unpinnable' to the Paul McGinley Drinking Game on Sky's US Open coverage. Wish me luck. Currently in the back of an ambulance en route to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.
  4. An Anser 2, a fifteen-year-old driver and 3-wood, lead tape everywhere on bag-chattered blades, and wedges that look like they've just been retrieved from the RMS Titanic? Any self-respecting thief would walk straight past my little pencil bag if they saw it unattended outside the clubhouse.
  5. I temper some of the Sky coverage's inanities by playing the Paul McGinley Drinking Game. A slug of beer every time the impressively barbered Irishman uses the words 'resilience,' 'European' or 'Ryder Cup'. And a triple measure of spirits every time he inserts 'as we all know...'
  6. Years of Ken Venturi's 'Watch this...' Yes, Ken. I was planning to. In fact, that's the principal reason I tuned in to golf on my TV this evening.
  7. Cobra Ultramid. I imagined it doing that 'pock!' thing that John Daly's howitzer-like drives did. When I hit it, it made a sort of 'cleehhhhhk' sound, like a slightly underinflated cross-ply tyre on an Austin Allegro hitting a pothole.
  8. I've always been a three wedge man. A pitching wedge at around 49 degrees, a 56 degree sand wedge and a 60 degree. I always played weak lofts though; my 9-iron is 45 degrees, so in modern terms I may qualify as a pseudo 4 wedge player. I play 95% of my shots around the greens with either the sand or lob wedge. Most of my chipping is done with the 60. I play a 56 for most sand shots, with the lob wedge only being used in hard packed sand or in plugged and fried egg lies. Pitching is generally done with the 60 degree out to 40 yards or so, then I move to the sand wedge for longer sho
  9. '60s: Snead, Nicklaus and Thomson. '70s: Weiskopf and Watson. '80s: Purtzer, Norman, Woosnam, Seve, Brand Jr, Stewart, Sellberg, Howard Clark, Glasson, O'Meara. '90s: Price, Els, Couples, Faldo, Love, Mudd, Nobilo, O'Malley, Gamez, Elkington, Forsbrand, Forsman, Frost, Billy Ray Brown, Olazabal, Garbutt. '00s: Woods, Baddeley, Weekley, Oliver Fisher, Scott, Schwartzel. '10s: Oosthuizen, Day and McIlroy. And Woodland. Oh, and Eddie Pepperell.
  10. Still bagging a NIke T-60 with a Speeder 757 in it. It doesn't have a mega hot face like the modern stuff, but it has a pleasing head shape, a nice deep face to take a bit of spin off, which is good for me, and goes as far as I need a 15 degree 3 wood to go. I works off the deck nicely and is a very capable tee club. An odd, aged choice, but I'm a man who played a Flex-Twist-shafted Tour Spoon until 2005 and had youngsters at my club asking what on earth it was.
  11. No head-to-heads, but I've got McIlroy to win at 14/1; Mickelson each way at 80/1 and, as a shot to nothing, Tyrrel Hatton each way at 60/1. Rose is doing his usual trick of acting as my nemesis. I had money riding on him for every Major he nearly won, but didn't; but newly TalyorMade-ed up and in mediocre form, I deceided against betting on him, so needless to say, he's in the mix. Then again, I was counting the money as they walked off the 6th green the year Spieth won at Augusta, so it may yet be money I could have given to a deserving charity....
  12. US Open? Pebble Beach because it's such an inconic venue, and Shinnecock Hills because it's a fantasic track. I also love Olympic as a venue, despite a few weak holes and dodgy elements, and in spite of memories of shambolic course set-ups and USGA goofs of years past. Oak Hill and Brookline would also be in the mix because both courses are magnificent traditional designs. Open? St Andrews Opens are always special, but Turnberry is a close second for me in terms of the course and the setting. Muirfield would be third, narrowly from Royal Troon and Royal Portrush. PGA? Hmm. Riviera is my favour
  13. I forgot about some of the late '80s and early '90s Maruman kit too. Some of the Conductor blades were stellar. Very droolworthy.
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