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  1. If you're a picker I'd vote mp20. If you're a digger I'd say z745 OR x forged '18. Sneaky soft feel
  2. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been tempted to do the same with t100s because I seem to do better with Callaway & Ping bounce specs ...... would love to read reviews as you go.
  3. Correct, right above the ball pocket. I put tees in ball pocket, coin/divot tool in the little mesh pocket that’s inside the apparel area. If I had to do it all over again I’d buy the same bag. It’s been great.
  4. Unless the name changes, there is an i59 iron. Reps have seen pictures.
  5. How do the disruptors fit? True to size?
  6. Only time I’ve seen it is when someone gets irons bent 2 or 3* too far upright
  7. Does it seem like TM tour presence has been greatly reduced? Other than the Spider putters the 8 slideshows seemed light on TM.
  8. I wish Callaway would release bounce specs for their 2018 X Forged ...... because based on my experience they’re higher bounce and great for diggers.
  9. I’ve tried a bunch but keep going back to the Max ..... currently using it with ventus blue 6x. That’s a light enough shaft that I can play it at 45” and it swingweights reasonably. Bad drives are my fault because the Max definitely isn’t the problem. It’s probably not the longest but I don’t hit it in the middle of the face enough for that to matter.
  10. Started with hzrds yellow 75x and currently using Ventus Blue 6x ..... I’m still not sure there is a better all around head than the g400 max for a guy who doesn’t overly spin it.
  11. Slowest average speed on the tour in 2019 was David Hearn at 105 mph. Brian Gay second slowest at 106 mph.
  12. sorry, thought you were talking about ventus blue.
  13. Atmos has the stiffer butt section so most people would tell you that it doesn’t feel as good. The Ventus seems to be a straighter hitting shaft than atmos for me but if you have a super quick transition Atmos could be a better fit.
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