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  1. I ordered these Ping i210 irons in October, received them in February. Hit 2 buckets of balls and played 9 holes last week (first round of the year). They *should* work, I want them to work, they don’t work for me. Back to the drawing board. Specs: lefty Ping i210, 5-PW, 1/4” inch over Ping standard. 5-7 is black dot (standard lie). 8-pw is red dot (1* flat). Shaft is a healthy up-charge modus 130 stiff flex, grip is golf pride tour velvet 360 with an extra wrap on the bottom hand. 5 iron has a chatter mark on the toe (see pic) but is not visible from address. I will also include a P
  2. Ordered a new lefty tsi2 and got about 5 swings in before I remembered that the di6 just doesn’t work for me. Like new, d4 surefit adaptor setting. Was ordered directly from Titleist 1/2” short, so this plays 45” in a Titleist driver. X flex, untipped, stock Titleist golf pride 360 grip. $SOLD TO RIVERTONPRO1 shipped via USPS Priority conus only. Thanks!
  3. You’re probably right, but the back of the club looked too clean for me to think it was a glide 3.0
  4. Hola friends - 3 drivers here. All prices include USPS Priority Shipping, add $7 for insurance, Canada add $50. No trades please, paypal is [email protected] 1 - Ping G400 Max, 9*, Ping installed HZRDS yellow 76 gram X flex, 45”. Grip is golf pride tour velvet, driver is in great condition. Will ship with a non-Ping headcover. $SOLD TO GAVIN LOCKLEAR 2 - Ping g400 lst, 8.5*, Fuji Speeder Evo 4 757x, untipped to my knowledge, plays 44.5”. This is the lowest spin Speeder Shaft, swingweights a little heavy. Low launching sledgehammer. Grip is tour velvet, dri
  5. agreed! really interesting content
  6. Yeah, toe-hang mallets have been a terrible choice for DJ, Rory, Rahm, Sergio, JT, Xander, Jason Day, etc.
  7. As a lefty I’ll just say that absolutely nobody should be complaining. We got the flowneck version that has been most requested. Any grumbling lefty just needs to go buy the old x5 if they have a problem.
  8. tinfoil cap time ...... did Ping allow this photo to leak so people would quit ordering i210s that are months behind?
  9. Titleist has been awesome for lefties so I'm not complaining ..... but I don't even think it will be worth my time to try the tsi3. Newer heads are so low spinning that I would need an 11* which is only offered for right hand. So I'll start with tsi2 and hope that I can get it dialed.
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